Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 14

Farewell, Kurama

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • When I read the title, Farewell, Kurama...

    When I read the title, Farewell, Kurama...I seriously thought Kurama would die! This was an incredible episode! Karama is not only fighting against Shigure, but also against himself. The episode starts out with Kurama talking to his human mother on the phone, she tells him something about the cherry tree out front and he says he remembers climbing it when he was a child. Then he and Shigure make their way to the battle feild. I think it was a close match, Kurama refuses to transform into Yoko Kurama although he is more powerful in that form. As the fight continues, Kurama is loesing and gets badly injured. But then Kuruma releases a seed that he planted thousands of years ago. Kuruma uses the roots to remove Shigure's weapon and Shigure admits defeat. He then tells Kuruma that the tree has beautiful flowers. The tree is the same from Kurama's past, then Shigure throws himself off the tree, killing himself. Kurama's friends head to the scene to help Kurama but arrive to see Kurama being helped by Yomi, then the episode ends. It was awesome!
  • Kurama prepares to fight shigure in the demon world tournament.

    Another great episode of YYH. Kurama prepares to face shigure, in the demon world tournament. Yomi appears and asks kurama to transform into yoko and impress him. Kurama uses his rose whip, pedals and thorns, and many other plants to fight shigure. However, nothing seems to be working. With no other option, kurama transforms into yoko, but then decides to give up his fox form. Kurama unleashes an ancient tree which he planted 1000 years ago. By then he actually takes the advantage against shigure. Shigure surrenders and commits suicide. Kurama has given up yoko once and for all. Cool episode.
  • This is a perfect example of a great episode of Yu Yu Hakusho! It has action, comedy, and even an inner struggle.

    I love this episode. Kurama is fighting Shigure in this round of the Demon World Tournament. It just so happens Shigure is the same warrior who implanted Hiei's Jagan Eye and who was defeated earlier in the saga. Kurama is having trouble dodging Shigure's Ox-Bone Sword. His inner and outer turmoil has now caused his transformation into Yoko Kurama. Yoko, unlike his human counter-part, has no trouble dodging and attacking his opponent. While still in his demon form Kurama makes a life altering decision, never transform into his demon-self anymore. Kurama exerts control over his mind and body and beats Shigure in his own way, with his own power.

    Kurama maybe losing his more powerful personality, but he is gaining much more...Peace of mind.
  • Awsome episode i really liked it........

    This episode really surprized it was very good to see more of Kurama's past if you are a fan of Kurama this episode really explains a lot of Kurama's past which through the show you do not see alot of kurama's past let alone his life at home and it has alot of flashbacks which will help any hard core Kurama fan or just yu yu hakusho hardcore fan learn more about this unique character.
  • Damn these episode titles that mislead me!

    Shigure, the one that once served Makuro and fought against Heia, is now in a match with Kurama. Kurama's battle wasn't only with Shigure and his supreme sword technique, but also within. Yoko is desiring to take over Suichi's body for good. For a moment, Yoko did, but Suichi Kurama was able to overcome him, and buried him good. His rose whip was ineffective against Shigure's ring sword, so he summoned the trees of Okiminju; trees he planted a thousand years before. However, Shigure was still able to slice away the branches as sharp as steel. Is this really Kurama's farewell? A pretty good battle. What I didn't like was the whole situation with Yoko. It wasn't emphasized upon enough. Either expand on the matter, or drop it all together.

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