Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 13

Kurama's Stand

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 24, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Kurama's Stand
With Kurama's arms and legs still tethered down by Gama's first curse, and his energy sealed inside him, Kurama is forced to take on his next opponent. Touya, the Shinobi master of ice, is the next fighter for Team Masho. Will Kurama be able to pull out another victory, with "The Makeup of Chains" and "The Makeup of the Seal" still enacted?moreless

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  • Life Blood

    The fighters of this round are kindred spirits, making their battle a bittersweet one. Kurama sees his younger self in Touya and wants to prevent the Shinobi from headed down a darker path despite his claims of wanting the light.

    It's a very symbolic episode with marvelous characterization. We've encountered another set of characters that will appear again later in the series, so it's time to set them up for later again. It's a wonderfully written episode and one that really leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat awaiting the conclusion.moreless
  • Kurama fights Toya in the next battle of the Dark Tournament.

    Toya is next for Kurama. Since Kurama could not exit the ring he is automatically in the next fight. Toya freezes the arena floor and throws sharp ice crystals at Kurama. He is making hits but later finds out that Kurama has been blocking his vital points with his body. Toya creates an ice sword to finish Kurama off. Toya slices Kurama's left arm and this allows for Kurama to insert the death plant into his own body where at the last second he pierces Toya and wins the match. He then falls to the floor unconscious and since he can't get out of the ring the committee rules that he will have to fight Bakken next. Bakken begins to pummel Kurama...moreless
  • Never take on a genius like Kurama...

    Gama’s first two curses, “The Makeup of Chains” and “The Makeup of the Seal” are still holding down Kurama.

    Touya, the Shinobi master of ice, is the next fighter for Team Masho and has vowed his revenge against the already weakened Kurama.

    Kurama starts by trying to stall time, hopefully giving him enough time for the curses to wear off. Luckily, as Touya is about to attack Kurama he regains the ability to move. However, Kurama's energy is still locked in his body, leaving him almost defenseless.

    Touya's incredible ice attacks are taking their toll on Kurama. The injuries that he has taken have also given Kurama an idea. He realizes that his energy is still trapped in his blood, and that he might be able to access some of it. To give his team the win Kurama plants the death seed into his own body, taking Touya out of the match.

    No one can defeat Kurama...His strategies and intelligence is at a much higher level then anyone in the entire show.moreless
  • Kurama shows off his genius.............

    This episode is about kurama and his struggles against Touya, the ice master.........

    The episode begins with Kurama realizing that he cant move or use his demon energy anymore. After the late Gama used his make up on him. Touya garentees a victory. And so the fight begins! At one point in the fight, kurama is able to move again, but Touya's relentless attack is just too much. Will Kurama be able to pull off a victory?

    I really liked this episode. It really showed that Kurama is a genius. Also, Toya is yet another interesting character to come from the DT. So overall, great episode that deserves recognition.moreless
  • After the fall of Gama, the Ice Master steps up to face Kurama.

    Just last episode, Kurama fought with Gama, Master of Disguise. During that battle, his limbs were made practically immobile. But since he still had his energy, he managed to use his Rose Whip and slash Gama apart. Of course, that brought up a whole new problem: The make-up that Gama used was made out of his own blood. Since Kurama was splattered with blood, the Make-up of the Seal was able to take effect. Just like the name implies, it locked Kurama's energy. So while Team Masho loses the fight, Gama's sacrifice caused Kurama to be essentially helpless in the ring. Now, Touya, Master of Ice, steps up to the plate, prepared to avenge his fallen teammate.

    In the medical tent, Hiei has pretty much accepted that they're dead for this round. But the Masked Fighter reminds Hiei that Kurama can still stall for time, and wait for the first curse on his arms and legs to wear off. After that, he can at least run away from whatever threat Touya presents.

    Within the ring, Kurama seems to follow the Masked Fighter's thought process. He talks to Touya, asking why the Shinobi have stepped into the light, after remaining in the dark for so long. Touya responds that they have caught glimpses of the outside world, and decided that they wanted part of it. He also reveals that if Team Masho is to win the tournament, they will be granted Hanging Neck Island as their prize. And then they will be able to enjoy the light of the entire world.

    "Huh, the ninjas are revolting," is Hiei's reaction to Touya's statement. The Masked Fighter only states that the previous Shinobi must have poorly chosen their apprentices, as they don't know their place. But Hiei replies that their power is all that matters. And Touya does have power.

    Back inside the ring, Touya decides that he has let Kurama stall long enough. He has, in fact, recognized the conversation as a ploy to wait out the first seal. With that, the fight begins with Touya freezing the whole arena. Immediately after, he launches a long-distanced attack: Shards of Winter. Fortunately, the first seal has worn off by that time, so Kurama is free to dodge the attack. But he doesn't escape without a few scratches.

    Touya starts a series of Shards, which Kurama is having difficulty dodging relying only on acrobatics. He is hit multiple times, falling over after a few shots. In order to by for time, he stays down longer than necessary. Another ploy that Touya recognizes, and does not appreciate.

    Meanwhile, Kurama is still thinking of ways to reach his energy. He theorizes that since the seal is powered by Gama's blood, his own might disengage it. He and Touya are still running alongside each other, Touya preparing his attack.

    Unfortunately for Kurama, it doesn't work. When he attempts to draw his Rose Whip, his body is racked with pain. Touya then comments on his strategy.

    "I see. You've noticed inklings of your energy inside your blood. Only one problem: To release enough to beat me you'd have to bleed yourself dry!" And that is a pretty major problem.

    Touya then fires more Shards, and again, Kurama crashes to the floor. And fox boy is still thinking of how to use his energy. Touya then notices something: No one should have been able to survive that many direct hits from his Shards. He realizes then that Kurama is shielding his vital spots with his own body. He is impressed.

    Kurama and Touya engage in conversation once more, fox boy questioning details of the Shinobi's new life.

    After that, Touya forms a sword of ice surrounding his right arm, saying that he can't let this continue. He clearly intends to end the fight brutally quick. Kurama, of course, dodges. Though Touya is making him have difficulties. But then, he stops dodging, and stands still, letting the ice sword slice his left forearm open. He is thrown to the floor once more, and much to the dismay of his team, he stands up to fight once more.

    Touya then says that he is going to end it, while Kurama clutches at his bleeding arm. Touya runs forward, drawing his sword back. Kurama stays in his place, a plant forming in the gash on his arm. The plant holds the sword away from his face, and a different branch stabs Touya in the stomach. In the Edited version that Cartoon Network shows, they did not show the plant impaling Touya. The Ice Master just appears to fall over. It's a pretty pathetic edit.

    Touya then realizes how Kurama manipulated his Death Plant. Since his energy was locked inside, he had to sew the plant there. Painful, but effective to winning the match. Touya then collapses, and the ice on the arena disappears. Koto then starts to count- the crowd doesn't think much of the turn of events. ....Except for the Team Urameshi supporters, i.e. Keiko, Koenma, and George.

    But the match doesn't seem to be over yet. Touya begins to rise down on the stadium floor. Koto continues counting. At ten, Touya just collapses. And then he asks Kurama to take his life. Kurama, of course, refuses. He then asks about why the Shinobi want the island, wondering if Touya could make his life nobler than his own. After that, he faints while still standing in the ring.

    Yusuke then yells at Koto that he wants it made clear that the rest of the fights are all on him. But another member of Team Masho steps into the ring, and disagrees. It's Bakken. He reminds Koto that Kurama is still in the ring, and through his eyes, it appears that Kurama is volunteering to fight. Yusuke then goes on a tirade, saying that Kurama isn't even conscious. Koto looks a bit nervous, but since Yusuke is a team captain, she goes along with him.

    However, the committee overrules that. Since a fighter cannot be removed against his will, and will cannot be determined in this state, he has to remain. So the next match will be Kurama vs. Bakken.

    Hiei doesn't seem to like this course of action, and steps forward in the medical tent. But Ruka not so subtly reminds him that he's still in her force field. Hiei is not happy.

    Back in the ring, Bakken picks Koto up and throws her out of the ring, saying that she isn't needed anymore. Then he looks over at Kurama and proceeds to beat him. The rest of Team Urameshi isn't too happy with this. Koto attempts to count when Kurama collapses, but Bakken picks Kurama up by the scruff so that he is no longer down. He punches Kurama in the gut, and Yusuke yells for someone to stop the fight. With that, the episode ends.

    Overall, I'd give this episode a 9.3. Would have been higher, but I'm not too fond of people beating up fox boy.

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    • Genkai: The Shinobi have survived for centuries by each master passing their knowledge to one apprentice before he dies. The previous masters must have made poor selections. These fighters don't know their place.

    • Hiei: It's hopeless.
      Genkai: Kurama still has one weapon he can use - time. The first curse should wear off soon, then Kurama will be able to move if he can stall Touya long enough. Perhaps he can regain his energy, too.
      Hiei: That's nice, but I'd rather stay realistic.

    • Botan: (after Kurama defeats Touya) Like the saying, they can cut your skin as long as you break their bones.

    • Touya: Even the strongest tree will die if left in the dark. I find that to be the best way to describe us. A giant oak, crashing through a dark soil, trying to bring peace to an otherwise chaotic land. The Shinobi have done their job for centuries and done it well. But in recent years, we've got glimpses of the outside world and asked why not us? Have we not earned the privilege others take for free? We're entering a new era and we will begin with a land of our own. This island, it's already been arranged that if we win this tournament, Hanging Neck Island will be our prize. And once this blinding light pours over us all, branches will cover the world.
      Hiei: Heh. The ninjas are revolting.

    • Touya: (to Kurama) You really are dangerous, aren't you? I haven't been making direct hits. You've been blocking your vital points with your own body. You must be very old. Experienced, perhaps, as I am.

    • Hiei: I've fought my share of ice warriors. Seiryu the Blue Dragon fell to my sword quickly enough, but he was no master. He was a fool, who thought he could get by on half of his lessons. But if there is any true ice master, anyone who completed the full training that his master intended and knows the art of ice, it is Touya.

    • Touya: I see. You noticed inklings of your energy inside your blood. Only one problem, to release enough to beat me you'd have to bleed yourself dry!

    • Touya: It seems that I have gotten to know you quite well in such a short fight, and I rather like you. Let's not have this slaying ruin our friendship.
      Kurama: My thoughts exactly.

    • Kurama: I too, have lived many years in shadow. I just hoped your life could be more noble, than mine has been.

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