Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 5

Haunted by the Past

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Dec 31, 2005 on Fuji TV

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  • OK. I got reported for my last review because I basically told nothing. OK, here's my second review.

    OK. I got reported for my last review because I basically told nothing. OK, here's my second review. The episode tells of Hiei's past. Ya see, In order to have twins Then you need to shed tears. So, Since Yukina and Hiei are the twins, The woman needs to have Sex with another woman. But, since Hiei's mother well, wanted to marry a man, They had sex and Had Hiei And Yukina. Hiei's past is very interesting, Hiei got thrown down and got found by a bandit. That bandit was the closest thing had to a father. Overall, Hiei's past Is one of my Favorites. I don't exactly remember many details from this episode, So, I guess I'll either watch the episode again, or I can rewrite the review later if I remeber the details. Peace out, People.
  • Jeez this episode makes all men feel bad about themselves.

    Heia is currently undergoing one of Makuro's special training programs. Inside of the training chamber, he has to fend off five hundred A class demons. That's like battling five hundred Toguros, who are a lot stronger! But Heia prevails the victor anyways. He then starts reminiscing his past, when he was born. In the Ice apparition world, the entire community consists of women who have isolated themselves from the rest of Demon World to avoid the clutches of all demon men. Though Yukina's mother not only gave birth to Yukina, but to Heia. It's forbidden for men to continue to live in their society, so he was banished even as a baby. He asked for the assistance of Shigure, the one who implanted the Jagan Eye within his forehead in order to find a unique stone that only an Ice apparition can produce when giving birth, and the location of Ice World. Makuro then brings out Shigure in order to allow Heia rank higher in his army.

    This was a really nice episode. Somewhere at the half way point, Yukina and Heia finally have a good conversation with each other. Yukina politely asks Heia to find her missing brother, even going as far as lending him her unique stone. It's kind of weird thinking that Heia is able to kill five hundred A class demons, when Toguro was a high B class which exceeded Heia at the time.
  • After returning to demon world Hiei most now fight a person from his past the man who put his Jagan eye in so that he could find his sister.In this episode Hiei recalls the past memories of him being thrown off of a cliff by his mother's friend.

    It’s about time we got some depth into Hiei’s past. This episode really opens him up. It’s sort of sad about what happened to him in the past with his whole entire village rejecting him, and him being thrown off a cliff when he was just a baby. And the part where Yukina gives him her jewel which is in fact her mother’s teardrop, and she asks him if he find’s her brother (he he) that she wants him to have it. This particular really makes Hiei seem vulnerable, on a sort o level.