Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 25

Suzuka's Challenge

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 12, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Suzuka's Challenge
In the last match against Team Uraotogi, Genkai overwhelmed Suzuka, an old demon with many tricks and specialties, but little strength. Meanwhile, Yusuke recovers from the torturous absorption of Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb, which promises to give him unfathomable power. Yusuke's team has claimed their spot in the Dark Tournament's final round. Now Team Toguro must try to do the same.moreless

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  • Utsukushi Sugite

    Oh, Suzuka. You're one of my favorite characters to hate.

    We discover Onji is actually a fruitcake in disguise (after Kuwabara earns a second trip through the _____ of No Return) and Genkai steps up to take him out. Suzuka is built up enough that when he's finally brought down, there's literally a sigh of relief and pleasure from the audience. It's the writers giving the viewer something to be thankful for.

    And boy, am I.moreless
  • The clown gets beat down!

    The fight between Genkai and Sazuka is about to come to a close.

    Onji reveals himself to be a much younger and stronger fighter. However, he is dressed in a full clown costume with makeup to match.

    Genkai quickly deals with this inferior fighter and easily over whelms him with her speed and strength. She swiftly dodges all of his attacks and then she deals a humiliating final blow. Genkai does all of this without using any of her spirit energy.

    This is a pretty good episode and shows that Genkai can still fight even thought she has lost a majority of her power.moreless
  • A semi serious episode to end this stage of the Dark Tourney. Yusuke's friends come through for him.

    Onji (old guy) easily disposes of Kuwabara with his dimensional bubble, just like what Shishi's the Cape of no Return did. Genkai was chosen next by the die and before the battle commenced announced to everyone that Onji was wearing a disguise. Found out, he soon revealed himself as Suzuka, a clown. After boasting his greatness for awhile and sending a blast into the crowd the battle began. Suzuka began with a rainbow looking blast that seemed to hit Genkai dead on. But when the dust settled it was realized that she had stolen Suzuka's nose and was completely unharmed. She then told Suzuka that his own strength was in fact quite weak, weaker than Shishi, and hid behind his outer expressions. She quickly gave him a physical pounding without using any spirit energy and Team Yurameshi was onto the finals. Three low level demons came across Yusuke and Kekko but Toya, Gin & Chu and Renku drove them away easily. After a good laugh, they departed.moreless
  • Suzuka the clown..............

    This episode is about Genkai fight Suzuka..... and beating him easily.....

    The episode begins with Suzuka revealing his true self. He demands respect from the crowd, killing the for no particular reason. Genkai aknowledges his great spirit energy, but says his physical strength is bad. Genkai apears to be hurt when Suzuka blasts her, but in truth, she took his clown nose. She then beats Suzuka, easily. Now that Genkai has won her match and put her team in the finals, she must confront Toguro. This was a pretty good episode despite some silly parts, but that's a part of YYH's charm anyways..... This leads up to a pretty good episode.moreless
  • Clown's are annoying.

    Kuwabara goes up against the old man, but loses the same way he did against Shishiwakamaru; through a dimension warp. The old man and Genkai are the two combatants for the next match. Though after making a joke of the battle of the geezers, Genkai exploits the other old man's true identity as Suzuka, some joker guy with a ton of tricks and disguises. After overrating his stature, he gets his ass kicked by Genkai, and the episode ends with Toguro exchanging words with the old psychic. Yep, that's how the episode went. It was far from entertaining because they made it seem like The old man being Suzuka was a plot twist, which really wasn't. And that stupid clown was annoying as hell. The reason why I rated it as a 7 instead of a 6 is because I was so happy to see him get his ass kicked. Plus, Kuwabara loses yet another battle.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the Japanese version, Suzuka's name is Suzuki. Suzuki's name was changed to Suzuka in the English version. This change was possibly made so people would not confuse the name with the automobile company.

    • Look closely, when Koto was talking about the way Suzuka knocked Genkai right into the wall, the demon behind her, which was killed by Suzuka's ace of spades some time earlier, can be seen with a glowing ring around his head. Assuming he's now dead, and has become an angel.

    • When Genkai rips off Suzuka's red clown nose, you see his regular nose with white makeup on, but when we see him shortly after that, his nose does not have any makeup. Then later when he is using one of his techniques, he has the white makeup on his nose again.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Younger Toguro: Greetings old friend, I have to talk to you soon.
      Genkai: I know you do.

    • Juri: So um, you think you might be ready?
      Genkai: Yes, let's shut this jerk up.

    • Hiei: I don't get what's so funny.
      Kurama: I thought clowns made everybody else laugh.

    • Genkai: (to Suzuka) Fruitcake!
      Hiei: This idiot makes Kuwabara seem smart.
      Kurama: I admit, I'm embarrassed listening to him.
      Koenma: If he's not the joker, I don't know who is.

    • (When Kuwabara walks into Onji's black orb)
      Kurama: I can't believe he walked right into that trap on his own.
      Hiei: He is a first class fool.
      Genkai: Agreed. A fool and a moron.

    • Genkai: Let me tell you what your problem is, Suzuka.
      Suzuka: Excuse me?
      Genkai: Admittedly you have talent, you helped scrounge up a team of third rate demons and found weapons suiting them well enough to get them to the semi-finals. You know more about arsenals and techniques than anyone I've met, but like a true idiot you forgot all about your strength. You're nothing but a surface, a souped up car without an engine to move it, you're even weaker than your front man.

    • Chu: Look at him passed out, he looks like a sleeping Jr. Hikey. (pokes Yusuke)
      Yusuke: Ow, Keiko, that hurt, you lousy...
      Keiko: Uh, Yusuke?
      Yusuke: Stop treating me like a baby all the time, I'm not a kid any more...

    • Kuwabara: (about Onji) I'm glad I left the girls outside, and Yukina's not here to see this.
      Yukina: Go Kuwabara! You can do it!
      Shizuru: You can't just wait for him to die of old age, bro!
      Botan: You don't want to lose and disappoint Yukina, do you?
      Yukina: But why would I be disappointed if he lost a fight?
      Botan: Oh, no sweetie, it's not true. That's just what we call motivation, you see.

    • Chu: (about Yusuke) Why, he's seems to have gotten a might stronger.
      Rinku: A might? How much is a might?
      Chu: If I win another round with him, I might actually have to try.
      Rinku: I would say you tried pretty hard before.
      (Chu smashes his fist on Rinku's head)
      Chu: Shut yer flapper!

    • Onji: So it's the unmasked warrior's turn to meet her doom. Isn't this a riot, the battle of the elderly.
      Genkai: Why don't you drop your tired act and lose the disguise, you won't be fooling anyone else with that crappy mask.
      Onji: Hmm?
      Kurama: Disguise?!
      Genkai: I don't know who you are but you're no old man, and in case you haven't noticed I'm not the kind of person who will underestimate you based on false age.

    • Kurama: It took all of us working as a team to make it this far.
      Hiei: (referring to Kuwabara) Not him!
      Kuwabara: I fought just as many fights as you did!
      Hiei: And lost them both!

    • Koto: An exciting turn, Onji's let Kuwabara inside a big ball, and he can't break free! Who knows what's planned for this boy in a bubble!

    • Yusuke: Careful Grandma, this guy's got a couple of aces...
      Keiko: Huh? You talk pretty clearly in your sleep, Yusuke. Careful, or you might tell me something you don't want to.
      Puu: Poo!
      Keiko: (to Puu) Course I could always weasel it out of you.

    • Yukina: I had a kick out of watching you fight, Kazuma.
      Kuwabara: Why, thank you, Yukina. It's nice to see someone appreciates my strategy. See, there was no one worth wasting my energy on, so I had the bad guys reveal their weaknesses, so Genkai could knock 'em down.
      Shizuru: More like you made a big mess and Genkai cleaned up after you, like someone always does.
      Kuwabara: Hey, that stung! You take that back sis!
      Shizuru: Just the truth bro.
      Kuwabara: Well, no one cares!
      Hiei: Actually, I'd like to hear it.
      Kuwabara: Stay out of this shorty!
      Botan: Now children, behave.

    • Kurama: Kuwabara!
      Hiei: And only five hundred seconds too late to matter.
      Kuwabara: Hey, where's that guy I was fighting? I wasn't done yet.
      Hiei: So which is more humiliating, losing to an old man or to a clown?
      Kuwabara: A clown, definitely worse to a clown.

    • Koenma: Hmm, this isn't good.
      Blue Ogre: I don't know, Sir, couldn't you put the seven of spades on the eight of hearts, and move the ace on top?
      Koenma: I'm not playing solitaire you moron! I'm fortune telling to see who will win this match. But, I keep drawing the joker, and I have no idea what that could mean.
      Blue Ogre: Maybe you should enjoy life more, Sir?
      Koenma: I don't think that's it.

    • Koenma: (about Suzuka) Why, I like the way this cracked walnut thinks.
      Ogre: But he's nuts, Sir!
      Koenma: Ah, who's to say who's nuts these days. From now on, you will only address me as Pretty Koenma, understand?
      Ogre: Uh?
      Koenma: I think pretty really brings out the sparkle in my eyes.
      Ogre: And I just finished telling Mother my job couldn't get worse.

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