Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 4

Return to Demon World

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Dec 24, 2005 on Fuji TV

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  • up and down.

    Up and Down. Raizen: Yusuke, I am Your Father! Yusuke: NO!!!! OK, the Dramatic parts over, Now we can get to the recap. Yusuke, Kurama , And Hiei Depat Living World, and go to Demon World. My mistake, BACK Too Demon World. So, Yeah. My Review's Pretty much over. Bye!~
  • Yu Yu Hakusho never ceases to amaze me.

    Everyone meets at Genkai's temple. Yusuke tells everyone there the bad news that he'll be gone for three years in order to fight in the name of his great ancestor Raizen, but of course he's only doing it to kick his ass for interrupting the fight between him and Sensui. Kuwabara gets all upset, and believes Yusuke might come back a bad demon, but Yukina defends him. Heia and Kurama show up, telling Kuwabara that they're also going to demon world, but they're all joining separate sides. He gets upset over how their team is splitting up like this. Yusuke is the first to go, and when he gets there, the three stooges immediately greet him. They run straight for three days towards the castle of Raizen. His growl is so loud, that demons use it as a passing of time. Yusuke, upon meeting him, tries kicking his ass, but fails miserably.

    I can't say that this episode was bad just because I didn't rate it as high as the others, but that's only because the other episodes are just so superb. In terms of comparison, this viewing felt more like a filler episode, literally in a way. Not the filler intended to stall progression of the story in order for the manga to get ahead, or the type that isn't related to the story; filler as in it does exactly that; fill in the gaps. Yeah yeah it's a term I made up just now, but I really had no other way of putting it. It does what it's set out to do, and it does exactly that. Though it's not boring by any means.