Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 35

Sakyo's Proposal

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jun 12, 2004 on Fuji TV
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Sakyo's Proposal
Kuwabara's fight with the elder Toguro brother comes to a smashing conclusion, leading into Yusuke's grudge match with the younger Toguro. But before that bout can begin, intrigue at Team Toguro culminates in a shocking proposal from Sakyo and an even more shocking response from Koenma!

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  • Exterminator

    The conclusion of Kuwabara's battle and his (and Yusuke's) coming to terms with the fact that Genkai really is gone... plus, a zombie. And the best weapon in the series.

    Sakyo upping the stakes at the last moment - absolutely brilliant. The glimpse into his backstory is amazing as well, showing just how messed up these people the gang is dealing with really are. That Koenma was willing to rise to the occasion speaks volumes about him as well (and not just his fear of spankings).

    Now let's get on to the fight.moreless
  • Kuwabara defeats the elder Toguro brother. Sakyo, exposing his somewhat sick side, puts his life on the line in a wager to make the last battle of the Tournament on all or nothing affair.moreless

    E. Toguro grabs ahold of the 5 points of Kuwabara's body and slams him into the floor, holding him there. Kuwabara uses his energy to make the hilt rise up, activate the sword and slice him to pieces again. E. Toguro reassembles himself but Kuwabara turns his sword into a flattened 2-D circle and swings it down on E Toguro, totally eliminating him. A 10 minute intermission follows as Sakyo proposes that the the wager for the next fight carry both of the team owners lives, hence making Yusuke vs. Toguro match worth 2 points. The winner would be Tournament champion. During the break Sakyo describes his "too perfect" loving family that he grew up in. He hated his parents and as a teen loved death and causing pain. Gambling led him to money and now to get a thrill he is risking his own life on this match. Before the match starts with both combatants in the ring, E. Toguro seeps out of the cracks and explains that he hid in the ring floor until his near fatal wounds could heal. Talking about Genkai to Yusuke he says she was a wild lover and that he would have wanted to be with her, then called her a wench. Toguro had more than enough and hit him twice and out of the stadium. He announced to Yusuke that they would give it their all and it would be a fair 1 on 1 fight. Yusuke nods...Begin.moreless
  • Exciting.

    Elder Toguro still has the upper hand on Kuwabara. He is about to finish him off but then Kuwabara spots his sword behind him and uses his powers to unleash it. He cuts Toguro into many pieces but Toguro says he could just regenerate again. Kuwabara decides to change his sword to a tennis racket like thing so he could smash Toguro's whole body at once.

    The battle ends with Kuwabara winning. The final match is about to begin but before that Sakyo proposes to offer up his life on this match and make this the last match. Koenma agrees to the same terms. The match is about to start but Elder Toguro comes back and asks his brother to use him as a weapon. But Toguro gets annoyed by him and decides to kill him in order to fight Yusuke on fair terms.

    It was a pretty good episode, with Kuwabara beating the Elder Toguro the way he did. I also liked seeing Younger Toguro get rid of his brother, he was very annoying. Now the final match is about to begin..moreless
  • An annoying brother finally dies.

    Kuwabara is helpless as Toguro pinned him to the floor. Kuwabara though, using his spirit extension sword, grabs his hilt given to him by Suzuka, and slices Toguro again. To ensure that he remains dead, he manipulated the shape of his spirit sword into a tennis racket to hit every single part of his body. Team Urameshi takes a 2-1 lead on Team Toguro. Now it's time for both the captains to battle, but Sakyo proposed a plan. Because he wants to entertain the people, he stakes his life on Toguro, meaning that this match costs 2 points for either team if they win. The tournament committee takes a ten minute break to figure things out. Toguro and Sakyo decide to chat afterwards in the balcony. Shizuru decides to eavesdrop on their conversation. Sakyo then reveals his cruel past and teenage obsessions with death and gambling.

    After ten minutes, the committee has no objections, and goes through with the proposal. Before the grudge match started, Elder Toguro bursted out of the ground, requesting from his younger brother to use him as a weapon. However, annoyed by his presence, he kicks him out of the stadium. While it's not certain he's dead, at least he's out for good (at least until the next arc starts). The fight between Toguro and Kuwabara has been pretty thoroughly unexciting. There was really nothing special about it, except that Kuwabara actually used his brains. But what made this episode credible is Sakyo's past.moreless

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