Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 22

Lamenting Beauty

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 02, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Lamenting Beauty
Yukina is a beautiful ice apparition whose tears transform into priceless jewels. Now a filthy human crime lord, named Tarukane, has kidnapped Yukina, planning to extract her tears through torture to make a fortune! Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan must quickly mount a rescue mission to save this innoccent beauty. But why is Hiei not allowed to know?moreless

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  • detective to the rescue

    Koenma sends Yusuke a cassette tape explaining his next mission - a rescue mission. An ice apparition named Yukina is being held and tortured by exploitative human criminals because her tears turn into precious jewels. He sets off without knowing Hiei is already on his way. Who will save her first?
  • Monster Demons

    Introducing the sisters!

    Both Shizuru Kuwabara and Yukina are introduced in this episode, moving the series into Yusuke's third case. Right from the beginning, there are compelling villains, damsels in distress and Kuwabara goofiness. There was plenty of discussion regarding the case, and quite enough action and travel moving the characters to the new location.

    The episode is well-paced and enjoyable. The introduction of characters doesn't come too fast and doesn't feel out of place. It's got fighting, but gives a general break from the constant battles.moreless
  • A new villain shows his face............

    This episode is about Yusuke's new mission, to save Hiei's sister???!

    This episode starts off as a typical day for Yusuke, but suddenly Hiei appears and gives Yusuke a tape of his next mission. After the assignment is given, Kuwabara decides to tag along with Yusuke and Botan. When they finally get to the compound, which they need to break into and rescue Yukina from, they encounter A demon who challenges them to a fight, however, he is easily beaten.

    The Toguro Brothers are introduced in this episode, and they show their strength, and reputation in demon world......

    Decent episode overall, but it was kind of slow.moreless
  • It must suck for Yusuke, who's constantly being pitted in these new missions one after another.

    A new day, a new case! Unfortunately for Yusuke, even after coming off a huge investigation that decided the fate of humanity, and nearly killed him as well as his friends that participated with him, Koenma assigns him to a new mission! Kuwabara at first refuses to tag along, since he almost got killed against Byakko, but when he sees the face of the person they're rescuing, he falls in love. The person they're rescuing is Yukina; an ice apparition that can produce highly valued jewels through her tears. The crimelord in charge is torturing her in order to convert money from her in the black market. What's even worse is that he hired the Toguro brothers in order to force an emotionless Yukina to cry. It seems like they're quite successful so far. But look out Toguro, one thing he doesn't know is that Yukina is Heia's sister!

    It's kind of convenient that a new case arises after a big one is completed. Well, that's how most shounens and animes in general work out. Oh well, this was a nice episode. Yukina seems like an extremely unique character, and what's even more interesting is her ability to turn her tears into jewels. I wish I was an ice apparition. Though Kuwabara claiming to fall in love was kind of lame. He could have at least said "we need to rescue that hot girl!" What's kind of disappointing though is that Kurama won't be joining the two, and Heia's simply hiding in the shadows.moreless
Connie Booth

Connie Booth

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Dan Woren

Dan Woren

Gonzou Tarukane

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Mika Soumi

Mika Soumi

Atsuko (Japanese)

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Laura Bailey


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (Yukina's skills)
      Japanese: 氷涙石
      Romaji: Hi Rui Seki
      Translated: Ice Tear Gem
      English: Hiraseki Stone

      When Yukina cries, her tears turn into extremely valuable pearl-shaped gems, which are highly sought after on the black market.

      Japanese: 冷気
      Romaji: Rei Ki
      English: Cold Spirit

      Yukina has the ability to produce snow and make the area around her cold. Her eyes glow, but she can lose her focus if distracted.

    • In the uncut version, Shizuru is a chain smoker. However, in the edited version, any scenes where she was smoking or holding a cigarette were edited to remove any signs of the cigarette and smoke.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Shizuru: That's my baby brother for you. Better eat your snacks. It'll take him a few hours to realize he doesn't know where he's going.

    • Keiko: Are you trying to hide something from me?
      Yusuke: No, why?
      Keiko: There's a cassette in your armpit?

    • Yusuke: Well if it isn't my favorite three-eyed demon. What's up Hiei, you're not stalking me again, are you?

    • Yusuke: (looking out at the wilderness) Wow, now this is a big waste of space.
      Botan: You know Yusuke, some people like the wilderness.
      Yusuke: Yeah, old hermits and people who don't know how to talk to girls.

    • (after Yusuke's group learns Koenma's video tape will only show fuzz to those without spirit awareness)
      Shizuru: I just heard you watching that weirdo movie, so I thought you'd like some kiddie snacks or something.
      Yusuke: We're just watching fuzz.
      Botan: Fuzz, yes fuzz, we find it relaxing.
      Shizuru: Oh, then I must've imagined the little boy with the pacifier giving you orders.
      Yusuke: Heh, kids today with your wild imaginations.
      Botan: Give up, Yusuke. Spirit awareness must run in the Kuwabara's family.

    • Kayko: What's a Spirit World?
      Yusuke: You got amnesia or something? I thought Botan explained everything to you about my job as Spirit Detective.
      Kayko: Huh? Right, she told me all about your internship with that great detective. Oh of course, Spirit World must be the name of the agency of the guy you work for.
      Yusuke: (stares)

    • (the edited version)
      Kuwabara: Oh boy, a video! What's it rated, NC-17?

      (the uncut version)
      Kuwabara: What is that Urameshi, a nudie movie?

  • NOTES (6)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: We don't see any of what happens before Yusuke gets to school.
      2: Kuwabara didn't say anything to Yusuke about Keiko's safety.
      3: Koenma didn't do any video spoofing.
      4: Instead of a manor, Yukina was being held in an abandoned town called Honetdale.
      5: Yusuke, Kuwabara and Botan were eating chips while they watched the video.
      6: There wasn't any mention about the video appearing fuzzy to regular folks.
      7: Yukina wasn't knocked down by Toguro.
      8: Yusuke, Kuwabara and Botan aren't shown again until they're in the woods.
      9: We don't see Hiei rushing towards Yukina.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapter 46 to the first half of chapter 47 from volume 6 of the manga.

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on March 13th, 1993.

    • In the manga, when Yusuke returned to human world, imposters of Yusuke and Kuwabara were going around around giving them bad names. Yusuke and Kuwabara defeated their imposters, which lead to Hiei delivering the tape. This was all skipped in the anime.

    • This is the first episode of the Second Season on Cartoon Network

    • Japanese title: 悲しみの美少女・雪菜
      Romaji title: Kanashimi bishōjo - Yukina
      Translated title: A Sorrowful Young Beauty - Yukina


    • Koenma's Movie: Opening Titles
      In the opening titles of the Koenma Productions movie that Koenma sends them to inform them about Yukina, two parodies of famous movie studio logos appear. Koenma is standing on a pedestal and holding a torch, (A parody of the Columbia Pictures logo.) and it is followed by a picture of an ogre growling in the center of a big sign that reads 'Koenma'. (A parody of the MGM Studios logo.)