Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 4

Flowers of Blood

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 11, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Flowers of Blood
With Kuwabara hanging far above the stadium under Rinku's power, it doesn't look good. Rinku decides to end the fight and throws Kuwabara down. Kuwabara counters it and both fighters are hit head on with their opponents attacks. After they are both knocked out of the ring they are informed they have ten seconds to get back in. Rinku and Kuwabara's fight ends shortly after. The next round, Kurama vs. Roto, looks like it will be over quickly, because Roto is far out-matched by his opponent. Roto reveals a dirty trick and takes control of the battle, leaving Kurama to try to think of a way out of the situation. How will Kurama win the fight, when so much is at stake?moreless

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  • Kuwabara's Fight was a cop out

    It's a shame I had to see this. Kuwabara's fight was lame and Rinku was really fucking annoying. Kurama's fight was actually badass though. But the way Kuwabara's fight went ruined it for me, biggest cop out to a fight ever.
  • Two Points

    One win, one loss.

    There are recurring themes in this series and Kurama being threatened by something to do with his human life is one of them. It's really amazing how cool he plays it in these fights - so sure he'll find a way to thwart the opponent and so able to take whatever punishment the opponent will deal him.

    Kuwabara was a moron, of course, just showcasing how his head isn't quite in the game. I can accept that, though. He's the only true human of the main characters and has to be going through some kind of culture shock, which would explain some of his actions and where he places the importance.

    Great episode and enjoyable fights.moreless
  • Roses are deadly.

    The fight between Kuwabara and Rinku is about to end. As Kuwabara is falling from the ceiling, he uses his spirit sword and tries a direct attack at Rinku, he shows us that his sword can change directions (nice trick!). They both being end up out of the ring, but Rinku gets back in 5 seconds. He uses his yoyo trick to keep Kuwabara from coming back to the ring. Kuwabara loses the fight. Next fight is between Karama and Roto. Roto has already set up by capturing Karama's mother in exchange for Karama throwing away the match. But Karama outsmarts Roto and ends up killing him.

    Pretty good episode, it was funny to see how Kuwabara ended up losing because he didnt' come back up right away. I think he could have won. And Karama also uses a cool Rose Whip attack similar to the one used against Genbu.moreless
  • I highly recommend not making Kurama angry...

    After Kuwabara loses to the yo-yo master Rinku and next fight is to be between Kurama and Roto. As the fight begins it is devastatingly clear that Roto is no match for Kurama. Kurama can easily dodge all of Roto's attacks and is more then a match for him in the areas of intelligence and strategy. But as Kurama is about to deal the final blow to the powerless Roto, he is given very disturbing news...

    Roto is having Kurama's human tracked and if Kurama does not through the battle and sacrifice his life, she will be killed. Kurama does what Roto asks and does not fight back, letting the inferior Roto attack him unchecked. His one offensive action, and Roto's eventual downfall, is throwing a single pebble. This pebble was used to disguise Kurama's true intentions. He has implanted Roto with the seed of the death plant.

    As Roto is about to decapitate Kurama, he is paralyzed by the power of Kurama's plants. Roto is turned into a beautiful patch of flowers and the despicable fighter is destroyed.

    I love this episode and you see that Kurama is not let anything or anyone stop him...moreless
  • Kurama's mom sure can get him into trouble........

    This episode is about Kurama's fight against Roto.......

    The episode begins with Kuwabara being surprised after being defeated. Next it is Kurama vs. Roto. Imediatly, it is obvious that Kurama is far stronger than Roto, but just when it seems Kurama is going to win, Roto threatens him with the death of his mother! Kurama is forced to take blow after blow so his mother will be spared, and soon Roto sinks low, and tells Kurama to kiss his feet. Kurama says no and then kills him! It turns out he planted a seed in Roto, which killed him easily....

    This was a great episode with stretegy and plenty of action.moreless
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Jeremy Loris


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This episode marks one of the few times that Kuwabara calls Yusuke by his first name.

    • Koto normally wears pantyhose. There's one shot of her while she was counting to ten, when Kuwabara and Rinku were outside of the ring, that she isn't wearing any.

    • Why did Kuwabara ask where Kurama kept his rose whip, when in the episode, Genbu, the Stone Beast, he actually saw him pull the rose out of his hair and form it?

      Response: Kuwabara probably didn't notice that the rose Kurama pulled out of his hair is what he used to create the whip.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Kurama: Fighting on the strength of one threat is a very risky gamble. What if I truly didn't care or what if I could just make you immobile? I've sown the seed of the death plant in your body and it has had plenty of time to take root.
      Roto: The pebble, it was a distraction so I wouldn't notice the seed.
      Kurama: I feed it with my energy. I have but to will it and it will instantly bloom. I'm afraid there won't be anything left of your pitiful life after that.

    • Botan: In addition to spirit detective assistant and pilot of the River Styx, I'm a licensed trainer. I'll be looking after you all and making sure you're in tip-top shape for fighting. (slaps Yusuke in an attempt to wake him)

    • Roto: Come on, you believe in mercy, don't you?
      Kurama: No.

    • Hiei: He's clearly no match for Kurama. What a joke of a round. It's a pity you couldn't have taken him and let Kurama deal with the little child and his yo-yo's.
      Kuwabara: Hey you watch it shrimpy, I just got cheated is all!

    • Kuwabara: Hey, I'm not out of this yet, if Yusuke doesn't wake up, I'll take the last guy.
      Hiei: We'll pray that that doesn't happen.

    • Kurama: That was a fairly innocent match. It's rare to see both fighters still standing.
      Hiei: Hn. Well, you can be sure that won't happen with me.

    • Kuwabara: We'll go down together you freak!

    • Botan: Hang on Kuwabara! I don't suppose you can fly huh?

    • Rinku: You're like fighting a brick. How many times do I have to throw you around?

    • Kurama: What irony. Such beauty, sprung from such an ugly soil.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Roto: "Allow me to introduce my little button." A reference to the 1983 movie Scarface. The famous line said by Tony Montana is "Say hello to my little friend," referring to his M16 assault rifle with an M203 grenade launcher attachment, as he begins shooting.