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  • Pure Action

    This was like a precursor to Bleach in the sense that it involves a human helping both the human and spirit realms.

    I actually consider this superior to Bleach because it didn't have as much filler into it and was a lot easier to follow. While Bleach was a good anime, I lost interest in it when it started going downhill for me but Yu Yu Yu Hakusho never did that for me.

    It kept straight to the main story and used very little filler to it. I admitted that filler doesn't bother me much but Bleach abused it to heavily for me to enjoy.

    The action scenes are awesome and very similar to Dragon Ball Z with some major differences. Energy attacks are used but not by much and focused more on melee combat. I enjoyed this so much when I was younger I bought the first season. I plan to buy the rest soon.
  • This show is amazing

    Not only did the main character come back to life once he came back a second time when yusuke was revived due to his demon blood it was badass enough to put goku being wished back to life a shame dbz And yuyu hakusho have to be my favorite anime ever not only does yuyu hakusho have great fighting scenes it also shows the bonds of friendship and how caring for them can help u push past your limits such as when yusuke died and kurama kewabara and hiei became more powerful also when yomis son called out his name and ended up defeating yusuke was truely inspirational not only that it was good to see the ending be original cause the main character didnt win all this and more makes this a truely amazing anime
  • Outstanding

    It was one of my favorite show as child to this day just awesome with the spirit detective against all odds as a half breed
  • Action Packed and Adventurous

    I remember watching this show on Cartoon Network - I wish I could write a more detailed review, but I do remember the crazy plot twists and likeable characters. I used to have a huge crush on Kurama... but, yeah, recommended for action fans and for fans of a great story.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    I love Yu Yu Hakusho, I remember when it use to be on Cartoon Network during the time that toonmai was on, but a few years ago. Now I download the series whenever I am in the mood for some Yu Yu Hakusho. I have to say for an anime that is Japanese with English voice actors it's a very good series, I like Yu Yu Hakusho more then the others just not trinity blood. It would be nice to see this anime on tv again even if it's just a month or so.
  • My review on one of the greatest Shounens,EVER!!

    What is Yu Yu Hakusho you ask,for starters,it may not have had as much fame as the most popular anime Dragon Ball Z,& unlike DBZ,it wasn't groundbreaking.But with that aside,it shouldn't stop you from watching this wonderful show,the plot is as equally in-depth as DBZ(which is a good thing),& the shows may be similar but not enough to consider this a rip-off.

    The show has great impacting moments,the characters are likable,& greatly developed.The Animation is quite impressive for an early 90's,the stories are very good.

    In short,watch this show,it's great,the action's great,there's not a lot to say that's bad about this anime.Trust me,you're gonna love it.
  • Can't be topped

    This show is ultimate. There is just no other way to say it. This series was flipping SWEET. Every episode delivered the right amount of action, intrigue, and adventure. I thought that the side story with Yusuke slowly falling in love with Keiko was romantic, sweet, and very well developed. And that's saying something, seeing as I usually don't harp on boring topics such as romance. This show, in my opinion, can't be topped by any of the other anime that Cartoon Network has tried and failed to successfully market over the years. Awesome story lines, top of the line character development, and even a series finale that almost made me cry. This show has it all.
  • ok

    This show is OK. I think it's good. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • A Fantastic Anime, but don't watch the crappy American dub.

    The Yu Yu Hakusho anime is fantastic. I am rating the show a nine based on the original Japanese version. The American version was watered down. Yeah, if you are thinking about watching this anime, do not watch the American dub. Please watch the original Japanese with English subtitles, the subtitles that is directly translated from the Japanese language to the English language. The dub that aired on cartoon network had some silly dialogue that had nothing to do with the original dialogue. Anyway, in both the dub and the Japanese the action is the same, which is a good thing. I love the action in Yu Yu Hakusho. I love this show. give it a try if you like anime and you have not seen it, but try to watch the original and not the ENglish dub.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho is about a young boy who is a punk. But when he sees a child in danger, he decides to give up his life to save the child. This starts his adventure as a "Spirit Detective".

    Yu Yu Hakusho is certainly one of my favorite animes of all time; tied only with Dragonball Z. Yu Yu Hakusho was also, ironically, the only anime to rival Dragonball Z's popularity back in their time in Japan.

    Yu Yu Hakusho has great action, a wonderfully written storyline, humorous comedy, and the occasional romantic scene. All that is complimented by the wonderful art style. Yu Yu Hakusho's art can be dark and moody at times, bright and happy at times, or sad and dramatic. The characters are probably the best feature of Yu Yu Hakusho. There is a character for everybody's personality (not to mention one with seven personalities!). If you're a fan of the "punk" type character, you could choose Yusuke or Kuwabara. If you're a fan of the "powerful" or arrogant type character, Hiei is your man. If you like a calm and collected type character, you would probably like Kurama.

    All of these aspects combined make for an anime that can only be called "amazing". Amazing is definitely what Yu Yu Hakusho is. Hopefully you can enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Another great anime.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is full of Blood, Romance, Homosexuals (Yay for the fangirls!!), and well, This anime is full of Souls! This show began back in 1990 in Japan, while it began 2002 in America. After tons of editing, the perfect anime that'll never get old ended in 1993, while it ended in 2006 in America. The story arcs are like this: Spirit Detective arc, Dark Tournament arc, Chapter Black arc, and The Three Kings arc. My favorite arc is the Chapter Black arc. The four main heroes are: Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. My favorite character is either Raizen, Yusuke, or Demon Yusuke. My favorite villain is Shinobu Sensui. This show is full of 112 action packed episodes, and two movies. I love this show, so get started watching it!
  • Spectacular show!

    This is my favorite Anime all time, AND my favorite show! I think if anyone watches Yu Yu Hakusho then they will ether love it or love it. It is a great show to watch if you love Action and/or Adventure. You'll love the characters,the story,and you'll love the whole show itself. If you do not like this show then that is okay, but you should reconsider because Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the greatest show of all time! But if you don't then oh well. I guess its just all about opinion ha ha. I love this show.
  • Not a big anime fan but I love this.Something in it for everyone.

    I used to watch yu yu haksuho after dbz everyday I got home form school. I watch barely any anime just db,dbz,dbgt cowboy bebop and samurai champloo (yu yu hakusho) of course are the only I have seen most or all epsiodes of.

    I really like the characters.Yusuke was just a normal boy until he died saving a little boy from a car hitting him. He becomes a earth's spirit detective he hunts down powerful deomns with his school buddy kuwabara a former demon bandit in a humans body kurama ,hiei my personal favorite a badass demon who doesnt pratically enjoy helping humans, botan the grim reaper who looks like a teenage girl, his gf kako and his master genkai a powerful pscyhic.

    My favorite saga is the dark tournament yusuke and friends compete with teams of demons.This show has everything spirit blast like dbz martial arts pyschics demons it never gets out of hand like dbz the power levels are kept in check and most attacks are special techniques.The only reason I dont give it a ten is because it still has anime elements I dont like giant sweat drops botans cat faces people falling down when shocked etc. I grew up with this show and I think there is something in for everyone. It is alsouprisingly gruesome(blood+language) for being aimed at kids.I admit it is funny at times too. 8.5/10
  • One of the best anime i have watched so far.

    I would love it if this would be continued either in an OVA or an after series or something, but back to the point. This was by far one of the best anime series i have ever watched. It had everything that teenagers thought were cool back then, Ghosts and Demons and Hardcore Fighting Sequences. If you like a good story about a Guy who was accidentally run over, came back to life, and solves the cases of "Spirit World," Meets interesting new friends and allies, and fight some deadly foes, this is a show you should really look into.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime I don't need many words to describe. It's simply fabulous.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime I don't need many words to describe. It's simply fabulous.
    The first japanese anime I saw and truly liked. And one of my favorite of all time.
    The anime is an action anime, and it stays true to its formula with plenty of action. Despite that fact it has a nice plot, not very deep, but interesting anyways.
    The anime is action intensive with almost never a dull moment and the fights have the exact amount of time to finish, enough time to show they are hard fight and they finnish before getting boring.
    It has a nice animation and music considering the time it was made.
    What really won my devotion for this anime is the fact that muscles alone doesn't win the fights, the brain plays a great role as well.
    I recommend it to any person who is an action anime fan.
  • I started watching this when i was younger and now that I've gotten older I started watching it again and it's still just as good. If not better now that I get it more.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best animes ever created. It's also one of the longest animes ever created but it's worth every episode. If your the type of person who's into action and fights mixed with a decent level of fantasy this is the show for you. It's got monster battles that require team efforts and solo battles that reveal more about characters with each battle.

    The animation is a little old but still for being made a couple years ago it's still pretty good. One of the better old animes.

    But overall the animators and story writers did a very good job with mixing this anime up. They have some arc's that last maybe six episodes and others that take up around twenty episodes.

    Also characters never just pop up out of nowhere. If a new character is introduced they are thoroughly shown the the viewer and you always get some for of a background from somewhere that answers just about all the questions which could pop into your mind.

    Hands down this is one of the best animes i have ever watched and always will be one of my personal favorites.
  • A young boy gets hit by a car and killed, only to return to life. Over his time as a spirit detective he learns things he never knew and gains a few friends along the way. All in all it's a barrel of laughs!!

    I really love this series, it has been and will always remain one of my personal faves...

    My first opinion of this was on the lines of- ??

    But that soon changed as I became involved in the series and it wasn't long before I had fallen in love...

    Currently my favorite characters are as follows- Hiei Jaganeshi- A half-Ice, half-Fire apparition who's got an attitude to match his rather bad boy looks!

    Yusuke Urameshi- A Mazaku Toushin mutt.His bad boy attitude and behavior won me over in no time, add in the fact that he's really a sweetie under all that crap and we've got a real winner!

    Jin (The Wind Master)- This Irish speaking wind demon is such a loveable guy that you'd have to be crazy not to love him, minor character or not!

    Kurama- Aka Youko, this foxy human/demon hottie makes even my blood boil when I watch him fight, not to mention his smexy transformation into Youko. Frankly, even though he's clearly a more effeminante character, I still think he's hot!

    Pretty much those are my fave's and believe me, this series is perfect for almost any anime fan. It's got a little for everyone, so if you haven't seen it yet...

    Then get off that butt and get going, 'cause if yah don't...

    'Spirit gun!' :p -Ok
  • One of the only titles I actually feel enough attraction to to look out for more.

    YuYu Hakusho is absolutely phenomenal. It's got tons of action and adventure, and is hilariously funny. When everything comes together, this anime is not only good, but GREAT. Also, plain and simple--it's ADDICTING!! Once you watch the first episode, you can't stop until you watch all 112. From the moment Yusuke saved the child, I was sitting there on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen. Not only that, but there's romance in it--an anime guilty pleasure of mine. Yusuke and Keiko have something, Kuwabara and Yukina have something...let's just face it; it doesn't matter who you are; everyone can love YuYu Hakusho.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    Summary: After getting hit by a running car, Yusuke Urameshi is given a second chance at life, but he must become it's protector. Working alongside Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei, they overcome many difficulties.

    Plot: 10/10

    The Spirit Detective Saga: 9.0/10
    The Dark Tournament Saga: 9.7/10
    Chapter Black Saga: 10/10
    Saga of the Three Kings: 9.3/10

    Characters: 10/10

    Sub Voice Acting: 8.5/10
    Dub Voice Acting: 9.9/10

    Music: 9.0/10

    Animation: 8.0/10

    Overall: 10/10

    Opinion: It is perhaps the best series that I have ever known. The characters personalities, the story and it's twist, the action, everything is next to flawless. The third season/arc is one of the most brilliant stories I've ever seen.
  • Awesome!

    This show is just awesome. I can't explain it but I just like old shows that aired in the 90s, I don't know why. Anyways this show had a lot of action with some drama. But I usually liked the dramatic parts especially the ending, which I loved. The only problem with the plot was that Hiei never really told Yukina that he was her long lost brother that she has spent all this time looking for. I was kind of disappointed about that. Another thing that the show could have had was some filler episodes because well all the episodes were vital in moving the plot along, well except maybe the beginning, and moved by pretty quickly and the series had less episodes than other shows. Some fillers could have been used to develop minor characters a little more like Keiko, Yukina, actual show Atsuko and what not. Like during the Three King Arc they could have showed what was happening in the human world at the time with Kuwabara and maybe shown a few scenes with Keiko because I felt that they, mainly Kuwabara, was left out of the last arc, despite being a main in the others. And that Keiko is hardly ever shown. I felt that Keiko was left out despite being a main secondary character and was a pretty important one. But she hardly had any screen time and if they did it would be kind of dull since she has no powers, but I still wish they could have found some way to show her in the show more. I know why they could use fillers because it was a narration of Yusuke's life as a Spirit Detective and having fillers would have interrupted it. But still a few fillers wouldn't harm the plot of the story and would have helped to develop minor characters. But the action was awesome. All the fights were spectacular except a few and that was only because they were ended very quickly. I loved this show and only wish that they made the series a little longer because it was short. Inuyasha was also a great show that had some fillers to extend it, but had a junk ending, while Yu Yu Hakusho had a great ending, but it was really short compared to other series.
  • love it! ^.^

    love love love this show! the plot line is very cool and i love the characters they created for it; they're all so distinctive and (most of them anyways) have something really unique to bring to the show. my personal favorite is kurama (cause you just can't beat the red-headed bishi -shrug- ) followed closely by hiei (who's uncaring surliness is simply delightful :P ) some of the stuff in it i would have to say i wasn't too thrilled with (off-color stuff and everything) but overall i think the show is fantastic, original, and well worth the watch. cheers!
  • The conclusion of the Three Artifacts...

    Hiei is the last remaining thief and kidnaps Keiko as bait to lure in Yusuke. When Yusuke and Botan arrive to his hideout, a ware house, they find out he cut Keiko's forehead were a third eye will open and turn her into a demon of the lowest class. While Botan tries to keep the eye closed, Yusuke fights Hiei and does so well, he forces him to transform into his super demon form. Hiei gives Yusuke the beating of a lifetime until Kurama arrives, preventing him from getting killed. Yusuke fires the Spirit Gun which Hiei avoids. However, it bounces of from the Forlorn Hope and blasts Hiei, defeating him.
  • When this show was on i thought it was well..,.

    I thought this show was Rated a two on my favorite anime shows.Here they are.
    I thought the show was cool mainly for his powers i mean how cool would it be to have spirit powers if i remember it right.I always thought this show was darker than dragon ball z and completed my darker love for anime.LOL.and that was great for me really it was I figured this show would end sooner than dbz.but back then i was like 8 and had no idea dbz was done in like the 80's lmao/ but i really wish cartoon network adult swim would air better shows like this?
  • A great Anime that deserved better treatment in the U.S

    Basically this Anime centers around a middle school student named Yusuke who'd question the authority. As the show progress, we meet guys like Hiei, Kurama, Botan, and many others who're connected to Spirit World. Yusuke's friend is Keiko who have been friends with each other since childhood. Ever since I've watched this show, I always thought of it as an equivalent to DBZ, but more in-depth in terms of storylines and believiblity. One thing that puts it down is the Demon World Tournament. When Hiei promised he'd go head to head against Yusuke at some point, why didn't their fight happened? If the show were to continue, I'd love to see how much they've improved since their first fight. Other than that, not so much to diss about this underappreciating classic.
  • Good show!

    Yu yu hakusho is a good show. Its about Yusuke Urameshi, a school student at the age of fourteen, spends his days barely attending his classes, being scolded by his female friend, Kayko, and getting into fights with other students, mainly his rival, Kuwabara. Seeming to be like any other delinquent, it comes as a shock when Yusuke does something unexpected; shoving a little boy out of the way of an oncoming car, and dying in the process. While watching the events taking place at the scene of the accident, Yusuke realizes that he is now a ghost. Great character development and interesting stories with plenty of plot twists keep this show near the top of a lot of anime fans "must watch" lists.
  • Great show

    This show is based around the protagonist Yusuke Urameshi, who is killed before his time saving a child from a reckless driver. However he is brought back to life and becomes a spirit detective charged with protecting the earth from evil spirits and demons. Along the way he picks up friends that help him in his adventures. One such individual is Hiei, who starts out opposing Yusuke but eventually becomes an ally. That is why Hiei is one of my all-time favorite characters not only because because he is an awesome fighter but also because to me he transcends the normal bounds of hero/villian to form a new type of character that is interesting to watch. But Hiei is just one of the many interesting characters in this show, which combined with interesting plots and non-stop action make this one anime you shouldn't pass up.
  • Yusuke Urameshi,A 14 year old Jr.High Student.Sacerficing his life for a boy,Yusuke was giving another chance to live and with that becoming a Spirt Detective.He even has a new signature move called the "Spirit Bomb".

    My favorite show period.I missed watching this at like 2:00 AM on Toonami.I miss 2002 I guess all good things must come to an end.The thing I remember most is the Music.They changed the Music in Suspence moments,Sad Moments,And Action Moments,The best Anime Music enuff said.And they even had some pop Music in some scenes.Gonna Miss the show.I was Actually crying when it ended.Because their really is no better Anime out their like it.My favorite Charcter has to be Kuwabara.I like hes Dumbish Presonality and his hatred towards Hiei.And hes really funny.I wont forget this show "Never". "Classic"
  • Yu Yu Hakusho is simply one of the most entertaining anime series out there. Unfortunately, not too many people seem to put too much thought into the show as they view it, which is the main reason for why its brilliance is rarely ever noticed.

    With the quality of movies, shows (especially in animation), and various other forms of entertainment media, steadily declining, YYH easily has to be one of the best shows that I have ever seen. I'll be more than happy to explain just what makes it so great, and why its worth your time, should you consider watching it.

    Let me break it down for you into simpler sections. I'll start with the story, which is the 1st major part of what makes this series an amazing one.

    I'm not going to bother going over the main concept of the plot, since you can just read that anywhere else that you want. However, what you may notice is that the plot itself sounds rather generic, and that the series gets criticized for being generic by quite a few people. This is untrue. In fact, just by watching the first 5 episodes of the series, you will immediately see that its nothing like how any other action shounen series would start out. But, going deeper into the series, you will notice that while the bare outside of the concepts throughout its story arcs may not sound very impressive, by just looking into the series a little bit deeper, you will be amazed by how well written and planned the events are. Its true that the story does have its fair share of clichés (but many of them only became cliché features years after this series, itself, came out). Yet, at the same time, it is highly original and unique, and breaks so many more clichés, even by today's standards, which is really saying a lot.

    The story doesn't truly pick-up, however, until the 2nd season (with their being a total of 4 seasons). This is when things truly become organized and well thought out. Now, to counter the argument that this series is all action. To put it simply, in a typical action shounen that really is primarily focused on action, you would have oversized battles, boring and generic bad guys, lots of mindless violence, and almost no thought behind what's going on, usually making the outcomes rather predictable. In Yu Yu Hakusho, this is far from the case. Once you get past the 1st season, and as long as you pay attention to the dialogue and actions of characters as the story progresses, you will find a very good wealth of depth and intensity within the story. There are many cases where you will see absolutely no fighting (or just a few punches and kicks here or there) in episodes, and will notice that there is really just great plot development going on. But, of course, as an action shounen, I can't deny that the series has a good amount of fighting, but guess what, even the fights have depth to them, for the most part, and aren't just solid action.

    Now, if you pay attention to what's going on during the fights, aside from the action, you will get good commentary from the thoughts of the fighters, and you usually get to see them interact with one another verbally, since the fights aren't usually for some mindless reason, but instead the characters, even the opposing villains, will have some sort of motive behind them, which actually gives them a reason to be fighting in the first place. What's even better, is that most of the fights aren't just your typical power-ups and random attacks. They do contain lots of action, but you will also notice how a good deal of them have the fighters using brilliant strategy, rather than simply just trying to overpower their enemy.

    Sure, other series try this, but very few can actually manage to make the strategies so clever, interesting, and memorable, which is why, aside from Hunter X Hunter (also by the same creator as YYH), there are absolutely no series which I find to even compare to Yu Yu Hakusho in terms of how deep the level of thought put behind its methods of combat go. What increases the value of these fights, is that they contain so much depth to them, yet at the same time, they don't last unreasonably long times (with the exception of just 1 or 2 fights in the entire series), like the 5-10 episode battles that you so commonly find in the notoriously popular shounen such as DBZ and Bleach (even if some of those long fights do turn out to be quite good sometimes). Also, they are easy enough for anyone to follow. So, all in all, you're actually in for a treat, whenever a fight is about to stir up in YYH.

    Another great feature related to the story, which I wanted to touch upon, was YYH's level of addiction. It doesn't only keep you watching because of its entertainment, but also because of many of its classic and unforgettable cliffhangers. I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into too much detail about them, but I will say that while other anime try this, they usually don't make them feel that interesting, and even if they do, the outcomes feel disappointing, and not really worth waiting an episode or 2 longer to see. With YYH, this is almost never the case, as its cliffhangers are stunning, and its outcomes are very satisfactory, with obvious thought and care put behind making it look brilliant, and feel believable, in terms of the reality of YYH's well designed world. The cliffhangers, most of the time, just create these intense situations, which make you say stuff to yourself along the lines of: "Damn! I really wonder how the hell he's going to get out of that situation!" The bottom line is that you may find that some of these cliffhangers practically just force you to watch the next episode.

    To conclude my take on how good the story is, I'll counter the argument about it being repetitive, by saying that there is really no backing for this claim. Yes, there are multiple villains, some with the same goals, but each one has different motives, and the overall plots and events of the story arcs always feel fresh. In fact, when you think about it, they never really give you the same feeling of anything you may have felt before in an anime, or even in a previous story arc. Its also good to see that the story arcs, passed the 1st season, all have some sort of connection to each other, and don't just feel randomly placed. Its these facts, as well as quite a few more that I don't have the time to explain in just 1 long review, that make the story portion of Yu Yu Hakusho so damn good and enjoyable.

    Now, to touch upon the other major part of the series, which is its amazing cast of characters. This is basically the main thing, for me, which makes Yu Yu Hakusho so entertaining. In addition to criticizing its story, many critics will also attack its "supposedly" cliché characters. While they each do have some clichés (which once again weren't all really cliché features until later on in the world of anime), it is once again absolutely untrue to call them cliché or generic. I'm also not going to bother going into detail about all of the main characters, since I don't have the time or patience, but basically, each one of the main characters, as well as many of the villains, opposing characters, minor characters, and supporting characters, have something likable about them, with the exception of just a few characters, who the viewers are pretty much meant/intended to hate, anyways.

    Take Yusuke for example. In some ways, he may seem like your generic average shounen character, but once you get to know him a little bit more, you will see that he is much more. Unlike your average character, he proves to be a brilliant strategist when he needs to, has a superb sense of humor, even in the deadliest of situations, and knows when to get serious and dramatic at the right moments. Also, unlike other main characters, whenever he gets pissed off, you don't just see him yelling off some lame or cliché lines, and then always charging off at the villain (which he may do sometimes, but a bit differently). Instead, though, he usually goes serious, and says something insulting to the villain, but it is not just a mere insult, but he is truly explaining to them, and making them realize, just how clueless they are themselves, in that while they may be more powerful, they have each made some big mistakes in their lives, and their actions, and Yusuke will point it out to them.

    He also doesn't just blame them, but he blames himself, for his own failures, and right away, he actually learns from his past mistakes (most of the time, anyways). Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama, who are Yusuke's allies, and also part of the cast of main characters, are also great examples, and you can see for yourself just how different they are from your typical shounen characters, despite how generic their roles may seem at first. What's also a great thing to consider, is that you won't get long pointless back stories for all of the characters, but rather, you will get information and flashbacks of each, providing only the information that you really care about, and you won't have a single character's passed dwelled upon for more than a single episode, at the most.

    But, not only do the main characters have depth to them, but so do quite a few of the villains. The best example would be Sensui, who is arguably one of the best, and most well thought out villains of all time (and that means not just in anime). I don't want to spoil anything about him either, but if you pay attention to the details which you learn about him, as well as his personality, you will see that in many ways his motives are understandable, and he's not all evil. In fact, at times, it may be questionable whether he's really a villain (but, of course he is). Its just that the substance of his character, and the reason for his actions, feel so believable in many ways, that you can't just help but consider and think about the factors that made him into the person that he grew up to be.

    At any rate, to sum it all up, the characters are all very well balanced. You will find a good deal of humor in some, a very good amount of depth in others, and none of the main characters or villains will feel exactly like any other character that you have seen before. They are a huge contributing factor to why the series feels so engaging. And, you may find that some of them will just get stuck inside your head, as you keep thinking about them, and the intriguing backgrounds that they come from. Overall, throughout all of the characters, you get just about a little bit of everything, or in some cases, even more.

    Now that the major parts have been explained, I will go onto just a few of the other, smaller factors. If you're looking for top notch animation, you'll be disappointed to see that this anime is rather old, and only had decent animation for the time in which it came out. But, when considering this, then the animation will feel decent, and it does improve a noticeable amount, as the series goes along. The sound quality isn't the best, but some of the sound effects sound nice, and fit very well with the actions of what is going on. One of the things that I really love about the series is its music. It may not sound great to everyone, but that's just opinion and preference, and it would mainly be because of the outdated sound quality. However, for me personally, the music, from the opening and ending credits, to the background music which plays during the show, is great and memorable, is always played at the right moments, and since I really do like all of the YYH music, which all feels so classic to me, in terms of anime style music, it never feels like one tune is ever overused, especially since all of the themes fit the tone and mood of this anime.

    Also, on a side note, I would just like to mention how excellent the English voice acting is in this series. It maintains the personalities and emotions of the characters, and portrays the exact same things that are being said in the original Japanese version, yet it changes the lines around to make things more understandable for English speaking audiences, and with the outstanding voice talent of Justin Cook, along with many other noteworthy voice actors, all of the voices for each and every single character fits as close to perfect as possible, since there really is no such thing as perfect.

    Anyways, to get down to the bare and bottom line of everything, if you are just going to be one of those people that are so close-minded, and just expect YYH to have absolutely no depth or value to it, and go into it watching it with that kind of attitude, then you will actually probably get what you expect. But, it will only be because you won't be concentrating on the factors of the series that really matter, and you will spend most of your time not actually watching, but just thinking of how it feels like a waste of your time, rather than paying attention to the details of what's going on. On the other hand if you are willing to go into watching YYH with an open mind, and are primarily focused on watching a good and entertaining series, with a little bit of everything, for your enjoyment, then you should really get a load of fun out of Yu Yu Hakusho. So, basically, in a way, you decide how much you enjoy the show, and that's really all I have to say about that, and all that I really can say about that.

    Speaking of there not being anything that's perfect, the same goes to YYH, which does have its fair share of flaws, but they are all so minor in comparison to its strengths, that they just don't account for much. Still, I rarely give out a perfect score to a series, but I will give it to the best of the best, which are series that I really feel have earned it, and truly deserve it. And, well, what can I say? Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that truly deserves to have that honor, in my book.
  • One of my favorite shows.

    Yuyu Hakusho is a great anime about a young boy Yusuke Urameshi who dies in the first episode how is that for a plot twist.

    What made this show so great was the balance between the main characters and how they all managed to fit so well together.Everyone had their on strenghts and weaknesses but each time they were faced with any type of challenge they always managed to come out on top.The action was so cool that you never got that feeling that it was overdid or too long or too hard to follow.This show also had A easy to follow story that never got too crazy or out of hand and some very likable characters.

    Yuyu Hakusho is very entertaining anime anyone who is A anime fan should check it out if you watch it you will like it it's that simple.
  • one of my favorite shows ever... Truly a winner

    A very original, clever, funny, and action packed show that really hooked you in and gave you an unique yet superb experience through watching it. I was personally touched by the emotional interactions and growth that the characters go through in the entire series and still sometimes get shivers down my spine when I remember certain key points of the story. Although the series comes to a rather abrupt and disapointing ending (which was brought on not by the writing staff but by outside influences to change the show and catalyzed its conclusion), this show is personally one of my favorites of all time.
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