Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 21

Many Faces, Many Forms

Aired Unknown May 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Many Faces, Many Forms
Hiei continues his struggle against Kuro Momataro, who has just transformed to his second armor of beast, the Phoenix Armor. Kuro decides to show off by transforming into his third, and most powerful armor, the Wolf Armor. Kuro throws his last Steaming Sphere, and he turns into his hideous wolf form. Hiei draws his broken blade, and Kuro laughs, and tells him if his sword didn't work on the first armor, how could it work on the third. Hiei uses the power he stored for his Dragon of the Darkness Flame, and puts into his sword, creating the Sword of the Darkness Flame. Kuro jumps to bite him, and Hiei kills him in midair. Next, it's Ura Urashima vs. Kurama. Ura is a small boy who fights with a fishing pole. He starts swinging it in a circle, and Kurama does the same with his Rose Whip. They start having a whip battle, when Ura Urashima tells Kurama a sob story about his sick grandmother, and he was only on the team because Shishiwakamaru, the team leader, promised him riches through telepathy. He asks Kurama to kill him, cause he feels it's the only way out. Kurama says he can fake his death by allowing him to hit him with the Rose Whip in a way that will knock him out. Ura "agrees." Kurama goes for the hit when Ura Urashima disappears. He is soon hit by the fishing pole and the cruel laughter announces Kurama was tricked. Ura Urashima decides to unleash a great weapon known as the Idunn Box. The magic inside the box will cause anyone but the user who breathes the smoke to go back in age and become a helpless baby. Kurama tries to hold his breath, but he breathes the smoke, and we see him go back in age. But the Idunn Box has pushed him too far. As we know, Kurama was a fox named Yoko before possessing the human baby Suiji, well it took him back to before he was born; Kurama has transformed into Yoko Kurama!moreless

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  • Spirit Fox

    The end of Hiei's streak and the introduction of Yoko Kurama.

    Hiei's battle is brilliant both in how he manages to get around the steaming spheres AND insult Kuwabara. You have to wonder if he said what he did just to continue their rivalry or if it was good-natured. Hiei is shifting more toward being a team player, whether he wants to admit it or not.

    Uraurashima is always a great watch, just because of how quickly his character changes with each reveal - that he's soft-hearted, that he's a traitor, that he's terrified of Yoko. And of course, Yoko himself. Anyone who wasn't waiting for the appearance of the spirit fox hasn't really been watching the episode.moreless
  • Heie once again relies on the Dark Dragon for power and Kurama undegoes an amazing transformation.

    Heie gives KMO a double Fist of the Mortal Flame but in the Pheonix form he is already invulnerable to it. After a few punches and Heie gets back up, KMO becomes impatient and uses his third steam ball, the Worl Armor. Heie summons the Dragon OTDF and channels it into his broken sword and uses its energy to slice and dice KMO before he can attack. Yusuke continues to struggle in pain. Genkai's knows there is nothing she can do. The next match comes up Kurama vs. Yurayureeshema (Yura). He fakes asking Kurama to kill him and plays to Kurama's kindness, catching him off guard and slicing him up. Kurama drops his whip, Yura steps on it and Kurama continues to evade. It is revealed that Yura was setting up a forcefield during their stand-off slashings at the beginning of the round. Yura releases some gas that is supposed to make all but the user much younger but Kurama regresses too far and reverts back to his demon form, Yoko Kurama the demon Fox.moreless
  • Very good.

    Yusuke is still suffering from the pain of the orb given to him by Genkai, but there is nothing anyone can do now. Meanwhile, Hiei is still engaged in battle and his opponent transforms to his third form but Hiei outsmarts him and uses the chipped off sword and uses the Sword of Darkness Flame to kill him. Next up is Karama vs some kiddy dude.

    Karama uses the rose whip while the other dude uses a fishing rod. And the dude communicates with Karama telepathically and says that he wants to be killed and didn't join the team to hurt anyone. But he was actually lying because he found out Karama's weakness was his kindness. Then he makes the biggest mistake by locking up Karama then using his gas to make Karama young again. But it went too far back and Karama's fox form was unleashed, known as Yoko Karama. Now he's ready to kick some ass.

    It was a good episode, Hiei's fight was brilliant and Karama transforming at the end was also very nice to see and the next episode will be even better.moreless
  • Hiei and Yoko Kurama.

    Hiei is continuing to struggle with his fight with Kuro. He has consumed another Steaming Sphere and transformed into the Armor of the Wolf. Hiei is almost out of options, but when he sees his broken sword on the ground he gets an idea. He uses the sword as a vessel for the Darkness Flame and kills Kuro with a technique called the Sword of the Darkness Flame.

    The next fight is between Ura and Kurama. The fight is now between whips and poles. Kurama summons his Rose Whip and Ura uses an enchanted Fishing Rod and they are attacking each other at range. Soon Kurama get a telepathic message from Ura who says that he is looking for a way out of the tournament. Kurama tries to fake his death, but it seems that Ura was only conning Kurama. Ura opens his enchanted item called the Idunn Box. A strange smoke comes out and everyone in the ring is supposed to revert to his or her earlier form. But unfortunately for Ura it has a different effect on Kurama...He has transformed into his full demon form Yoko Kurama!

    A great episode and we finally see Kurama's true form!moreless
  • Kuro Momotaro is a strange one.......

    This episode is about Hiei's fight with Kuro, and trying to defeat him in his different forms.......

    The episode begins with Kuro transforming into the armor of pheonix. Hiei actually finds himself outmatched. Hiei uses the fist of the mortal flame on Kuro, but surprisingly it doesnt work. Kuro continues to show boat as he goes into his final form, the armor of the wolf. Hiei is now outmatched due to his injuries from using his dragon. Hiei grows desperate, and in a bloody, gory ending to the fight, he kills Kuro, using the sword of the darkness flame...

    This was a great episode that is certainly worth seeing, especially for Hiei fans. The action, the gore, the excitement are what made this episode so great.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the second time in the Dark Tournament that a fighter thought they could kill Kurama through a trick (The first was Roto).

    • Kurama's tunic was ripped up by Ura Urashima earlier in the episode, but later (when the Iduun Box is opened), you can see that the tunic has been almost completely repaired.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Kurama: I've never known Hiei to back away from a challenger.
      Kuwabara: Well, it does have a lot of teeth.

    • Hiei: Never. You'll have to rip my limbs off to keep me down.
      Kurama: Shouldn't give him any more suggestions, Hiei.

    • Kurama: (to Ura Urashima) Suicide is not the answer. There is neither honor nor redemption in that.

    • Hiei: (looking back at the sword fragment on the ground) Hmm... (shrugs slightly) What the hell...
      Kuromomotaru: (laughs) Does that mean the great Hiei is ready to quit?
      Hiei: (taps the hilt of the sword with his foot, it flies up into his hand) No, you incompetent, but I will give you one last chance to!

    • Yoko Kurama: 'Yoko has returned!' they cry.

    • Ura Urishima: Did you say Yoko? Yoko the spirit fox, Yoko the legendary bandit Yoko?! What did you do with Kurama, I liked him a lot better!
      Yoko Kurama: Oh, he's here, he's me. Only now you've brought me out in full, thank you for that.

    • (Kurama explains how the Sword of the Darkness Flame works to Kuwabara)
      Kurama: Ingenious.
      Kuwabara: I dunno know about all this 'genius' business, I mean, it's not all that different from what I do with my Spirit Sword and nobody calls that genius. Hmm? (to Hiei) Hey, wait a second! Were you saying back there that my Spirit Sword didn't have any taste or artistry?!
      Hiei: Heh, of course I did.

    • Kuwabara: (referring to the smoke) Why isn't that stuff coming any closer, is it scared?
      Hiei: Maybe you don't understand the concept of 'force field'!

    • Shishiwakamaru: It's nice to see that fate is cooperating with us today, Onji.
      Onji: I admit, everything is falling into place more or less as we hoped that it would.

    • Kayko: Um, Botan? Are you sure you know where you're going? It feels like we've been walking for hours.
      Yukina: What if we don't make it to the stadium in time?
      Shizuru: Then we'll miss a few more pulse-pounding seconds of people cramming their fists into one another, and then I might get very angry, Botan.
      Botan: Don't worry, we'll be there in a jiff. This way everyone!
      Shizuru: We just went that way Botan.
      Yukina: Do you think that's the reason we passed by the same rock formation three times on the way over here?
      Kayko: Honestly Botan, this shortcut isn't turning out to be what I would call short.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Uraurashima references the Japanese fairy tale of Urashima Taro. The tale is about a fisherman who saves a turtle and is granted access to a mythic land. After three days, he wants to return home and is given a box with instructions not to open it. He opens it, of course, to find he was gone 300 years and he becomes an old man. In Yu Yu Hakusho, the Idunn Box turns back time rather than aging those affected by it.

    • The Idunn box is possibly a reference to the goddess, Idunn, from Norse mythology.

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