Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 12

Master of Disguise

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 23, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Master of Disguise
Yusuke has defeated Dr. Ichigaki and put an end to his scheme, but they don't have time to celebrate this victory. The tournament committee makes an announcement, Team Urameshi's next match will begin immediately, against the lethal Team Masho. Without getting any rest between rounds, the Masked Fighter and Hiei low on energy, and Kuwabara in no shape to fight, the situation isn't looking good for Team Urameshi. Kurama states that he'll fight for as long as he can, and faces off against his first opponent, Gama. Even if he can somehow defeat Gama, there are still four more fighters left to defeat...moreless

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  • Hair Whip

    Kurama steps up to take out as many of Team Masho as possible.

    Again, we see a quiet battle unfold, more psychological than physical. Kurama waits, allowing his opponent think he's got the upper hand, only to flip his hair at the perfect moment and cinch a victory.

    The dialogue in this episode is catchy and I love the disposition the Shinobi bring to the table; how humans destroy everything they come in contact with. It makes for interesting attacks, at the very least, and a bit of a moral dilemma / crusade for our human[-inclined] heroes.moreless
  • The deadly shinobi of the spirit world are the next opponents. With the team's strength cut in half, what will happen?

    Team Mosho aka "The Shinobi of the Spirit World" is the team's next opponent. An enchantress, Ruuka, traps Heie and Genkai in a force field so that they can't participate in the battle. Gin is the Wind fighter, Bakken (big guy), Gamma (blue spell guy), Toya (ice master) and the mysterious leader compose Team Mosho. Kurama fights Gamma first. Gamma can't hit him so he uses his special blood paint to weigh Kurama's arms and legs down. He underestimates Kurama and attacks him head on. Kurama uses his Spirit Energy to slice Gamma up with is rose whip. With Gamma's last movements he throws his blood all over Kurama sealing his Spirit Energy within his bodymoreless
  • The fight between Team Urameshi and Team Masho begins. Kurama takes on Gama.

    Team Urameshi just got finished defeating Dr. Ichigaki's team and now the next match will begin immediately for Yusuke's team. The tournament committee forces Team Urameshi to have a medical test before the fight begins and it is only a trick. An enchantress named Ruka poses as a nurse and traps Hiei and the masked fighter inside of a force field. With Kuwabara still injured from the previous fight that means it's only Kurama and Yusuke up against Team Masho for now. To start off Kurama goes up against Gama. Gama uses make up on his body to make himself stronger. He then uses make up on Kurama's arms and legs making it so Kurama can't use them. However, Kurama outsmarts his opponent and is still able to use his rose whip from his hair. While Gama uses his last bit of energy and fails to hit Kurama he gets blood all over his opponent. Gama collapses and while dying reveals to Kurama that since he has his blood all over him, Kurama's energy is trapped inside of him. Although Kurama wins the first round, he now faces the problem of having his spirit energy trapped inside his body and not being able to use it.

    Overall it was a good episode as it was interesting to see what kind of strategy Kurama would use against the opponent. I liked the ending since it leaves the question of how Kurama will be able to fight the next battle after what Gama did to him.moreless
  • Arms and legs are overrated.

    Team Yusuke has to fight again and they haven't even recovered from their previous match yet! They get set up by the other team where a nurse comes and takes Hiei and the Masked Fighter away, but locks them up in a force field instead. Now only Yusuke and Karama are left (Kuwabara is badly injured) Karama takes on the first fighter, Gama. Gama puts some weird face paint on and uses a clever trick to trap Karama's legs and arms. But Karama outsmarts him and ends up killing him with his rose whip from his hair. But Karama is still all tied up and he has to face the next fighter defenseless.

    It was an interesting fight to see how Karama would be able to win without using any arms or legs, but he turned out to be pretty smart. Now how can Karama survive the next fight?moreless
  • Kurama takes on mighty Shinobi of Team Masho.

    The episode starts with Hiei and The Masked Fighter being removed from the next round. With Kuwabara still badly injured from his last fight, this leaves Kurama and Yusuke to take on the entirety of Team Masho. Kurama fearlessly steps into the ring to take on the first member of the Shinobi, Gama The Master of Makeup.

    As per usual, Kurama does not attack at first, but opts to watch his opponent and find their weakness. Gama is a very powerful demon and hand-to-hand combat is not advised. But it seems that Gama has some other tricks up his sleeve. He uses makeup, mixed with his own blood, to put curses on Kurama. He uses "The Makeup of Chains" on him, which straps Kurama to the ground, making his arms and legs useless. All Kurama can do is watch as the fighter goes in for the kill...

    But when Gama gets close he is sliced to ribbons. Kurama has used his energy to manipulate his rose whip to surround his hair, allowing him to kill Gama without the use of his limbs. Unfortunately, instead of simply removing his curse and healing himself, Gama chooses to use the rest of his energy to seal Kurama's energy into his body...

    This is a great episode and well worth watching!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Jin is not the leader of Team Masho, but when Koto calls forth the leader, Jin comes instead of Risho.

      Response 1: If you remember, Risho said "Whoever goes up can be captain". So Jin decided to go hoping to have himself a bit of fun.

      Response 2: It was actually Baken who said that. Risho never speaks in this episode.

    • An interesting goof: When this episode first aired on Cartoon Network, someone goofed, and accidentally aired Jin saying, "I don't give a damn, somebody else go." This was fixed in later airings, though.

    • In the English version, Team Masho's owner mentions part of the reason for using dirty tactics is to get revenge for Tarukane's death. However, in the Japanese version, Tarukane is not mentioned at all.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Keiko: They're on a roll, Shizuru. They can do it.
      Shizuru: I'm not sure what tournament you're watching. Half the team I'm cheering on can't walk now.

    • Hiei: You're playing a dangerous game, Kurama. Waiting to gauge the enemy's weakness before you attack. You could at least draw your weapon.

    • Koenma: Quick, Ogre! Hit me!
      Ogre: What?
      Koenma: Right in the noggin, hurry!
      Ogre: What are you talking about sir?
      Koenma: I order you to hit me in the head you oaf!
      Ogre: I don't understand sir, but if you ordered me I guess...just don't get mad at me later! (hits Koenma in the head)
      Koenma: Look what you've done, you blue idiot! You've given me a bruise! Guess I'll have to go see the nurse!

    • Gama: You never asked me what gave my makeup its power, what made it different than the makeup of those human fools. The difference is the main ingredient, Kurama. It's made of my blood.

    • Kurama: Even with my arms and legs bound, you are in no shape to fight me. Don't die pointlessly Gama. You're too intelligent for that.

    • Koto: Kurama's arms and legs are completely useless! He can do nothing but stand and wait for his bloody demise!

    • Kurama: (telling Yusuke of the Shinobi) They are stealth fighters. Deadly mercenaries to the highest bid. A dispute arises in Spirit World and they solve it in secret. Your familiar with their other name, aren't you? The ninja.

    • Kurama: Only an amatuer depends on arms and legs for victory.

    • Yusuke: Kurama! Get rid of the outfit!

    • Gama: Tell me, demon traitor, what does the word "make-up" bring to mind? Human females no doubt; a little gloss to attract the next mate. Disgusting isn't it? The way humans manage to bastardize everything they touch.

    • Announcer: May I have your attention please. The tournament committee will be instituting a medical examination before the next round.
      Yusuke: What is this, gym class?

    • Koto: Team captains, please decide the battle terms.
      Jin: Let's fix these stakes simple enough. One-to-one-to-one till I'm a tower on my feet holding the five.
      Yusuke: Whatever he said.

    • Kurama: (to Gama) If you don't mind me asking, what exactly have you done to me?

    • Koto: And it's Kurama vs. Gama! You may begin.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on July 3rd, 1993.

    • In the Japanese version, Team Masho is known as Team Mashotsukai.

    • Outside the tournament, team Masho goes by a different name: The Shinobi of the Spirit World.

    • In the uncut version in Yu Yu Hakusho, before the tournament between Team Masho and Team Urameshi, there was a woman named Ruka who disguised herself as a nurse. When Team Urameshi found out Ruka wasn't after all, Ruka stripped her uniform off. Ruka's outfit was barely unnoticeable and very skimpy.

    • Japanese title: 闇の忍・魔性使いチーム
      Romaji title: Yami no Shinobi - Mashōtsukai Team
      Translated title: Stealthy Figures of Darkness - The Mashotsukai Team