Yu Yu Hakusho - Season 3

Fuji TV (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Topside
    Episode 28
    Yusuke and team return topside to the waiting arms of their friends. But all is not well. King Yama's soldiers arrive saying that they must destroy Yusuke once and for all. Could this be the end? How much energy does the Spirit Detective have after his exhausting battle with Sensui?
  • Sensui's End
    Sensui's End
    Episode 27
    Yusuke's body has undergone an intense transformation as his dormant demon blood takes hold. As the battle against Sensui concludes, Koenma tells Yusuke that he must choose between Demon World and Living World. Withouth hesitation, Yusuke makes his decision!
  • The Proof
    The Proof
    Episode 26
    After being saved in the nick of time by Puu, Yusuke revels in his new power and resumes his battle with Sensui. Although Yusuke's skill and strength have increased, he is still clumsy with his new abilities. But there is no time to practice as Sensui bears down for the final confrontation.moreless
  • Waking the Lost
    Waking the Lost
    Episode 25
    Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei face Sensui. Meanwhile, King Yama's soldiers arrive at the entrance to the tunnel, their reason for coming stuns Koenma. He tries to stop them from completing their mission, and help soon arrives, though in a very different form. What does this mean for the spirit detective and his team?moreless
  • Attempting Revenge
    Attempting Revenge
    Episode 24
    Too late to save their friend's life, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei unleash their most devastating attacks on Sensui, who retreats within the tunnel. King Yama reveals a dark secret to Botan. What news would cause her to tremble in terror? What does King Yama know about Yusuke that the others do not?moreless
  • Death of a Spirit Detective
    Yusuke comes to terms with the fact that he cannot defeat Sensui. Watching but unable to help, Kuwabara fights off emotion with rage as he remembers all the good times and bad he's had with his best friend. Kuwabara manages to free Kurama and Hiei, but it's too late. Yusuke Urameshi has been destroyed.moreless
  • The True Face of Sensui
    Koenma's tactics have saved Yusuke for now. But mysteriously Yusuke won't allow the Prince of Spirit World to use his pacifier. While they discuss their next move, the terrible gateway between Demon World and Living World opens.
  • Power Between the Teeth
    As Itsuki explains more about the bizarre Sensui, Koenma prepares to use his most powerful weapon: his pacifier! It can create a barrier that would stop the demons from flooding Living World. Koenma knows that Sensui must be stopped or his evil plan will come to fruition dooming the entire human race!moreless
  • The Difference Maker
    As the epic battle between Yusuke and Sensui continues, Yusuke learns that he is no match for the former Spirit Detective. As Sensui prepares the finishing blow, aid comes in a most unexpected package. And what is the truth behind Sensui's unique personalities?
  • Spirit Detective Showdown
    Kurama's anger has sentenced Toguro to an eternity of suffering, forever chasing his foiled revenge. But the tunnel to Demon World is opening. Can Yusuke's team still save the human race? Only a dramatic showdown between the past and present Spirit Detectives will reveal the truth!
  • 12/4/04
    Yusuke and his entourage have made it to Sensui's lair, but their battle to save the human race is just beginning. The opening to the Demon World is widening rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. What's more, an old nemesis reveals his own master plan. His target, Kurama!
  • Game Over
    Episode 17
    Only two hours remain before the tunnel opens unleashing a horde of hungry demons upon the world of the living. Kurama steps forth to battle Gamemaster for the right to move on to Sensui's lair and Yusuke senses that one of them will not make it out alive.
  • 11/20/04
    Yusuke's team has won the first round, but they'll need to win three more to defeat the Game Master and move on to Sensui's lair. The hole to the Demon World is rapidly expanding. Can they make it there in time to prevent the end of the world?
  • Let the Games Begin
    Episode 15
    Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Mitarai enter a cavern controlled by the tricky Gamemaster. Gamemaster's territory can be manipulated into a video game, a game where everyone must play by the rules in order to survive. Yusuke's team must win 4 rounds to move on, but is a victory possible against an adversary who can manipulate the rules?moreless
  • Moving Target
    Episode 14
    Yusuke continues to evade Sniper's dangerous attacks, but the horrible villain may still have a few tricks up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Hiei has finally returned to his former teammates to join in their crusade, but will that be enough to free Kuwabara before Gourmet can consume his power, and tear the Kekkai Barrier to shreds?moreless
  • The Human Race
    Episode 13
    As Yusuke continues his chase of Sensui, the unbelievable Sniper confronts Yusuke. Genkai and the rest of the team follow, but can Yusuke escape Sniper's endless barrage, reach Sensui and save Kuwabara...not to mention, the entire human race?
  • Divide and Conquer
    Episode 12
  • Sensui's Fall
    Episode 11
    Koenma tells the story of Sensui and how he became the way he is now, and his experience seeing the horrible doings of the Black Black club. Soon Yusuke and the crew discover that Sensui had bugged Seaman, tracking them back to their apartment. Sniper starts to attack, and Sensui's plan begins to unfold, all leading up to a confrontation between Sensui and Yusuke. Can Yusuke defeat the former spirit detective?moreless
  • Kuwabara: Awakening
    Episode 10
    Kuwabara is continuing to get the crap beaten out of him by Mitari, or Seaman's, monster. Mitari is confused why Kuwabara is not running for his life and Kuwabara says because he wants to save his friends. (whose names all escape me)Mitari gets frustrated and begins to store Kuwabara's friends inside the monster, so they will drown. Next, the monster captures Kuwabara inside of him, so Kuwabara just starts punching, hoping that he can destroy the monster. As Kuwabara is punching, Mitari suddenly get's a cut on his cheek. Mitari is shocked, but the he realizes that Kuwabara is the one Sensui has been looking for, a person who can break dimentional walls, including the kikai barrier! Kuwabara finally gets his spirit energy back and uses his new dimention sword to slice the heck out of the monster and Mitari. Mitari is barely alive and he thinks Kuwabara will kill him. But insted, Kuwabara drags all 4 of them to Yusuke's apartment, then he passes out. Mitari wakes up all bandaged up and in Yusuke's bed. (which Yusuke highly disapproved of)The group asks Mitari to tell them about the seven. (which is now the five) He tells them about the chapter black, and evil video which has all the best clips of humanity's evilness, it turned him to the dark side. Kurama then tells them about his theroy that Koenma knows who the mastermind behind the tunnel is. Yusuke wastes no time as he yells at Koenma, trying to get info out of him. Koenma gives in and tells them the name: Shinobu Sensui. But he is not finished as he tells them a surprising thing: Sensui was a former spirit detective!moreless
  • Caught in the Rain
    Episode 9
    As Sensui's plan continues, and Kuwabara and his friends attend a rock concert. However, they are ambushed by Sensui's next minion: Seaman, a person with the ability to create monsters out of water. With his friends held hostage, Kuwabara must battle Seaman alone to save them...
  • 9/18/04
    Searching Mushiyori City, Yusuke's team was quickly steered to the hospital, where a trap awaited. There they encounter the Doctor, a human with immense psychic powers, super strength, feels no pain, and has infected the entire hospital with a deadly virus. To save his friends, will Yusuke be forced to destroy the wretched creature?moreless
  • 9/11/04
    Somewhere in Mushiyori City, a psychic is forging a tunnel between the Demon and Human worlds. Yusuke has recruited Murota, a mind-reading human. But while trying to weed out the enemies by their thoughts, Murota was shot -- and the criminal mastermind made his introduction. The heroes have taken Murota to the hospital, where new danger awaits.moreless
  • The Reader
    Episode 6
    The Spirit Detective's best chance to uncover the truth behind the tunnel lies with the mind reader, Murota. But mere hours after entering Mushiyori City, Yusuke and team find themselves being hunted by an unseen evil. Just who are Black Angel, Gate Keeper, Sniper, Gourmet, Game Master, Doctor, and Sea Man? And what could their connection be to the tunnel to demon World?moreless
  • The Tunnel
    Episode 5
    A tunnel is being carved between the Living World and the Demon World that if completed would usher in such darkness and chaos that the world might never recover. In a bold move, the despicable Sensui begins his search for the person that will finally allow him to complete the tunnel.moreless
  • Genkai's Ruse
    Episode 4
    Kuwabara and the gang finally reach the room where Yusuke is being held captive. But Kido has one final game to play with the Spirit Detective. One of his friends is in fact an imposter, and Yusuke has only minutes to determine which one it is! With his decision made, Yusuke attacks!moreless
  • The Power of Taboo
    Episode 3
    The stakes are higher as Hiei, Botan, and Kuwabara all fall prey to the mysterious powers of Taboo. Kurama, trying to end the game as soon as possible, issues a challenge. With his own soul on the line, Kurama begins a battle of wits with the genius, Kaitou.
  • Setting the Trap
    Episode 2
    After much convincing, Hiei joins Kuwabara's crusade to save his kidnapped comrade. Upon reaching the mysterious Rokurokubi Estates, the three discover Kaito, who quickly explains the rules of his territory. Can Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei be of any use in a place where any form of violence is strictly prohibited.
  • Return to the Living World
    Despite his stunning victory at the Dark Tournament, Yusuke Urameshi learns firsthand that there are others wishing to challenge him. Yusuke makes the first mistake by underestimating the strengths of these new adversaries. With his best friend kidnapped, Kuwabara must round up the old gang in order to stage a rescue attempt...or suffer the consequences!moreless