Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 4

Requirements for Lovers

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Requirements for Lovers
Spirit World has forgotten an important question; does anyone in his life even want Yusuke brought back? Koenma decides to send an investigator to find out, and Yusuke learns just how much his friends care. A fire breaks out in Yusuke's apartment, threatening to burn his body. Kayko, in desperation, goes inside to try and rescue him, leaving Yusuke with a difficult choice to make...moreless

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  • is his one chance gone?

    Sayaka the spirit investigator checks up on Yusuke's progress, particularly looking into Yusuke's relationship with Keiko, which seems entirely one-sided. An emergency arises putting Keiko's life and Yusuke's chance for a return in jeopardy, and Yusuke must make a consequential decision.
  • Ordeals

    So much for that ordeal. All up in smoke.

    I'm not sure if Togashi decided the ordeal would take too long or if he planned to interrupt him from the start, but it was given two episodes ago and was ended in this one. Great for advancing the plot and for throwing in another twist regarding getting our hero back to life. And then Koenma shows up and gives that cliffhanger hope that there will be another chance.

    It shows that Yusuke really is a good guy for all his facades (if you hadn't picked up on that already) and that he's pretty much got his position secured with Koenma and Botan. Now we just have to get him back in his body.moreless
  • Business is about to pick up!!

    This episode is about Yusuke trying to come back to life.

    Yusuke's body is put in danger in this episode. Yusuke's house is set on fire, with Yusuke's body in it! Keiko then puts herself in danger by trying to save him. This is of course, dangerous, so Kuwabara tries to save her from the fire. Yusuke is forced to make a tough decision: sacrifice him coming back to life to save keiko. Yusuke ends up selflessly saving keiko at the cost of his own by throwing his egg (For his ordeal)to save Keiko. It turns out that Yusuke gets a second chance though, so he's not gone yet.

    This episode was good, not great. Some real character developement went on in this episode though, so it's still important......moreless
  • great episode

    After taking his body out of the coffin,Yusuke's mom continues the "can't care less"attitude towards his son.She leaves the room where his body lies in a mess and Kayko has to come and take care of it almost everyday because if she doesn't ,in her words"yusuke won't have a body to come back to".There is warning of a maniac who torches other people's homes.Later,Kayko goes out.One of Koenma's subordinates come to examine the relationship between him and Kayko.Later that day,the maniac comes and torches Yusuke's house.Kayko rushes in to help.It seems like there is no hope for her when Yusuke does the unthinkable and uses his unhatched spirit egg to save her.Kuwabara also comes to help from the human side and feels happy that yusuke is somehow alive.But Yusuke is in trouble because using the spirit egg to save Kayko,he destroyed is one chance of resurrecting himself.But Koenma decides to give him another chance saying that the spirit beast that hatched probably would've eaten him alive due to the way he lived and that he has another way to resurrect him.I put this episode under "character development" because it shows Yusuke as a caring person and not as the rogue he was when he was first introduced.moreless
  • Yusuke Is finnaly beginning to find out why he has to come back to the living world, his friends and family need him there. Yusuke is forced to throw his ticket back to living world away so he can save Kayko.moreless

    The whole episode reveals that Yusuke does have something to care about. His friend and mom need him around. One he figures that out everything changes. He suddenly wants to come back to human/living world. Yusuke determination and love for Kayko is really unbelievable mainly because he has not cared about anything in his whole life. I think he knew that even if he were not to throw his spirit egg and not save kayko, he would becoming back for nothing. So in order to save the girl he loves he throws away his life. The whole reason he wanted to come back was for her.moreless
Yuri Shiratori

Yuri Shiratori

Sayaka (Japanese)

Guest Star

Carol Hope

Carol Hope


Guest Star

Yoko Soumi

Yoko Soumi

Atsuko (Japanese)

Guest Star

Tomomichi Nishimura

Tomomichi Nishimura

Narrator (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Kent Williams

Kent Williams


Recurring Role

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    • Kuwabara: Ahhhh! What're you doing with Yusuke's body?!
      Keiko: I promise I'll tell you everything but not right now. We gotta get him somewhere safe.
      Kuwabara: Are you some type of sick grave robber? Well, come on. We can't let the police get a hold o' ya.
      Yusuke: Whoa, Kuwabara! Who said you could hold Keiko's hand like that? Don't start getting fresh with her. She's not your type.

    • Sayaka: You don't seem to have a very responsible parent.
      Yusuke: Very observant!

    • Yusuke: (imitating Kayko by pushing his cheeks together) She always looks at me like this: 'Hey Yusuke, come to school!' 'Hey Yusuke, that's not the right uniform!' Yeah, she probably just wants me around so she can yell at me and get a better reputation with her teachers.
      Botan: Why do you say things you don't mean?

    • Yusuke: (about Kayko) Why can't you spirit dorks understand, she's only my friend!

    • Botan: So does that mean if Yusuke saves Kayko's life, Yusuke won't be able to come back?
      Yusuke: What's the point of coming back if Kayko's not gonna be there?

    • Kayko: Yusuke's all covered with junk. What kind of parent leaves their child like this? I swear, this should be some kind of felony!

    • Yusuke: (to Sayaka) That was quite an entrance. Who the hell are you?

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    • Manga Duds: None
      Sayaka's dress was all white in the manga. Her black hair and the white gown may give reference to Sadako/Samara from The Ring

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