Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 22

Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 07, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama
Uraurashima has confined the ring with a peripheral space made of his fishing line; he unleashes smoke that makes everyone age reverse, thereby growing younger. However, this only transforms Kurama to his original and possibly stronger form, which is the fox demon, Yoko Kurama. Uraurashima finds himself in big trouble as Kurama calls forth a Death Tree and tries to find the real motivations for Uraurashima's team's participation in the tournament. Meanwhile, Yusuke continues to struggle with the absorption of the Spirit Wave Orb. Will he survive?moreless

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  • Montage Complete

    "You've completed your training under me." -Genkai

    "Nice." -Yusuke

    We learn a lot about where Team Uraotogi's loyalties lie, that we'll see Yoko again and finally move on to that touching, sappy scene of Yusuke and Puu in the cave. I have to say that just because of that end scene, this episode is one of my absolute favorites. The exchange between man and beast, as well as between student and teacher is brilliant.

    Training montage complete. Now on to the big leagues.moreless
  • As Kurama toils with his desire to learn more about his demon form, Yusuke completes his final step of training and the next match is set.

    After witnessing Kurama revert to his demon form, Yura became extremely scared and vowed to tell him everything he knew about the age reversal gas. Starting to spill his guts on everything about: (1) him, KMO and Macantaro being recruited onto their team and given special items (2) Only Shishi knowing about the age gas, and that (3) those three were just lower class beasts. Shishi threw his sword into Yura's neck before he could divulge anything else and the match was over. Both the announcer lady and Kurama reverted back to their older and Kurama to his human form.

    The next dice roll came up anyone from Yurameshi vs. Shishi. Kuwabara won via a game of Jenkin as all three members wanted to fight next. Yusuke continued to try and survive his painful ordeal. Puu escaped from Kekko and found Yusuke in the cave, and tried to bring him water. As a boulder was about to fall on him, Yusuke shot up and erupted through the pain totally absorbing the spirit wave and destroying the boulder. He emerged, gave Puu to Genkai, and collapsed as Genkai tells him his training is over.moreless
  • The legendary Yoko Kurama finally makes his appearance!

    The fight between Kurama and Ura has just been through an over-haul. Ura's Idunn has caused the resurgence of the legendary bandit Yoko Kurama. Kurama's true form is the tall silver-haired fox Yoko. Complete with fox ears and a tail.

    The curious Yoko interrogates Ura of how he has overcome his human boundary and reemerged. He threatens the terrified Ura with his Death Tree. His tree is a very powerful plant from Demon World that has the power to liquefy someone’s bones in under a minute. As Yoko is about to get some answers a sword flies out and kills Ura. The Idunn Box's smoke clears and Yoko is named the winner, then he reverts back to his human form.

    This is a really cool episode. We finally see the powerful Yoko Kurama!moreless
  • Yoko Kurama makes his legendary appearance, and Yusuke finally completes his final test.............

    This episode is about Yoko Kurama and Yusuke's end to the final test......

    The episode begins with Yoko Kurama appearing after his opponent, ura ureshima used the iddun box on him. Yoko uses the death tree to scare Ura into telling him the secret of the iddun box, but before Ura could tell, shishiwakamaru kills him from outside the ring. Yoko returns and turns into human form again. Meanwhile, Yusuke, with the help of puu, finally completes the test!

    Awsome episode, and we get to see an exciting new character, yoko kurama! To be honest, this may be one of the best episodes of the DT......moreless
  • I almost cried. 1) Yoko Kurama is just so cool, 2) That scene between Yusuke and Puu is just so sad.

    Ura's mist of box seems to have turned for the worse for him. Instead of turning Kurama into an infant, he turned into the legendary Yoko Kurama. Heia says that fifteen years earlier, Yoko Kurama was supposedly killed, but instead ventured into the human world in order to regain his strength. But exposure to the human world turned him soft and kind. Yoko summons a tree with several branches. The branches are home to living plants with teeth with saliva more lethal than acid. Kurama demands to know the secret behind the mist. Ura cowardly reveals a little information before getting killed by their leader to prevent any other information from being spilled.

    Meanwhile, Yusuke is going out of control. Rather than gushing out blood like he did in the previous episodes, his body emits lasers that destroy its surroundings. Finally, after banging his head into the hard rock wall several times, he gives up. Though Puu offers him water, which regains a litte bit of his strength. When going over another course, he falls down energyless. The ceiling was about to collapse on the poor little guy, but Yusuke finally contained the Orb within and rescued the little guy before he got crushed.

    I almost really did cry. Seeing Puu struggle like that, it was really emotional. I rarely cry, and as indication, I didn't cry during The Notebook (then again, I know a lot of people who didn't). But yeah, it was really touching. On the more badass side of the scale, Yoko Kurama is just so touching. It revealed only a spect of detail of Kurama's past, but we do know he's one badass fighter. The Rock-Paper-Scissors fight was kind of amusing to an extent as well.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Shishiwakamaru proves that he would even harm his own teammates before he let them reveal his secrets.

    • This episode marks the first time Yoko Kurama has appeared in his full demon form, since he fled to the Human World and became part of Suichi Minamono.

    • When Hiei talks about Yoko's past, he says it all happened 15 years ago. But shouldn't it be 16 years ago, because Kurama is 16 now?

      Answer: It was 15 years ago. In this season Kurama is still 15, maybe 15 1/2.

    • The narrator said that Kurama is 300 years old, but in the episode Reunion of the Bandits, we learn he is over 1000 years old.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Botan: (Yukina sneezes) Sneezy-sneezy, atchoo! Somebody special's thinking about you!
      Shizuru: Botan, you've gotta be the biggest freak in the world.

    • (after Shishiwakamaru enters the ring, camera pans the crowd full of cheering demon girls.)
      Demoness: (off camera) Make a kill for me, babe!
      Blonde haired demoness: I hope he doesn't kill Kurama though; he's a cutie.
      Red haired demoness: (scoffs) Oh! You are so fickle blondie!
      Koto: Shishi's definitely got a cheer section with him. Oh? I think we've lost some tops!

    • Koto: I can't explain it. My silver haired hunk has transformed into a tail-less Kurama. My whole weekend is shot.

    • Koto: Huh? Hold the microphone, people. I've just seen my personal fantasy. Sexy ears, a dreamy tail, who is this love god?

    • Hiei: (to Yoko) You're as you should be.

    • Yoko Kurama: (speaking of his Death Tree) Each branch of this tree has a mouth, and each mouth of the branch has saliva that will melt your bones in under a minute, though the pain will make every second seem like it's own eternity to you.

    • Hiei: Now... We'll see what the purest form of Kurama can do.

    • Kuwabara: It's like a thunderstorm in there! Where's all that weird energy I'm feeling comin' from?
      Hiei: It's all Kurama, down to the last drop.

    • Hiei: Seems that fool he's been fighting has turned him back into his demon form, before he was tainted by you humans. Fifteen years ago, the spirit fox, Yoko Kurama, was thought to have been killed while escaping from a botched burglary. In desperation, he hid himself in your world, using a human body to slowly recover his energy. He thought no one would find him... I did.

    • Yoko Kurama: I'm flattered you've heard of me, but as you can see, the stories were incorrect.

    • Yoko Kurama: (to Ura Urashima) There is no room for your fantasies of denial, little vermin. Be assured, I am alive.

    • Kurama: Perhaps this can only be decided with a game of Janken.
      Kuwabara: Oh yeah, bring it on! I'm a Rock, Paper, Scissors master!
      Hiei: Janken? And what the hell is that?
      Kuwabara: Gee man, you really didn't have a childhood, huh?

    • Genkai: I almost killed my favorite dimwit.

    • Uraurashima: I just took what they gave me. Ask Shishi. He's the only one who knows!
      Kurama: I can smell when you're lying. It makes my Tree want to eat you more.

    • Ura Urashima: Hey, where's Kurama? I liked him better!

    • Koto: And what about Juri? She's still not reporting. Has she been a casualty in this shrouded fight? Will I be forced to replace her in the ring?
      (Juri appears out of the smoke, but she's a small child)
      Juri: Wait, I'm here. Is it snack time yet, Mama?
      Koto: Ok people, this is ridiculous. In addition to a new fighter, there seems to be a small child in the ring too!

    • Yusuke: (in the preview for the next episode) If anyone had ever told me the fate laid in the hands of a blue runt that goes 'puu', I probably would've punked him.

  • NOTES (2)


    • In the manga, Ura Urashima's name is "Reverse Urashima", referring to the way that his Idunn box actually makes people younger, instead of how it made him much older as per the actual fairy tale.

    • N/A: N/A
      Urashima Taro is basically a story about a fisherman who opens a box that instantly ages him. Ura URASHIMA is sort of a FISHERMAN, and the Idunn Box's powers doesn't make Ura older, it makes those around him younger. Similar concept, though.