Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • Yusuke never takes things seriously.

    Yusuke never takes anything seriously, does he? He doesn't take school seriously, or anything seriouly! "Yomi! You son of a b!tch! Do you hear me cause I'm coming! So boil up a keattle of tea!" That was the funniest thing I've heard in Yu Yu Hakusho. We find out about Raizen, Yusuke's ancenstral father, and his past with a woman. Raizen must really love her, doesn't he? He had sex with her, didn't he? Raizen dies because of starvation and Yusuke finds out his Inheritance.
  • Time for the large scale war.

    Yusuke is training with the four bald monks that he's always been training with, and always getting his ass kicked. Though not this time; he's managed to defeat them all. They're all astounded at how he's able to double his power since the year before. Confident in his abilities, he challenges Raizen once again, but he came at a bad time. His hunger clouded his judgement, and went loose on Yusuke. The two fought, until Yusuke was able to snap him back to reality. Raizen then tells the story of how Demon and Human world were once one before it was separated. There, he met a woman that he fell in love with. Eversine that day, he vowed never to eat another human until she meets her again, but he never did. Raizen's starvation finally overtook his body. Makruo starts making her move, and Yusuke visits Yomi's castle. Heia, Kurama, and Kuwa...I mean Yusuke, will finally see each other for the first time in a year.

    I never expected love to motivate Raizen into not eating humans. He was right about one thing; Yusuke's great ancestor is just like her in personality; cunning, fearless, even reckless. The story Raizen told when Human and Demon world didn't quite surprise me. Japanese fokelore always have those red and green horned demons plastered in their paintings, wearing those cheap clothing the Japanese wear back in feudal times. In fact, it reminded me a bit of Inuyasha in a way. In fact, I wonder if Inuyasha existed back then...