Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 6

The Secret of the Jagan

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 07, 2006 on Fuji TV
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The Secret of the Jagan
Hiei has proven his strength to Mukuro. However, Mukuro gives Hiei one final test. Hiei meets someone from his dark past, and is faced with a situation in which he may not come out of alive. How will this end for Hiei, and what state will he be in when it is finished?moreless

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  • Hiei must battle shigure while dealing with his own past.

    The 100th episode of yu yu hakusho, and probably the best episode. Mukuro orders shigure, a doctor, to face hiei. Mukuro is confident that hiei will succeed. While preparing for battle, hiei has memories of his past. In the past, hiei was an a-class demon before he got the jagan eye. He needed the jagan eye in order to find his mother. However, his mother commited suicide. After that, he went to search for his sister, yukina, in the living world. Hiei has defeated shigure, and now is mukuro's second strongest warrior. Hiei believes that there is no more point in living, but mukuro gives hiei hope.moreless
  • As Hiei prepares to fight Shigure, the demonic surgeon who implanted his Jagan eye, we see for the first time his dark past in its entirety.

    I was particularly excited about this episode because Hiei is one of my favorite characters in the series and we are seeing his mysterious past in it’s entirety for the first time rather than in short flashbacks. We get an insight into why he is the way that he is and the reasoning behind some of the things he has done, like the implantation of his Jagan. I was also impressed with the brief but intense fight between Hiei and Shigure. I must admit that I was a little shocked at the true identity of the demon lord Mukuro. Overall I felt that this was one of the better episodes in the series.moreless
  • Hiei's past, Part 2.

    Hiei's origin story continues. In my opinion, Yu Yu Hakusho's most unique character and story is Hiei, why? Because his origin story is just awesome! Hiei has been dumped into a river by one of his mother's close friends. A bandit found him, and that baandit was the closest thing he had to a father. Two women are supposed to have sex, which, right there is Yuri! Anyways, Instead, Hiei and Yukina's mother had sex with a man from the Fire Village. In this episode, we find out how Hiei got his Jagan. He had head surgery, which this disc guy implanted in Hiei's head. This episode basically explains Hiei's past wrapped up and how he got those eyes. This pst is the most unique in Yu Yu Hakusho, and I'll hate anyone who says this is a bad past. It's a very unique past for a very unique character.moreless
  • Gosh this is my favourite character past for any anime character.

    Makuro finds Shigure as Heia's next challenger; the same demon that gave him the Jagan eye. While they were fighting, Heia has flashbacks of his past; when he was exiled, to the time when he met Yusuke. He met a bandit group, and grew up with them. During his free time, Heia would go around, leaving out in the open his tear so he has an excuse to slaughter demons. The bandit group grew weary of his habits, and left Heia for his own. One day, he lost the tear in a battle, and never knew how important it was to him. He got the Jagan eye in order to look for it. Then, in current times, Heia and Shigure both kill each other in a double K.O. Makuro then spits out Heia's tear from her mouth, which was given to her from a land she conquored. She even healed him up, saying it's not his time to die yet.

    This was the one single episode that made me mature in my anime tastes. All I looked forward to in Yu Yu Hakusho were its fights, but after seeing how deep Heia's character was those years back, I suddenly started liking these dramas. Heia's character, much like Toguro and Sensui's, is just so mysterious and difficult to figure out. He's not as murderous as he's portrayed, as indicated when he found no use of killing the Ice apparitions after finding them. He does some things that are expected, and others times he doesn't. Much like Yusuke, he's trying to find a purpose in life, and after Yukina gave him her tear, he found that purpose. It's as if I'm reading one of those books; a really good one.moreless
  • Heie is about to battle Shigure, and if he does Mukuro will reveal him or herself.Also Heie looks into his past about when he was being raised by bandits as a young child, and how he lost his mother's jewel, and Jagan eye to help him find it again.moreless

    This is sort of a sad episode in the fact of what Heie has gone through in his past, all the stuff he had to put up with, and how he killed alot of demons (no suprise), but the end is what got me, when Heie cut off his arm just to cut Shigure's head in half (which was so cool!) and who the masked Mukuro really was.

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