Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 25

Kuwabara's Fight of Love

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Kuwabara's Fight of Love
One giant battle stands in the way of rescuing Yukina. Yusuke and Kuwabara versus the leaders of the demon mercenaries, the immensely powerful and bizarre - Toguro Brothers! What will it take to defeat the freakish duo in a fight where anything goes? Elsewhere, Kurama races to stop Hiei, who is entering Tarukane's stronghold with his own violent agenda!moreless

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    This episode pits Yusuke and Kuwabara against the Toguro brothers and sees the rescue of Yukina.

    Hard fights for the boys and a beautiful victory through teamwork. Tarukane is bankrupt and nearly loses his life to Hiei's rage. It's a marvelous show of character development and a satisfying conclusion to the third case as Spirit Detective. There's just a taste of what's to come to hook the viewers into the next saga.

    It's a very beautifully-written episode, I think.moreless
  • Tarukne had it coming.

    this episode starts off with Elder Tougro transforming himself into a sword and Toguro powering up a little. Yusuke and Kuwabara begin figting the Toguro Brothers, but are clearly out of their league. Meanwhile, Hiei has made it to Tarukne's stronghold to save his sister, Yukina. When all hope seems lost, Kuwabara learns of what they did to Yukina and gets inspiration and seems to be up to facing Toguro. With the Spirit Gun, Yusuke gives Kuwabara a push to stab and defeat Toguro with the Spirit Sword. Hiei arrives and gives Tarukne the beating of his life. Yukina however prevents her brother from killing him, not wanting to see anymore violence.moreless
  • Kuwabara the Knight

    "I am the man who will fight for your honor."

    Karate Kid 2 Soundtrack

    I thought this was a good if not great arc in the series and these last two episodes in it don't disapoint. In a way this arc was kinda a modernized farry tale, where in some stories there was a single hero that had to venture to a castle to save an entrapped princess.

    But to me what really made this arc interesting and unique is the fact that Kuwabara truely is the central hero and not Yuskie. Kuwabara I personally think is an underrated protagonist on the show. Yes he's not the brightest bulb much like Andy on "The Office" but his heart is in the right place so he's always capable of doing the right thing whether he wants to or not, he's not as confidant as Yuskie but can still go on so not short of courage, and he's a human being which means he has feelings. And here they really shine.

    It's true that I'll admit this character falling in love with this new girl (forgot her name) so fast is far fetched (well may'be not due to his claim of both woven by a thread of desiny). But the way they handle his emotions as well as some of the chemestry we see near the end, it was belevable and made me really want for him to win.

    Two moments I really liked that I thought were when Kurabara and the girl shared a psychic bond for one moment when he saw a portion of her past. That made Kurabara sad for the girl (same with me) and mad at the billonare that has entraped her. Both Kurabara and I hated that billonare he was nothing but human waste, who would hurt an innocent life all to make a fast buck.

    But also the final minutes when we see both Kurabara and the girl together and what they say to one another. It felt right and you just know that both of them will get far together in what is to come.

    Also even though it was brief I thought that even Hiei character shined. From this arc we learn a small piece of his past the fact the girl is his sister which really brings humanity to him and makes him three dimentional and not some one note chraacter. I really liked seeing him exercise emotion and it was just beautiful when he beat the living crap out of the billionare, you can say the billionare was finally paying his just dues. It was also great seeing Hiei stop from killing the billionare not because of some rule which he didn't give a crap about (let alone I think is kinda stupid), or what Yuskie and Botan say but what the girl says, Hiei didn't want to see his sister hurt anymore and I felt that was another example of his true humanity. Thought I was kinda sad when we see that the girl doesn't remember her brother, but I get the feeling that will be touched upon latter in the series.

    Though I'll admit the only inconsistance is the fact that Kuwabara is not harmed by Yuskie's Rei gun blast which can kill anyone and anything it hits but it doesn't harm Kuwabara for some unexplained reason.

    Oh well, it really doesn't matter. Kuwabara is a true knight.moreless
  • Kuawabara's love for yukina drives him to very powerful but will it be enough to stop toguro

    Yusuke and Kuwabara are no match for Toguro. Toguro is a class b demon. I would say Yusuke there was a C and Kuwabara was a lower C. Yusuke and his best friend tried many moves and still not even a scratch on toguro. Untill Kuwabara finally gets a glimpse of his never seen distant love. Thats when the tables turn for toguro.
  • Tarukane gets what he deserves..........

    This episode is about Yusuke and Kuwabara's fight against the Toguro Brothers.......

    The episode begins with elder toguro tranforming himself into a sword and younger Toguro powering up a little. The fight begins! Kuwabara and Yusuke are clearly out classed. Meanwhile Hiei gets into Tarukane's compound and is searching for Yukina. Just when all seems lost, Kuwabara gets insperation! Yusuke boosts Kuwabara into Toguro who gets impaled by the spirit sword ending the fight. Hiei arrives as well, and gives Tarukane, who is now ruined the beating of a life time. It all ends happily, but Hiei doesnt tell Yukina about him being her brother.

    Two things really bothered me in this episode. For such a hyped fight, the toguro's vs. yusuke and kuwabara was really too short, and the death of Toguro wasnt very believable, since elder toguro wasnt even hurt in the battle.... Still it was a good episode that leads to a great new saga.moreless
Dan Woren

Dan Woren

Gonzu Turukeni

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Dameon Clarke

Dameon Clarke

Younger Toguro

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