Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 11

Hard Fights for Yusuke

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 04, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Hard Fights for Yusuke
Yusuke faces off against Kibano in his first match of the tournament to determine who the renowned psychic, Genkai, will train as her disciple. Unfortunately for Yusuke, he has to fight in a pitch-black arena, where his opponent can see and he cannot. He'll need to overcome this limitation to pull out a victory, and it won't be easy...moreless

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  • Fluke

    Yusuke gets lucky... a lot... and not in the way one might expect a boy to "get lucky."

    I've always wondered if Genkai purposely threw the cigarette to give Yusuke a chance to win, but seeing as it was Yusuke's cigarette in the manga, that theory's pretty much shot. The fight with Kazemaru, however, is complete chance... as is the aftermath that arises from that slip later.

    There's very little to this episode besides plot advancement and making the main character stand out even more as a star fighter. It's still mostly light-hearted at this point.moreless
  • Lack of character development in this episode, but great action.

    This episode is about Yusuke having to fight in two battles in a row.

    The episode begins with Kibano really giving Yusuke a beating. Yusuke cant see, so he is at a huge disadvantage. Yusuke uses a cigarette to cleverly pinpoint where Kibano is, and fires a spirit gun right at his face! Yusuke wins the fight, but now must fight Kazemaru, who has a more potent attack than Yusuke. The fight soon begins and Kazemaru just throws ninja throwing stars that follow spirit energy, and they have gun powder in them! Yusuke, realizing he cant escape, tries to take both himself and kazemaru out, runs at Kazemaru, but somehow falls in a marsh. This saves Yusuke, and presumably kills Kazemaru.

    Overall, I really thought they could have made the Yusuke Kazemaru fight longer. His attack was pretty cool, but it was knd of ruined since the fight only lasted a half of an episode. Still, I cant complain about the fights too much, the action was great.moreless
  • I wish I was lucky as Yusuke.

    The fight between mask guy and Yusuke continues. The mask guy is using a mask that allows him to distinguish spirit auras, and since they're both fighting in the dark, he clearly has the upper hand. In addition, he knows just about every martial arts technique there is to know, so when Yusuke tried to squeeze his arm, he harshly got sent back. Though Yusuke secretly inserted a cigarette in his belt to make him noticeable in the dark. When he got close, he fired his spirit gun, and won. However, Yusuke can't rest yet, because he's battling against the ninja guy, this time in an arena filled with dead souls that replenishes the spirit energy of those who simply walk on it. The ninja guy quickly beats up on Yusuke, unleashing shurikens that can track the spirit energy of a single person, not giving up for days. Yusuke tried many tactics, and failed. Instead, he decided to kill them both, but another fluke occured in which he fell into a hidden pond, causing the shurikans to strike its original owner. Yusuke wins again.

    This episode is the reason that got me hooked to the fights in Yu Yu Hakusho. In a time that was dominated by fast paced hand to hand action (Dragonball Z) having tactical fights was a nice treat. Yusuke using Genkai's cigarette to his advantage was pretty clever. It was kind of a fluke, but it was interesting. How he fell through the pond at the luckiest time was also pretty interesting. Two consecutive lucky fluke wins is pretty rare, but then again this is a cartoon.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kuwabara: I'm gonna be mad if he can turn invisible and nobody told me.
      Botan: (shakes her head) Only the dead can do that.
      Kuwabara: Then maybe he jumped really high and hasn't come down yet or something?
      (Botan looks at a waving hand from the swamp and screams)
      Kuwabara: (stares) I found him!

    • Botan: Yusuke!
      Kuwabara: How's he supposed to get out of this?
      Genkai: It might be a good time to tell him goodbye.
      Kuwabara: I've already done that once, okay!?

    • Genkai: Kazemaru's power-up emitted so much spirit energy that it diverted the knives toward him when you fell. Your victory's a total fluke, but then as I've said before, anything goes as long as you can win the fight.

    • Green Ogre: Excuse me, Koenma sir?
      Koenma: What is it?
      Green Ogre: Phone call.
      Koenma: Can't you see I'm busy?
      Green Ogre: But I, uh.
      Koenma: (grabs phone and pinches nose) Hello, you've reached the desk of Koenma, mighty ruler of the Spirit World. I'm not here right now, but would love to talk to you later if you're of any importance. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep.
      Voice on phone: (while Koenma screams) This is your father! Where the hell are you? You're in trouble, boy!
      (Koenma juggles the phone and then grasps it with a beep.)
      Koenma: Wait! Dad! I was just using the bathroom!
      (Koenma pauses and then stares at Green Ogre.)
      Green Ogre: Uhh.
      Koenma: He hung up on me!
      Green Ogre: Sorry, sir. It's not my fault!
      (Koenma tosses phone to Green Ogre.)
      Koenma: Quiet! It's all your fault, okay?!

    • Yusuke: (to himself) Getting blown to pieces is really gonna piss me off.

    • Kuwabara: (about Yusuke fighting Kibano) When he's far away he can't see, and when he's up close the guy does judo moves on him! What's he supposed to do?!
      Botan: The only way I see Yusuke pulling this off is with the Spirit Gun, but that's still impossible, he'd never be able to make an exact hit.
      Genkai: Who cares, stop dwelling on what-ifs. The reality is that he can't see and he's about to get canned!

  • NOTES (5)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: There was no mention of Genkai's input about Yusuke's spiritual energy.
      2: There really wasn't much talking between Yusuke and Kibano; no cheap talk.
      3: No one said anything about a spirit gun or spirit sword.
      4: Koenma doesn't appear.
      5: Yusuke wasn't kicked back.
      6: Kazemaru wasn't cut on his face, but rather his chest.
      7: Nothing was said about Yusuke's bad luck in drawing lots.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapters 28 and 29 in volume 4 of the manga.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on December 19th, 1992.

    • Japanese title: 幽助苦戦! 傷だらけの反撃!!
      Romaji title: Yūsuke kurusen! Kizudarake hangeki!!
      Translated title: Yusuke's Hard Battle! A Bruised and Bloodied Counterattack!!

    • In the manga, the cigarette stuck onto Kibano's belt is Yusuke's. In the anime, the cigarette is Genkai's.