Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 15

Jin, the Wind Master

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 28, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Jin, the Wind Master
It starts with Jin in the air, using his wind to fly. Jin goes on the offensive, and Yusuke is unable to defend from these aerial assaults. Yusuke tries a couple of strategies to counter Jin's attacks, especially the wind master's Tornado Fists, but he is unsuccessful. Finally, both fighters decided to go all out and really start trying. Jin creates a Tornado Fist on both hands, and Yusuke adopts a new fighting stance. How will this clash of these two titans end...moreless

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  • Crazy Rat

    It's an honorable fight, it's a fun fight and it introduces the Spirit Wave.

    Emotions are high, but the fighters are enjoying themselves. Jin, Yusuke and Chu are all similar in their dispositions, which is what really makes for the enjoyable episodes surrounding their fights. The fight spanning three episodes probably isn't necessary, but it's a nice break from the more serious battles that the viewer has been subjected to as of late.

    Amazing episode.moreless
  • Yusuke fights Gin in what is one of the best fights of the series.

    Once Gin is on the ground Yusuke has the greater speed advantage and after some time lands a blow to the stomach. Gin flies up to recover only to have a Spirit Gun fired at him. Gin deflects it with a big tornado. He now makes a tornado around his arm and goes at Yusuke. Yusuke tries to fire his Spirit Gun point blank but Gin deflects it upwards with his tornado (saving both their lives according to Heie). Gin then uses a double tornado and flies towards Yusuke. He gets in the Spirit Wave pose and braces for Gin's attack.moreless
  • The battle begins between Yusuke and Jin the wind master.

    The fight between Yusuke and Jin is really exciting. It is mainly because Jin is a very friendly and funny charcter. But what really makes it exciting is that he is not only very friendly he is very powerful and dangerous. His wind techniques really prove that people are right for calling him a wind "master". Even though Jin and Yusuke are at a total even state going punch for punch they are still continuing to have a great time, and that alone is what makes this episode really unique and fun to watch. Plus all the fighting and the funny things jin does.moreless
  • I love this episode!

    It is time for Yusuke to fight again! And this time he will be going up against the Shinobi Master of Wind, Jin.

    When the fight starts you can tell that the two fighters have a lot in common. They are both carefree and both fight for the pure enjoyment of it. But when the fight starts it revealed that Jin can use his wind manipulation to let him fly, and this makes it almost impossible for Yusuke to land a blow.

    The fight continues like this for a while, with Jin hovering high above the stadium and dive-bombing Yusuke, who is unable to counter. Finally, Yusuke takes a stance his has never used before. He starts glowing and readies himself to take on the Tornado Fists!

    This is a really great episode with some really cool action and fighting.moreless
  • Jinn vs yusuke A good old Irish fight!............

    This episode is about Yusuke taking on jin.........

    The episode begins with yusuke laughing at jinn after he says some really fast words. The fight begins! Yusuke finds it hard to hit jinn since he can fly up in the air. The fight takes a tough turn for yusuke as jinn makes things even more tough by using his flying techniques. Yusuke's only chance is to use the spirit wave!

    Overall, this was a great episode with a great new character that anyone could find hilarious. The action was great, and a new technique is revealed, which pretty much makes things far more interesting........moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Before Yusuke fires his Spirit at point blank, Jin had his Tornado fist in his right arm. After Yusuke fires his Spirit Gun at point blank and the two were spreading apart, you will notice that Jin's tornado fist is on his left arm.

    • In the scene where Jin is flying down to the ring, you'll notice his horn has disappeared.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Yusuke: Here's my chance! (Jin flies away) And there's my chance going airborne, dammit!

    • Botan: Listen Ms. Koto, why don't you stop the sadist routine and do your job!
      Koto: Excuse me?
      Botan: Jin's been out of the ring for half of the fight, did it ever cross your mind to count to ten?
      Koto: Article 4: Fighters are outside the ring when any part of their body comes in contact with any solid surface other than the ring itself, and air is not solid. Stick to what you're good at honey, like dying your hair unnatural colors for instance.

    • Jin: (about Yusuke) Took a punch straight in the face just for a chance to kick me. He's a crazy rat for sure.

    • Botan: What's wrong Kurama, are you all right?
      Kurama: Just laughing, it seems you don't know brothers very well, Botan.

    • Jin: I thought I was crazy Urameshi, but you'll take the prize, the hell was that, you don't make bombs go boom in your face!

    • Koto: Ooh, baby. Two Tornado Fists buckled on at once, I think we've got a challenge.
      Yusuke: (thinking) I'll say. There's no way I can deflect both of those with my Spirit Gun. Spirit Grenade Launcher maybe, but definitely not a gun.

  • NOTES (2)