Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 24

The Deadly Triad

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 04, 2003 on Fuji TV



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    • (Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Botan are running.)
      Kuwabara: I've got a definite lock on her now! And I don't care if she wants us to or not. (running down stairs) We're saving my love. Hurry!
      Yusuke: Ooh, a basement!

    • Goukomanki: The name's Goukomanki, third member of the Triad.
      Yusuke: I'll write that on your gravestone.

    • Kuwabara: You just tore up The Great Fighting Headband of Love! You're dead!

    • Yusuke: If you're going to be a man, then do it all the way, not half way!

    • Kuwabara: Hey Urameshi, what would you have done if it was really a woman?
      Yusuke: I would have enjoyed it.
      Kuwabara: Hee, that would make a good story to tell Kayko.
      Yusuke: You better not tell Kayko!

    • Kuwabara: (to Yusuke, who is fighting Miyuki) Ah! Urameshi! How can you keep hitting a girl like that? I mean, you even hit her in the ta-tas!

  • Notes

    • Since Botan did not accompany Yusuke and Kuwabara to Tarukane's mansion in the manga, Gokumonki was not as strong in the manga when compared to the anime, and was seen being taken down in one hit.

    • In the Japanese dub, Sakyou bets 72 trillion, 350 billion yen.
      In the English dub, Sakyou bets 66 trillion, 200 billion yen.

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on March 27th, 1993.

    • The following scene was cut from the edited version; Yusuke explaining that the female Triad member Miyuki is actually a man and confirmed it when he checked Miyukis "Lower Region" and Kuwabara attempts to confirm if it is true only for Botan to smack him on the head with her oar.

    • In the edited version, Sakyo's cigarette was removed and replaced with a writing pen.

    • Japanese title: 恐ろしき強敵! 三鬼衆
      Romaji title: Osoroshiki kyōteki! Sankishū
      Translated title: Terrifyingly Mighty Foes! The Sankishu

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