Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 28

Overcoming Grief

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 15, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Overcoming Grief
Shortly before the final round of the Dark Tournament, Yusuke's mentor Genkai was killed, leaving him with all of the Spirit Power she possessed. Since then Yusuke and his crew have been rigorously training for the upcoming battle. Suzuka, a member of the recently beaten Team Uraotogi, has helped by offering two very powerful, yet unstable weapons, hoping that Team Toguro will finally taste defeat.moreless

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  • Lonely Cry

    A slow episode as reactions to Genkai's death are explored.

    There's a few last-minute things that need to happen before the finals, and this episode takes care of them... really, really, really slowly. It's a boring episode after what came before it, but necessary to progress the plot.

    Very little character development takes place (unless you count Suzuka).
  • Yusuke deals with Genkai's death as a previous enemy in the ring provides the team with some helpful tools for the rest of the Tournament.

    Yusuke stuggles to overcome Genkai's demise. He sits outside of the cave where she gave him the Spiritwave contemplating the past. Suzuka confronts Kurama and Kuwabara and gives them each an item that he said was the basis of what he gave to Yura and Shishi. Kurama = the fruit of the past life from spirit world and Kuwabara = a sword hilt from a huge Japanese cedar tree. Heie tries to match Toguro's power and is in disbelief at how much smaller a hole his punch makes in the ground than Toguro's did. Yusuke sees a vision of Genkai in the cave that soon disappears. Koenma tells Yusuke and Genkai left him a message: "the last year of my life sucked cause of my uncooperative student, but you better live a long time so that I can have some peace." With Genkai's words running through his mind, Yusuke understands what she has told him about not being afraid giving it his all and not holding back.moreless
  • Feels more like an arc finale, but it was great nonetheless.

    With an extra day of rest, everyone on Team Urameshi are trying to get stronger. Kurama who's confident he'll be facing against Karasu, uses mind simulation, and still finds himself losing; Heia has been exerperimenting with the Darkness Flame; Kuwabara reminds ignorant of Genkai's death; and Yusuke has been staring at the ground for nearly the entire day, remininscing the moments he had with Genkai. As Kuwabara finds Kurama mind training, Suzuka offers gifts similar to the ones he gave to his comrades. Kurama will finally be able to turn into Yoko Kurama, and Kuwabara's Spirit Sword will be multiplied in strength with a powerful hilt.

    Meanwhile, Sakyo and the remaining members of the Black Black Club have formed, discussing Sakyo's plans with the money he's about to win. He says with the 40 trillion he'll get for winning The Dark Tournament, and the 60 trillion he won in a bet with Tarukane, he'll build a tunnel connecting Demon World and the Human World. Only the weak and small demons are allowed passage to Human World, and those who do pass only become victim of the Spirit Detective and other Vigilantes. Sakyo's ambition is to rule the Human World through fear, create new atmospheres and food cycles. The other members didn't agree with him, and for that, were killed for it.

    At the end of the episode, Yusuke, after receiving a message from Genkai herself, fires an enormous Spirit Gun to reply back. Everyone is astonished with the amount of power that was given to Yusuke by Genkai. A pretty great episode. I never expected the aftermath episode of a sad one to be this good. It was also informative, but what truly made it so praise worthy is how it ended. It felt like the Dark Tournament is coming to an end, even though there's still the most important match to look forward to.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Sakyo is talking about his plans, a short scene of how the tunnel between the human and demon worlds might appear is shown. The second demon to come out of the tunnel looks like the same demon that Karasu (from Team Toguro) fought in his last match.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Koenma: (to Yusuke about Genkai) She said the last year of her life was crumby because as a student you were a pain in the rear, and she asked you to stay alive for a really long time so she could have some peace and quiet for once.

    • Suzuka: (in flashback) You remember, Kuwabara. Beautiful Suzuka?
      Kuwabara: (pointing) Oh hey, that's right. I see the resemblance now. You're the 'I got my face turned into pudding by Genkai' Suzuka. Yeah, yeah, I remember you, nice clown suit.

    • Kuwabara: (to Kurama) This is like one of those wild goose thingies.

    • Koenma: (to Yusuke) So, you gonna let go, or are we just gonna stand here and do the Tango?

    • Suzuka: Better watch yourself, simple human boy. It's against Spirit World law to say my name without putting a 'beautiful' in front.

    • Koenma: How did Genkai end up with such a moron apprentice?
      Yusuke: Who are you calling moron, pacifier junkie!

    • Yusuke: (about his Spirit Gun) You think it got all the way up to her?
      Koenma: Yeah, I'm sure it did Yusuke.

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