Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 7

Knife Edge Death-Match

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Knife Edge Death-Match
Chuu places the knives in the ring, and tells Yusuke the rules. They each stand with their feet to the knives, and whoever steps out of bounds first dies. Meanwhile, they punch each other inside. So, it's truly a test of a endurance. Yusuke steps up to the challenge. The announcer states that it's illegal to make up rules during the fight, but after the crowd cheers, the commitee approves the deathmatch. The men begin fighting, one taking turns punching the other. In the stands, Keiko can't stand to watch the fight any longer, and after Shiziru makes a sarcastic comment about Yusuke, she runs off. Shiziru follows her, and soon they're lost in a catacomb of hallways inside the arena. Meanwhile, Sakyo asks Toguro if his other teammates have arrived yet. Toguro doesn't know. Then, we see a man in a black cloak and a metal mouth-mask dodge some guards by apparently. . .blowing them up. His name is Karasu, and he's a member of the Toguro Team. Back in the hallways, Shiziru loses sight of Keiko. Some monsters see Shiziru and start to pursue her, but Sakyo appears from a corner and leads Shiziru out of danger. He tells her to be careful, and then dissapears. Keiko eventually finds her way out of the hallway, and gets down to the ring to watch Yusuke. Chuu and Yusuke are still going at it, and they're each looking worse by the second. Suddenly, Chuu goes for a headbutt, and Yusuke counters with his own. It's a startling finish, and Chuu falls over. The announcer finishes the count, and Yusuke is declared the winner. Team Urameshi has won their first round. Chuu doesn't seem satisfied, however, and demands that Yusuke finish him off. Yusuke declines -- he wants to fight Chuu again when they're both in better shape. Chuu smiles, and nods. Meanwhile, the incomplete Toguro Team watches Yusuke from high above the ring. Kuwabara is busy telling Keiko that the whole reason that they've come here is to have a real fight with Toguro. She asks what the point is, and Kuwabara tells her that they don't have a choice. Yusuke locks eyes with Toguro, and the tension builds.moreless

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  • Edge of Your World

    What really drives this episode is Kuwabara's commentary on the knife-edge death-match.

    You can really see how much both Yusuke and Chu were enjoying fighting each other, character development if I've ever seen it. And of course the end where Yusuke refuses to carry out the death-match portion of the agreement. This highlights the fact that Yusuke has not killed and isn't necessarily willing to.

    It also introduces us to the tournament committee, which is eager to get in the way of just about anything fun (like typical committees are wont to do). We get a closer look at Sakyou and a couple hints at his more human qualities when he makes sure Shizuru escapes the demons she encounters going after Keiko.

    And Karasu. Let's not get into that yet, though.moreless
  • The knife battle.

    The battle between Yusuke and Chu continues. Both fighters are exhausted and Chu proposes a Knife Edge Death Match (Rinku claims Chu has never been beaten at this). After a long while they decide to do this. It's basically one on one and the two knives on the ground are the boundaries. If someone goes out of bounds they will lose, and it's to the death. Yusuke ends up winning the match and their team advances.

    It was a pretty good episode, the battle between Yusuke and Chu wasn't bad and but was kind of dragged out. A new member of Team Toguro is also introduced - Karasu. The next matches should be more interesting.moreless
  • The final confrontation between Yusuke and Chuu.

    The Knife Edge Death Match between Yusuke and Chuu is finally about to commence. This match will decide the winner of the heat and the round. A Knife Edge Death Match consists of the two participants standing between two knives, which are stabbed into the ground. The fighters will only use their fists and will pummel each other until there is a clear winner.

    Chuu and Yusuke use all the energy they can muster and start to beat the crap out of each other. Finally after the fighters are completely drained, Chuu falls and Yusuke is declared the winner. Yusuke refuses to kill Chuu and says that they will fight again. Elsewhere, a new member of Toguro has arrived, the deadly and mysterious bomb-wielding Karasu.

    A good episode that show just how "hard headed" Yusuke really is.moreless
  • Underated.....................

    This episode is about the ending to Yusuke and Chu's fight and the exciting knife edge death match.

    The episode begins with Yusuke and Chu's fight begining to come to an end. It's an exciting standoff, and Yusuke and Chu are both all out of energy. So, Chu suggests the knife edge death match to end this fight! The rules are quite simple, who ever gets knocked past the knives first loses, and has to die. Overal, Yusuke wins, but elects to let Chu live after the fight.

    Overall, I think this episode is underated, and there was plenty to watch in this episode.moreless
  • The Urameshi team finally advance out of the first round. Tracy McGrady should learn off them.

    With nearly all their spirit energy depleted, Chuu and Yusuke agreed to finish off their match through a Knife Edge Death Match. Basically, two knives are placed around 6ft between each other, where the two fighters place their foot behind the knife. They can\'t move beyond the knives, or it\'ll be sudden death. Whoever dies is the loser, obviously. The two put all their strength in their punches, forgetting about defense, while enjoying it at the same time. In the end, after a vigorous fight, Yusuke prevails as the winner. An exhaustive win it was though, and while not comparative to most fights out there, the concept behind it is what made it interesting. What brings it down is the use of cookie cutter scenes. But still kind of interesting.moreless
Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

Gondawara/Additional Cast

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Ryo Horikawa

Ryo Horikawa

Karasu (Japanese)

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Hidetoshi Nakamura

Hidetoshi Nakamura

Gondawara (Japanese)

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Cynthia Cranz

Cynthia Cranz


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Sean Teague


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Kasey Buckley


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After Yusuke defeated Chu in a headbutt, Chu collapses and his head hits the ground, breaking the concrete ring. Therefore, this proves that Yusuke's head is apparently tougher than concrete.

    • When Kurama first started talking to Kuwabara, the scar he got during his battle with Roto could clearly be seen on the left side of his face. However, in the next scene and throughout the rest of the episode, there is not a scar on either side of Kurama's face.

    • Karasu, a member of Team Toguro, is revealed in this episode.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Koto: Let me take this time to remind everyone that no weapon is off limits. That includes swords, axes, small rodents... How odd that Chu would stab those knives into the ground instead of Yusuke. I say it's odd because last I checked the ground doesn't bleed nearly as much as a person.

    • Koto: Ladies and gentlemen! That was incredible! That was amazing! That was... That was... I honestly don't know what that was, but wow!

    • Shizuru: (to Sayko) That's right, walk away just like all the beautiful men in my life.

    • Rinku: Man I sure hope they let him do it. Chu kicks ass at the death match. He's never lost one of those before.

    • Keiko: (sobs) I can't watch them fight anymore.
      Shizuru: Keiko...
      Keiko: If Yusuke goes on like this he'll wind up dead.
      Shizuru: (to herself) It's not like he's never been there done that.

    • Kuwabara: (about Yusuke and Chu) Ah, I've never seen anything so impressive in my life. To them it's like nothing else exists. Such focus and such pain. I wish that were me in there. It's no longer a fight between two guys now. This is the stuff legends are made of. I could watch them fight for hours.

    • Yusuke: If you idiots got something to say, say it! But say it to my face, or else say it to my fist!

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