Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 7

Reunion of the Bandits

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • Time for a blast from Kurama's past...

    We got to see Hiei and Yusuke's past, now it's time into Kurama's past...

    Kurama has been asked to go to Demon World by the third and final Demon Lord, Yomi. It seems that the two demons know each other very well and the two were even friends. A thousand years in the past Yoko Kurama lead a group of demon bandits with Yomi has his second in command. They were a legendary team and nothing was safe from these master thieves. However, after Yomi continued to betray Yoko, an assassin was sent after him. This ended with Yomi's blindness.

    Kurama is in Demon World to serve as Yomi's advisor and help him in the future was for the fate and control of Demon World. But how can these two work together when hatred lies between them?

    A great episode that really shows us Kurama's past as Yoko!
  • Another past.

    Kurama encounters a aqquaintence from his past, Yomi. Yomi was pretty much nothing special. He was working with Youko Kurama and the rest of Yoko's bandit gang. Who would've expected a weak person such as Yomi turned into a strong Demon Ruler, but then turned blind? Amazing! Overall, this episode is a reunion of bandits.
  • "He who stole my light." - Yomi

    Heia and Yusuke have already met with their lords they're serving. Kurama is just meeting up with his. Yomi and his staff are having a meeting on the war that's about to come. Kurama puts his voice in, suggesting that the key to winning the war lies in the second in commands, the X-Factors. Those second in commands will eventually be the three that arrived from human world. Yomi then brings up the second reason why he invited him to Demon World. A millenium before, Yomi and Yoko Kurama were part of a famous thief group that robbed treasures from all four corners of the map. One day, Yomi and a couple men he brought with him were attatcked. Yomi turned blind, and Yoko didn't rescue him like usual. For a thousand years, Yomi has been searching and finally found the man, who has finally spilt the beans that it was Yoko that sent to assassinate him. Yomi knew everything.

    This was a nice episode that showed why Yoko Kurama is so famous and feared, and how Yomi gained power. Despite being blind, losing his eyes made him stronger; so strong that he rivaled Makuro and Raizen, and even gained a third of land in Demon World. What I liked in this episode was Kurama's way of thinking during the meeting. He knew that Makuro and Yomi were practically equal in power, and that it was up to the second in commands to decide the win. Their pasts weren't really anything special; at least not compared to Heia's, but it was nice.