Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 13

The Demon World Tournament Begins

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Feb 25, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • Some rather unexpected things.

    Takoshin, the stretchy bald monk guy that served Raizen, and Shishiwakamaru, battle each other in the first round. After a glorious battle, Shishi gives in. Chuu tells Yusuke that Suzuka was no match in his battle, and was forced to easily give up. Jin is up next, fighting against one of Raizen's former friends. It was a one sided fight the entire time, but Jin stubbornly continued to battle. He eventually loss, but his opponent helped him out of the ring. Taiyou is up next, battling against the twin brother of the one that Chuu loves. It seems like Taiyou has everything in the bag, though his foe proved to be way too strong, destroying the ice surrounding them. Taiyou lost due to exhaustion. Now, it's Kurama's turn.

    Some pretty good fights in this episode, especially Taiyou's, though Jin's wasn't really anything spectacular. While Shishikamaru and Takoshin's were only shown for like twenty seconds, what was shown was excellent. Too bad they didn't air more of the same stuff. It's kind of disappointing to not see Suzuka fight, since I'd love to see more of his rainbow emitting powers.