Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 12

Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 11, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls
Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Shorin are the only fighters left, with all of the other fighters previously eliminated. The tension mounts as the end of the tournament nears, and still Rando has not been discovered. This leaves only two possibilities; either Rando is disguised as Shorin, or he is hiding somewhere, waiting until the tournament is over to strike. The speculation will soon end, as Kuwabara is pitted against Shorin. Can Kuwabara overcome an opponent who might really be a demon in disguise?moreless

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  • Kafka

    I feel the need to point out that there's likely a Kafka reference in the English version, as Kuwabara says he's been turned into an insect (instead of coming to the conclusion he's been shrunk) and that he sees a caterpillar, which is one of the popular insect choices when people talk about The Metamorphosis.

    Anyway, this episode is a great one for Kuwabara. It begins the long string of heart-felt speeches he gives when the going gets tough - really establishes his honor code and his character. It also develops Yusuke's tendency to gain power when his friends are in danger or have been injured. This episode completely foreshadows the related situation later in the Dark Tournament.moreless
  • That must hurt...

    At the begining of the episode, Yusuke and Botan suspect Shorin to be Rando. Kuwabara begins his match with Shorin, and seems to be having the upper hand. Little does he know how strong this monk really is. Shorin begins chanting to shrink Kuwabara, and then takes advantage over his shrunken state. When Shorin squeezes him and crushes his arm, Kuwabara has no choice but to give up. Yusuke, now enraged takes over the fight and gives Shorin a beating. Yusuke believes he defeated him and goes back to the others. However, Genkai reveals the match is far from over when Shorin reveals himself as Rando.moreless
  • Literaly, a painful episode for Kuwabara..........

    This episode is about the fight between Shorin and Kuwabara and the suspicion that Shorin is actually Rando in disguise.

    The episode begins with Kuwabara facing down Shorin. Shorin is clearly outclassed by Kuwabara in hand to hand combat, so he desides to use a few crazy techniques. He uses the circles of inferno, but kuwabara counters it with his spirit sword. Shorin then desides to use an attack that surprises even Genkai! Suddenly, Kuwabara shrinks to the size of an ant! Shorin mercilessly tortures him by breaking his now fragile bones. He eventualy returns a now crippled Kuwabara to normal. Yusuke, absolutely enraged, gives Shorin quite a beating. Shorin then uses an interesting technique using wind to suck the oxygen out of people's wounds. Despite the extreme pain, Yusuke breaks through and knocks Shorin out! But the battle is just begining, as it seems Rando is indeed disguised as Shorin!

    This is a great episode with interesting techniques and tons of action. The best is yet to come, and that's saying something......moreless
  • This episode teaches demons to disguise themselves as monks so no one suspects them. Well, it fooled me.

    As the semifinals for the exam commences, Kuwabara easily has the upper hand against Shorin. Everytime the monk boy gets close, Kuwabara counter attacks with a punch, which sends Shorin flying backwards. Shorin, realizing how physically weak he is, summons fireballs in his hands, and sends a series of them towards Kuwabara. He's able to barely dodge them, so he decides to retaliate by sending them back to Shorin with his spirit sword. Shorin received a heavy blow from his own attack. Shorin finally uses one of his ultimate techniques, which shrinks Kuwabara into an insect. Kuwabara's bones begin to shatter and break as Shorin enjoys the moment. However, Genkai tells him to stop.

    The final match immediately starts, pitting Yusuke against Shorin. Yusuke delivers a powerful punch that surprises everyone. Shorin, similar to Kuwabara's situation, uses another ultimate technique that forces all the air out from the target's body. Yusuke gets sent back several times, but bravely endures the pain as he knocks Shorin out cold. Koenma and Yusuke start celebrating, but Genkai warns him he wasted his energy just walking towards her. And from behind, Shorin's body transforms, and from the ground, Rando finally appears!

    In an anime, there are three thinigs that I want to see so badly in a fight. One of them is the action itself. The second is who fights, like a long anticipated battle between two well developed characters. The third that a person pissed me off so much throughout the anime, I want to see him get his ass beat. The fight between Yusuke and Shorin was more of the third, because seeing him pleasurely torture Kuwabara just built up the hatred for him. It also contained some of the first. The techniques, especially is air technique, is rather unique in concept. A great episode.moreless
You Inoue

You Inoue

Rando(Japanese Version)

Guest Star

Tama Ikami

Tama Ikami

Shorin(Japanese Version)

Guest Star

Eric Vale

Eric Vale

Shorin and Rando

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • (Rando's attacks first shown in this episode)
      Japanese: 火掌発破拳
      Romaji: Ka Shou Happa Ken
      Translated: Fire Palm Blasting Fist
      English: Circles of Inferno

      With this attack, the amount of spiritual energy is increased, forming fireballs in the palms of his hands. He can then throw them at his opponent.

      Japanese: 斬空烈風陣
      Romaji: Zankou Reppuu Jin
      Translated: Killing Air Gale Battle Array
      English: Sickle and Tornado

      With this attack, it creates a vacuum around the opponent, and causes air to escape violently from their bodies through cuts in the skin.

      Japanese: 縮身の呪術
      Romaji: Shukushin no Jujutsu
      Translated: Spell of the Shrinking Body

      With this chant, the opponent's body is shrunk down to the size of an insect, allowing the chanter an easy advantage. However, if the opponent does not hear the chant, it will be cast back upon the next closest target, which is commonly the user of the chant.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Yusuke: So what are the chances of a demon being a total wuss?

    • Kuwabara: I don't care who he is! First I'm gonna beat this guy, and then I'm gonna grind you into the dirt! So don't try to get out of it by making me scared! And second, you beat that last guy by luck!
      Yusuke: So, what's that have to do with this fight?
      Kuwabara: I'm not exactly sure! But I'm gonna fight this guy, monster or not!
      Yusuke: What's the point, you know I'd beat you next anyway.
      Kuwabara: Oh yeah? Well that'd be true if it was opposite day! Stupid!
      Botan: Hey! Would you boys please behave! This isn't Junior High!
      Kuwabara and Yusuke: Shut up!

    • Rando: Yes Mr. Urameshi, you should listen to the old hag, they tend to know things. For example, that I am a demon who will not be destroyed. Mostly likely she also knows that I must kill you all, as you are about to see my true form. The only real mystery is this; how will I choose to torture you.

    • Genkai: (about Shorin's attack) I once knew of a fighter who made quite a name for himself with this attack. It creates a vacuum around the opponent, and causes air to escape violently from their bodies through cuts in the skin.
      Shorin: And with as many battle wounds as you have Yusuke, it should be very painful.

    • Kuwabara: All right, you little shrimp baby! Batter's up!

    • Kuwabara: Aah, I've been turned into an insect!

    • Yusuke: If you're going to disguise yourself, why not look cooler?

  • NOTES (4)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: Botan and Yusuke never say anything about Shorin being the least suspicious.
      2: Koenma doesn't appear.
      3: When he was small Kuwabara was squeezed first, then his right arm was broken. He wasn't tossed up in the air, and his head wasn't pulled.
      4: Kuwabara's right arm sleeve wasn't torn off.
      5: Kuwabara's injuries were the sockets on both hands were shattered and his left leg and left hipbone were both broken.
      6: When Rando rises, the ground doesn't open.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapters 30 and 31 from volume 4 of the manga.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on December 26th, 1992.

    • Japanese title: 乱童あらわる! 桑原無念の敗北
      Romaji title: Randō arawaru! Kuwabara munen no haiboku
      Translated title: Rando Appears! Kuwabara's Grievous Defeat