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Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 10

Kuwabara's Spirit Sword

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 27, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
In the competition to determine who will become Genkai's apprentice, everyone except for eight fighters have been eliminated. Genkai announces the next part of this competition, a tournament between the remaining candidates. They will have to fight their opponents in a dark room without any light, and rely on their Spirit Energy to see. Soon Kuwabara will have to fight against an opponent who wields a special sword...moreless

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  • Off Switch

    Half-way point!

    The first of several tournaments this series will see is already half over. It felt a bit rushed, but again, this is all about elimination and getting to the battle with Rando. On his own, Yusuke's no closer to figuring out which of the contestants he should really be concerned about - the tournament is doing that for him by process of elimination.

    I love that Kuwabara develops his own technique. Only thing that always bothered me is that he didn't hold it over Yusuke's head that he didn't need someone to tell him how to do it like Yusuke needed for his Spirit Gun. Fun action, great episode.moreless
  • Darn that Kuwabara!!!

    Man, I was so worried when Kuwabara was going to be beaten until he made his Spirit Sword and didn't know what it was! Now that got me laughing off my socks! I can't believe Yusuke told them that he's been punching Kuwabara into concrete.. also when they were presenting themselves, I wonder what the other guys were thinking about Kuwabara and Yusuke because they really were the odd ones out. ' You will fight until your partner is dead or incapacitated. I don't care which. ' I still can't get the quote out of my head.. Anyway this was a very stupid episode in a funny and good way of course..moreless
  • Debut for the spirit sword: Kuwabara’s signature technique.

    Genkai leads the chosen eight to a dark room where they must fight using their spirit awareness. Moreover, they are even allowed to kill their opponents. The first fight is a ninja bodyguard named Kazemaru against an assassin named Kuroda. Kazemaru wins using a technique similar to Yusuke’ spirit gun except that he gathers energy from his palm and shoots it like an energy blast. After that, the second fight is a guy named Shorin against some Chinese looking fighter. Shorin wins in a few seconds. After that, the match is Kuwabara against some wooden sword wielding guy named Musashi. Here, Kuwabara is at a considerable disadvantage because, knowing about his spirit awareness, Musashi masks his spirit energy and also reveals that, unlike Kuwabara, he is used to fighting in the dark. He even attacks him with his wooden sword (which he says is cut from an ancient tree and cleansed in a sacred stream) using a technique known as “Shining Sword”. Kuwabara manages to survive all of Musashi’s hits and the top of the sword breaks and falls next to him. Using his spirit awareness and channeling it through the wood piece, Kuwabara forms a sword of pure energy to defend himself from Musashi’s second wave of attacks. The spirit sword overpowers the wooden sword and Kuwabara wins. After that, Yususke faces off against a guy named Kibano who claims to be a master of all forms of martial arts. Yusuke’s spirit awareness, as everyone knows, is crappy in comparison to Kuwabara’s. But on the other hand, Kibano has a strange helmet that not only protects his face from attacks but also allows him to see a person’s aura in the dark making it easy for him to attack Yusuke without the latter being able to defend. How is Yusuke going to win in a fight in which he can’t even see his opponent? Find out in the next episode.moreless
  • Another rushed episode........

    This episode is about Kuwabara and his fight against Musashi, and Yusuke in his fight against Kibano.

    The episode begins with the eight finalists entering Genkai's temple. She announces that they have to draw lots to see who will fight one another. The matches end up being: Kuwabara vs. Musashi, Shorin vs. Chinpo, Kazemaru vs. Kuroda, and Yusuke vs. Kibano. Botan interupts yusuke before the fights begin though, and watches on as the fights go on. Kuwabara goes up against Musashi in the dark. Musashi falls prey to kuwabara's spirit sword despite putting up a good fight. There are also other fights shown, but they are brief, and not very detailed. In the final minutes of this episode, Yusuke begins his fight with Kibano.

    This episode felt very rushed. It annoyed me that they decided not to go in to detail of the other fights, but the action was good, cramed together, but good.moreless
  • .

    The Mini-tournament Begins with this Episode. Kuwabara's spirit sword. This was a great episode in my opinion. But, 102 Episodes Left in the Series! *cries in the corner* b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b
Tarou Aragawa

Tarou Aragawa


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Hidetoshi Nakamura

Hidetoshi Nakamura


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Chikao Kiyama

Chikao Kiyama


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Kuwabara: (looking at the Spirit Sword) Pretty cool... but how do I turn it off?

    • Yusuke: Oh, don't be such a dope, Kuwabara. Botan's not a witch, she's the Grim Reaper. And she's my assistant as Spirit Detective.

    • Kuwabara: I can't tell which one, though. There's nothin' obvious, but I can smell it, y'know? Like... Like...
      Yusuke: Like a silent fart in a crowded elevator?
      Kuwabara: Close enough, yeah.

    • Kibano: May the strongest man win.
      Kuwabara: What are you waiting for, Urameshi?
      Kibano: Have you decided not to fight?
      Yusuke: Oh no, I was just praying for your mortal soul.

    • Kuwabara: It's just crummy chump change compared to all the days Urameshi ran my head into the concrete.
      Yusuke: It's true, I've punched him quite a few times.

    • Yusuke: Sounds like a typical Saturday morning street fight, huh Kuwabara?

    • Genkai: I am a psychic, not a saint.

    • Musashi: It's the perfect weapon for striking down evil.
      (Jumps with his sword)
      Kuwabara: I'm not evil!

    • Yusuke: Come on Kuwabara! Hit him!
      Kuwabara: Will you shut up already?!

    • (the fighters were told to introduce themselves)
      Musashi: Name's Mushashi. I'm a fourth-degree black belt under Kendo of Shibattou School. I hunt down evil beings and destroy them.
      Shorin: I am Shorin, a psychic-in-training. I have traveled the world in search of a perfect instructor.
      Kibano: People call me Kibano. I am a master in every style of martial arts and I live to test my own limits.
      Chinpoh: Chinpoh the Wanderer. Nice to meet you all.
      Kazemaru: I'm Kazemaru of the Ninjas. Bodyguard of government officials. I've been trained in the Ninjitsu art of stealth.
      Kuwabara: Kazuma Kuwabara. The worst punk in Sarayashi Junior High.
      Yusuke: Yusuke Urameshi. The much much worser punk of Sarayashi Junior High.
      Kuroda: My name is Kuroda. Contract killer.

    • Kuwabara: Hey, what's wrong with the light? I don't like that, lady!
      Yusuke: Yeah, Grandma! What's with that? You expect us to fight in the dark?
      Genkai: Yes, you little crap that's exactly what I expect. You must use your Spirit Awareness to see. Use weapons if you've got 'em. Hit them where you like, anything goes. The winner is the one who can walk back alive.

    • Genkai: From here on, you can forget about sympathy! The final test will a be a tournament between the eight of you, until one is standing. You will fight until your opponent is dead or incapacitated. I don't care which.

    • (Kuwabara creates the Spirit Sword)
      Musashi: What the hell is that?
      Kuwabara: I don't know!

  • NOTES (5)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: It is not shown how the fighters were paired off.
      2: We do not see Koenma.
      3: Before his fight, Kuroda removed his glasses.
      4: Kuwabara doesn't say anything to Yusuke about Botan or Keiko, In fact, nearly the entire scene outdoors was cut out.
      5: After Kuwabara's fight, the others were standing in a circle, not a line.
      6: Yusuke tried to take hold of Kibano's arm, he wasn't simply thrown back.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapters 27 and 28 in volume 4 of the manga.

    • In the manga, some of the names of the contestants are different than in the anime. Musashi is called Burashi, Kazemaru is called Fuwan, Chinpo is called Kutaka, and Kibano is called Getsuno.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on December 12th, 1992.

    • Japanese title: 暗闇の死闘! 桑原・霊気の剣
      Romaji title: Kurayami no shitō! Kuwabara ・Reiki no Ken
      Translated title: Death Battle in the Dark! Kuwabara's Reiki Sword