Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 27

The Death of Genkai

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 14, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

The Death of Genkai
Fifty years ago, Genkai and Toguro were actually teammates who fought and won their own Dark Tournament, before becoming violently estranged. Yusuke Urameshi arrived just in time to see his teacher slain, and assaulted Toguro in a rage, only to be knocked away by one devastating blow. With the final round of the tournament soon to begin against Toguro, Yusuke must find a way to keep that from happening again.moreless

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  • One Piece Remains

    Inevitable. Poignant. Touching.

    There's just the right mix of all the characters in this to make it truly touching, in my opinion. It's something that had to happen (especially considering that Yusuke gets stronger after friends get hurt) and it was executed in a beautiful manner.

    There's just the right mix of new footage interspersed with the flashbacks and memories. It's not overly-sentimental (though it borders on it) and gives an accurate portrayal of what Yusuke thinks and feels about Genkai, which is something I think is important to the viewer.

    One of my favorites.moreless
  • Genkai is gone.... Yusuke vows his revenge on Toguro.

    The battle between Genkai and Toguro begins. Genkai has three blasts left in her and Toguro goes to 80%. During the battle it's revealed that Toguro was once human and he and Genkai were a team, seeking to be the strongest. 50 years ago they won the Dark Tournament and Toguro asked the committee for the body of an apparation that would hardly age and would stay strong forever. Genkai disagreed and they parted ways. Here now, Toguro takes a shot to the arm and Genkai blows a chunk away. But he quickly regenerates it. He stops both of her next attacks with his hand & punches a hole through Genkai. Yusuke arrives a second too late, and then virtually teleports over to Genkai. She tells him that he cannot fight time and that every action he makes affects those who care about him. You have to..... Toguro also invited Genkai to the Dark tourney, that is how she was there at the boat.moreless
  • An excellent turning point in the entire series! This episode features Genkai's flashbacks. Her younger years are revealed and it showed that both she and Toguro used to know one another. When Genkai passes on, Yusuke is in shock to hear about his teachermoreless

    This episode is incredibly great. It surely brought me at the edge of my couch. When I watched this, it made me understand what the character Genkai was capable of. I don't really cry that much, since I'm a guy. Anyway, this also revealed not just Genkai's younger years, but it brought out the sorrow within some of the characters such as Botan crying and Yusuke in grief (nothing compared to previous episodes).moreless
  • Sad episode, but the title kind of took a lot away.

    The unofficial match of the Finals begins with two former teammates fighting each other; Genkai and the younger Toguro brother. Their past starts shimmering before their eyes as they throw punches and energy blasts at each other. It shows them defeating various demons and winning the Dark Tournament 50 years earlier; the turning point of the relationship. It seems like Genkai was fully aware of what she was getting into after hearing Yusuke was forced to enter, knowing there's a good chance of her dying. Toguro then used 80% of his power after Genkai blew a big hole in his big bicep. Skin overlap each other and muscles are desperately trying to find a place on Toguro's body. Only four people have seen this form, including her. The battle was futile afterwards as Toguro punched a hole in the old woman's stomach. Yusuke arrives too late.

    I was actually expecting a lot more from this episode. Everything was done right; a nice amount of flashbacks helped set the mood; the music complimented those scenes; the dramatic fight helped emphasized the atmosphere, but the actual death wasn't really dramatic. She lived too long me thinks. She should have said like 2 words, and then that's it. Though it's not like I don't like her or anything; I just felt that scene could have been much better. Plus we get to see Toguro's more sadistic side.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the Japanese version, it is revealed that the two people who invite Genkai to the tournament are in fact the other two members of the team that Genkai fought in during the tournament that took place fifty years earlier.

    • This episode reveals how Younger Toguro became a demon.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Younger Toguro: This is your final moment, Genkai. I hope you're at least happy with the way you wasted your life.
      Genkai: Only one regret, Toguro. Despite all the abilities my Spirit Wave afforded me, it never gave me the power to do the one thing I hoped it could from my first hour of seclusion. (switches to her younger voice) One day I'm going to help you, Toguro. I'm going to come back and heal you from your madness.

    • Younger Toguro: (in a flashback) I can't help but think that our human lives are nothing but a cruel joke. You're just long enough to know what we want, then it erodes.

    • Genkai: (thinking, to Toguro) What a silly little girl I was, thinking you would change. I should have known how you would turn out. You had it written in ugly black letters all across your soul.

    • Shizuru: That's a bad sign. He's mumbling and walking backwards.
      Kuwabara: Huh? Yukina! Hey, you brought your three servants with...OW! (Shizuru bashed Kuwabara on the head)
      Shizuru: For a joke to get old, it has to be funny in the first place, baby bro.

    • Toguro: (to Genkai about the demons) It's because you gave up a chance to be truly great.

    • Genkai: Damn it Yusuke, listen to me! Everyone has to fight with time to find their place before their inevitable death. Toguro… He ran away from that fight. Don't you ever do the same… No human is ever a one-man show. Every… decision that you make will affect the countless people who care about you. Do you understand? You can't be a… cocky kid anymore… You… have… to…

    • Toguro: (to Genkai) You will die! Face it, you're dead already!

    • Genkai: I can't bear to look at you anymore, you who sold your soul just to hold on to your youth and strength!

    • Genkai: It must've been a sad existence, after you made your decision and had started your glorious new life. What did you think about when you couldn't fall asleep? Because I know that it happened. Tell me, what went through your head?
      Toguro: For a very long time, I only thought of you, Genkai. A major reason why you have to die.

  • NOTES (2)