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Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 18

The Masked Fighter Revealed

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 01, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

The Masked Fighter Revealed
After talking to Kayko, Yusuke is confronted by Botan. She tells him his Spirit Beast will hatch soon. Koenma startles the two and show Yusuke his big egg. Koenma reminds him that the egg will consume every part of him if he was evil. The egg hatches and no one sees where the beast is. They look at Yusuke and they see the beast. It is a small blue bird with big floppy ears. Everyone mocks him.

The next day, the team tries to scope out the competition. Team Uraotogi takes care of Team Gokki 6 in two minutes. Only the badly injured Hiei and Kurama watch the fight. Kuwabara tells them to go to Yukina for healing, not knowing she is Hiei's sister. He mentions her quest and Yusuke and Kurama starts mocking Hiei.

Then, Team Toguro shows up. Toguro and his younger brother are there, as well as a guy in black with mask (Karasu) and a guy clad in armor (Bui). The crowd gives them praise.

Then Yusuke and the Masked Fight get into a fight. She says she would be a better leader than Yusuke. She leads him to a secluded place. She reveals herself to be Genkai. She asks him to shoot a rock. He does. Then she shoots a mountain. As she does, she turns into her young self. She says this is the effect of the Spirit Wave. She tells Yusuke he has one last test.moreless

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  • Breather

    We get to meet the next team the gang will face, see Team Toguro and Yusuke starts his final training with Genkai.

    It's a slow episode action-wise, but a great one for moving plot along. Characters are introduced and oh - we finally get the confirmation that the Masked Fighter really was Genkai and why she looked so young.

    It's a wonderful explanation and a great transition into the next part of the saga.moreless
  • Genkai shows everyone the Spirit Wave technique.

    Yusuke's Spirit Beast Egg hatches to reveal a cute blue thing with big ears, instead of a monster that could erase him forever. Team Yurameshi and Team Toguro face off from across the stadium as the match to determine Team Yurameshi's next opponent takes place. Kurama and Yusuke tease Heie about Yukina and it is evident that Kuwabara does not know that they are related. Genkai (the masked fighter) reveals that she is in fact Genkai and after an incredible display of power tells Yusuke that he has but one more test to undergo to complete his training. "When you channel your spirit power to its maximum your body's cells shift to the time in your life when you were the most powerful"moreless
  • Puu and Genkai!

    Yusuke finds out that his Spirit Beast is about to hatch so he finds Koenma and guess what he finds...The terrible monster is a cute little baby blue penguin thing!

    While Yusuke is being acquainted to his "beast" Kurama and Hiei went to watch another match of the Dark Tournament. As they watch their next adversaries they get another glimpse of completed Team Toguro. Kuwabara shows up and tells the two to go to Yukina for healing, which turns out to be hilarious because he still has no idea that she is Hiei's sister!

    Later Yusuke and the Masked Fighter get into a fight when she said that she is more powerful then Yusuke and that she would make a better leader. When the two exit the hotel to "fight" the Masked Fighter reveals she to be Genkai, and she says that she has one more test for Yusuke...

    This is a pretty funny episode and we finally know the true identity of the Masked Fighter!moreless
  • LOL Puu, the terrible monster.....................

    This episode is about the masked fighter revealing her true identity.....

    The episode begins with Kurama and Hiei watching team Uraotogi dominating another team. The masked fighter and Yusuke get into an arguement, so they go outside to settle things. A real SHOCKER, genkai is the masked fighter LOL. She reveals to Yusuke her orb that will give him a huge power boost. Meanwhile, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara meet up with team Uraotogi to fight.

    This was a pretty good episode, and the revealing of Puu was priceless. Things get more interesting from here. So overall, great episode, and pretty funny too......moreless
  • Powerup fest!

    So, it seems like Yusuke's spirit beast is on the verge of hatching. Koenma comes with a big egg, telling Yusuke that everything he's contributed and has done up to now will decide whether or not the Spirit beast is a "beast", or something nice. When it hatches, it appeares to be something nice. His name was Puu, and he's just weird looking. But yeah, the Urameshi team decide to wake up early in order to catch the matches to get a preview of their next opponents. Only Heia and Kurama were able to catch it because the match was over in 2 minutes! Then Team Toguro appear. Yusuke and The Masked Fighter start arguing, and take their business outside the ring. The Masked Fighter finally reveals herself as Genkai (Who else could it be?). She tells him Yusuke has one more test to undergo before graduating from Genkai school.

    This episode was average at best me thinks. Some people say they thought it was funny, but I just saw it as slapstick comedy with the whole Spirit beast situation. Though it definitely was revealing, and leaves you hungry for the next episode to see exactly what Yusuke's upcoming test involves.moreless
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Justin Cook


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Team Uraotogi roll call
      Kuromomotaro - Blond guy with the white headband that has a spade on it.
      Makintaro - Brown-skinned guy with the blue spiky hair and red emblem chest plate.
      Uraurashima - Short guy with the fishing pole and backpack.
      Shishiwakamaru - Blue haired guy.
      Onji - Old mustached guy with the pointy ears.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Shishiwakamaru: We will be famous but we're going to need more than two minutes of exposure for us to get that way.
      (Team Uraotogi walks away)
      Yusuke: Arrogant little prick, don't you think?
      Kuwabara: You could say that again.
      Yusuke: If you want to be famous, why don't you start a boy band? You've got the look down.

    • Kuwabara: Hey! I've got an idea, you guys. Ask Yukina to use her healing powers.
      (Hiei looks a bit stunned)
      Kuwabara: She's amazing. As soon as she touches you, you'll feel better than you ever had before. She's pretty too. She's actually partially here to look for her long, lost, estranged brother. I'm gonna help her look for him just as soon as we win this tournament.
      Kurama: (leaning over to Hiei) Yukina's brother, yes, sounds like a noble cause. We should assist her too, Hiei.
      Yusuke: Yeah, you can even lend an eye. (giggles)
      Hiei: (growls) Will you shut up?

    • Kuwabara: Guess you guys have the same idea we do about scoping out the competition for the semi-finals.
      Kurama: Had the same idea, the fight is over.
      Kuwabara: What!?
      Koto: And so the first fight of the semi-finals will see Team Urameshi facing off against the unbeatable, indefeatable, beyond believable, Team Uraotogi!
      Kuwabara: That is unbelievable. I mean, I can't believe we missed the entire fight just because I took a couple extra minutes to brush my teeth.
      Kurama: It was an impressive sight to behold.
      Hiei: Although I'm sure your minty fresh breath was well worth the delay.

    • Botan: (giggling and pointing at Puu) Oh, look! Oh my, it's Yusuke's inner self!
      (Koenma bursts out some laughter until Yusuke looks at him)
      Koenma: Oh no, I'm ever so terribly frightened! Please don't hurt me Mr. Monster! (laughs)
      Botan: When I see Yusuke's disposition I see scales and beady eyes, but cute and furry's another way to go.

    • Hiei: (looks at Puu) What is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head all about?
      Yusuke: It's just a puberty thing, okay?

    • Yusuke: Hey! Don't think I didn't hear that, noisy girl. If it's huggy-kissy stuff you want, go home and watch your soaps.
      (Botan looks surprised. She starts pretending to be a cat.)
      Botan: Reow, Reow!
      (Botan tries to sneak away in the bushes.)
      Yusuke: Have any idea what curiosity does for cats, Botan?

    • Genkai: Gladly, you patronizing jackass...

    • Puu: Puu!
      (Sits on Yusuke's head)
      Keiko: You know what? When you're next to each other, you two kind of look alike. He's even got your hair.
      Yusuke: I'll say the little booger's got my hair. He's got it right between his retarded claws and he ain't letting go. He better not leave me any spirit surprises.

    • Genkai: Watch it kid, I can still destroy you.

  • NOTES (8)