Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 1

Surprised To Be Dead

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Feb 23, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Surprised To Be Dead
After what he would consider a normal day of skipping school, Yusuke Urameshi is hit by a car, saving a little boy's life in the process. He has just set into motion a large cycle of events that will set his life into a whirlwind of chaos. Upon meeting the sprightly pink-robed mystical being Botan, who claims she is the Grim Reaper, she makes him an offer to restore himself back to life. Yusuke initially refuses, but after going to his wake, and seeing his few family and friends grieving for him, Yusuke makes the decision to go through with the ordeal.moreless

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  • hero dying the first episode?

    A traffic accident leaves 14-year-old independent street tough Yusuke Yurameshi dead. His ghost watches the scene and recalls events leading up to his death. As he accepts his situation, Boton the Grim Reaper shows up, but her pink robes, baby blue hair and cheerfully chatty nature are not what Yusuke would've expected.
  • Actually, the first time I watch this episode I didn't like the art much, especially for the character art. They're no good as well and too childish. But the story is still good and makes me wanna sad when I saw Yusuke is dead.moreless

    Well, this my first experience I saw Yu Yu Hakusho. When I saw it once, I think It's going be good anime which the art isn't good enough for the first time. I'm really proud with Yusuke. althrough he's so delinquent, naughty, tough boy, actually he has big sacrifice for other people lifes in danger, which his life is a wager. Maybe this is my 1st reason I love him as my fav. character. Maybe I didn't like his personality once I saw him, but he's giving us an important lesson to care about other people fate. But, we may not look at his bad sites, it'll disadvantage us.moreless
  • A very interesting and great starting to a series. It was an cool way to show the main characters of the story.

    When the character dies in the first minute of the series, you know that it is going to be different from most shows, which it was. Then the rest of the episode was a flashback of how the day went. I remember that it was a teenage show that was on late at night, like midnight, which was probably the only set back. The plot isn't given away just yet, that he is going to be a spirit detective. Yusuke has just died and he is trying to come back to life. It is a good way to hook the audience in. Who wouldn't want to know how he comes back to life or what happens next. I'm glad I did because this was a great anime.moreless
  • The first in a great series

    This is the first in a great series. I really liked this episode. It showed what the character's are all about. Yusuke the main character dies in the first 30 seconds of the episode. we learn the Yusuke hates school and that those there don't like him. and that yusuke and his rival Kuwabara fight often and Kuwabara loses 100% of the time. later he saves a boys life at the coast of his own but it was pointless as the boy was going to live anyway. then we see yusukes wake and that he wants to come back now. all and all you'll like this if you like anime and even if you don't you might like it.moreless
  • And so it goes.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is unique in my opinion. This first episode shows its innovation in managing to kill off the main character in the very first minute of the series. Yusuke's character is solidly established and compared to other large roles introduced. He's bad, but he's ultimately got good intentions. It's one of the few times that the series demands that you can't judge a person based on their appearance. This episode also brings up the question of whether or not human beings deserve to live as they do, when they're so horrible. Yusuke himself is caught between Paradise and Hell, though, suggesting that the random acts of kindness in the world are the only thing that keep us going.

    I give this first episode a 9/10.moreless
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Brice Armstrong


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • For reasons not officially told, Keiko's name was changed to Kayko for the English version. This might be so her name would seem easier to pronounce.

    • When this episode aired on Toonami, two scenes on the rooftop were cut out; when Yusuke pulls up Kayko's skirt and reveals her undergarment, and when Yusuke is smoking a cigarette.

    • Kuwabara lost his 156th fight in a row against Yusuke in this episode.

    • When Kayko's friend tells her that Yusuke can whistle to call 2000 men, Kayko replies saying that Yusuke can't whistle. However, after Yusuke beats up Kuwabara, he walks away whistling.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Mr. Takanaka: What do you suppose is more disgraceful: That boy shouting in misery or your insensitive and idiotic words?

    • Kuwabara: Who do you think you are, huh? Dirty punk! Who'm I gonna fight now? Who'm I gonna fight?

    • Yusuke: Hey Kuwabara, you're conscious, I'm not used to that.
      Kuwabara: (grabs Yusuke by the shirt) That was a cheap shot last time and I was only knocked out for a little bit, okay!? Now I'm back, and I'm gonna beat your face up so bad even kittens won't look at ya!

    • Narrator: And so it all begins. This boy's name is Yusuke. He's fourteen years old, and is supposed to be the hero of this story. But oddly enough... he's dead.

    • Yusuke: So that's it? I'm road kill.

    • Mr. Takanaka: I've been calling for you all morning on the loud speaker.
      Yusuke: Didn't hear it, guess it musn't be so loud after all.

    • Yusuke: You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid.

    • Yusuke: (flips her skirt up briefly) Nice uniform!
      (Kayko slaps Yusuke extremely hard on the face)
      Kayko: Yusuke! You goon! People like you should be thrown on the streets!
      (Yusuke dazes his way downstairs)
      Kayko: (mildly red) Dumb boy! Hasn't grown a bit since he was four years old!

    • Yusuke: Today did start off weird. I went to school...

    • Yusuke: Hey, nice skirt.
      Kayko: All the girls have to wear these. Just like all the boys have to wear blue jumpsuits, which I noticed you're not!
      Yusuke: Aww, give me a break, Kayko. I look better in green.

    • Kayko: He just wants you to think he's dangerous. On the inside, he's more like a lamb.

    • Kayko's Friend: If you cross him he'll whistle for 2000 bad guys with guns!
      Kayko: Yusuke doesn't even know how to whistle!

  • NOTES (8)

    • Additional Crew
      Shikichi Ohashi is credited as the Scriptwriter. It is unknown whether he is the same person as Yoshiyuki Ohashi.
      Crew Notes
      Evan O'Connor Jones is credited as Evan O'Conner Jones.
      Zach Bolton is credited as Zach Bolten.

    • Character Notes
      The name of the soccer ball kid who ran into the street is Masaru.
      Akashi-sensei is the teacher with the buck teeth.
      Iwamoto is the other bad teacher with the glasses.
      Kuwabara's three friends are: Okubo, Miyamoto/Kirishima, and Komada/Sawamura.

    • (Differences in the Manga)
      1: When Kayko was talking about Yusuke, one of her friends claims that people in high schools and colleges are all after his life.
      2: Yusuke makes his escape from Takanaka by using a stuffed doll dressed in his school uniform, not with a fake ear.
      3: Yusuke's mother tells him of how she had to give up paying for her school fees for him when she was fourteen years old.
      4: Right before his fight with Kuwabara, the shop owners didn't scatter, but rather blocked the entrances to their stores.
      5: Yusuke never says anything about the western Grim Reaper, but Botan does.
      6: After Botan explains to Yusuke about why he needn't have died saving the little boy from the oncoming car, he doesn't fall, but instead threatened to hit her.
      7: We learn from the manga the name of the little boy that Yusuke saved, his name is Masaru.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapter 1 in volume 1 of the manga.

    • In the manga, the boys that lied about Yusuke being their cousin are actually forced to give Yusuke their money. Yusuke doesn't get in trouble for that either, he instead gets in trouble for the cigarette his teacher found on the ground.

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on October 10th, 1992.

    • In the manga, Kuwabara does not cry at Yusuke's wake.

    • Japanese title: 死んだらオドロいた
      Romaji title: Shindara Odoroita