Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 14

The Beasts of Maze Castle

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 25, 2002 on Fuji TV
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The Beasts of Maze Castle
Yusuke returns from several months of training with the renowned psychic, Genkai. Unfortunately for him, now isn't the time to relax. Small demons called Makai Insects are invading the city. The beginning of an evil scheme to flood the planet with demons. Yusuke must go to a demon city and defeat the four Saint Beasts in order to save the people of the living world. Luckily, he doesn't have to do it alone, he has Kuwabara by his side, along with a couple unexpected new allies...moreless

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  • Welcome Back

    A huge welcome back to Hiei and Kurama and we've got the gang together.

    This episode is equal parts human world and demon world, the last of the realistic anchor before heading into the bigger cases with the bigger baddies and the tougher fights. The character interaction is brilliant and the conflict is more or less believable. The dialogue is witty and enjoyable - all the right components for a wonderful episode.

    And of course, the cliffhanger of immanent peril.moreless
  • The begining of one of my favorite mini arcs......

    This episode is about a new case that Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama go on.

    The episode starts with yusuke returning from Genkai's training. He meets up with Kuwabara and keiko to go to the movies. But when Yusuke notices suspicious people following them, he takes them to an alley to fight. Yusuke and Kuwabara make quik work of them, and Yusuke's new attack is introduced: the Shot Gun. Botan then shows up and then informs Yusuke of his new assignment. kuwabara volenteers to help, so they both go to Maze castle, where the problem is coming from. Along with Kuwabara, Hiei and kurama are dispached to help. The episode ends at the gate of betrayal. Will Hiei make the right choice and save the others? Or let them be crushed by the gate of betrayal.

    This is a pretty good episode. I rtecomend it to all YYH fans.moreless
  • The start of a great arc.

    With Yusuke becoming the new student of the psychic Genkai, he begins his training for six whole months. His excercises are brutal, which nearly kills him. But six months later, he became a new person, strength wise. Keiko is glad to see Yusuke returning, and so does Kuwabara. They go to the movies, when Yusuke notices they're being followed. A group of pale high school students corner them in an alley, and fight them with knives. Yusuke reveals his new technique, the shotgun! Several spirit gun bullets are shot randomly everywhere, which seems to be great for this type of situation. Botan tells them that the four Saint Beasts are behind this attack. They've released these insects that control the minds of humans, which influences them to cause carnage. These students were a victim to this attack. The four Saint Beasts are responsible for this, which Yusuke was sent to take care of. Kuwabara joins in, as well as Heia and Kurama whom they met upon arriving.

    It seems rather sudden; six months flash by with only a couple of clips of Yusuke doing some training with Genkai. Well, we do se how he got stronger, and how much he endured for six months. But there could have been a little more footage, at least that's what I think. Oh well, this episode is the start of a great arc that sets Yu Yu Hakusho in course. Even though it's one of the shortest arcs in the anime, it's still one of my favourites.moreless
Mika Soumi

Mika Soumi

Atsuko(Japanese Version)

Guest Star

Andrew Chandler

Andrew Chandler


Guest Star

Takeshi Watanabe

Takeshi Watanabe

Byakko(Japanese Version)

Guest Star

Kent Williams

Kent Williams

Narrator and George

Recurring Role

Tomomichi Nishimura

Tomomichi Nishimura

Narrator and George(Japanese)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There is a difference in the story between the English and Japanese versions. In the English version, Yusuke had been training under Genkai for six months, trying to master the Spirit Wave. In the Japanese version, Yusuke trained under Genkai for only one month, covering the basics of the Reikouhadou-ken fighting style.

    • (Yusuke's new attack)
      Spirit Shotgun: Firing multiple Spirit Guns at one time.

    • For the first time in the series, Kuwabara says Yusuke's first name.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (after Botan knocks out a demon)
      Kuwabara: So, what is he?
      Yusuke: He looks like he grew up too close to a nuclear plant.
      Botan: I'm quite certain he's a spy from the place you'll be going as your next mission.
      Yusuke: Okay Botan, you can stop right there! I got back from Gramma's evil boot camp today, and I deserve a vacation. Why don't you call back in two years!

    • Kuwabara: Well I don't have a clue what's going on, but it sure is nice to have a helping hand.
      Hiei: Helping is not the right word.
      Kuwabara: Hmm?
      Hiei: Koenma may regard us as equals, but I do not. Once inside the castle I suggest you let us do the work. As far as I'm concerned, we're babysitting.
      Kuwabara: Listen you puny jerkface, I'm gonna have to beat you up if you keep talking down to us that way!
      Hiei: Let's avoid fighting, you're not worth it.
      Kuwabara: Oh that's it! (tries to punch Hiei, he swiftly dodges by stepping forward, and Kuwabara falls to the ground)
      Hiei: (looking at Yusuke) But you, Detective, are a different story. I plan to take my revenge on you, so consider this fair warning.
      Kuwabara: Oh, you wanna ignore me huh?!

    • Kuwabara: So what things do you wanna buy with just guys, huh? What you need some itching cream or something? (chuckles)
      Yusuke: Shut up. I'm not buying stuff.

    • (Yusuke and Kuwabara are fighting demons called Fugaki)
      Kuwabara: Urameshi, there's too many of 'em! And I'm not sure but I think they wanna eat me!
      Yusuke: I'm coming! (numerous fugaki jump on him) This is gonna be pretty lame if we get killed before we reach the stupid castle!

    • Kuwabara: Look, I'm not dumb, or blind. (catches a Makai insect) We all know I can see supernatural stuff a whole lot better than Yusuke, and I'm not gonna sit around my house while Yusuke doesn't see things and lets big monsters and insects take over my city. 'Cause I'm Kuwabara and in case you guys forgot, I've got a sword!

  • NOTES (5)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: Yusuke hadn't been gone for six months.
      2: When they were talking, Kuwabara and Yusuke where walking, not sitting.
      3: Yusuke claims that he slept on needles, not in a pit of snakes.
      4: There was never anything about Yusuke, Keiko, and Kuwabara going to the movies.
      5: Yusuke only attacked once using his new skill. The attackers didn't get back up.
      6: Yusuke didn't backtalk to Botan, he just let her talk.
      7: We are only told of the events leading up to the Four Saint Beasts. Nothing was shown in real time.
      8: Kuwabara's speech wasn't as long.
      9: There's no showing of how Yusuke and Kuwabara got into Maze city.
      10: When Kurama and Hiei appeared Yusuke and Kuwabara hadn't been attacked.
      11: Kurama and Hiei's entrance wasn't as flashy. They simply were in hoods and struck from behind.
      12: Though they exchanged words, nothing physical happened between Kuwabara and Hiei.
      13: Hiei didn't make any threats to Yusuke, though he did have thoughts of thievery.
      14: There wasn't any stalling in front of the entrance.

    • This episode is based on the events in chapters 33 and 34 from volume 4 of the manga.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on January 16th, 1993.

    • In the manga, Hiei, Kurama, and the Four Saint Beasts are on a first name basis.

    • Japanese title: 迷宮城の四聖獣! 霊界への挑戦
      Romaji title: Meikyū shiro no Shiseijū! Reikai e no chōsen
      Translated title: The Four Holy Beasts in the Labyrinthine Castle! A Challenge to the Spiritual Realm


    • The Four Saint Beasts: These characters share the same names as the Four Symbols. The Four Symbols are mythological creatures in the Chinese Constellations. Each creature represents a season and a direction. Genbu; the Black Tortoise, represents Winter and the North. Byakko; the White Tiger, represents Autumn and the West. Seiryuu; the Azure Dragon, represents Spring and the East. Suzaku; the Vermilion Bird, represents Summer and the South.