Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 6

Three Monsters

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 30, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Three Monsters
Yusuke gets his first case as a Spirit Detective. Three demons have stolen a few very powerful artifacts, that if used, will cause massive destruction to the human race. Yusuke's objective is to defeat these demons and get back the artifacts.

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  • Running Start

    First real case as Spirit Detective, plus the first of Yusuke's techniques: The Spirit Gun.

    I love the bit of Japanese lore in this episode with the inclusion of the Imperial Regalia (the sword, mirror and jewel). The series draws heavily on both Shinto and Buddhism, the most popular spiritualities in the country. It's a great introduction of what's to come and does stellar job of familiarizing the audience with something important to the country of origin without shoving it in your face.

    The episode introduces three characters, two of whom will be of interest later. By having Gouki wipe the floor with Yusuke, it shows that he's not all-powerful and that he's really in a different league of battles now. I also love how they're getting further into Koenma's character by showing where his interests lie.moreless
  • Yusuke's first major case

    The episode starts with three mysterious demons stealing something from the spirit world while making pancake out of the guards.Then it flash forwards to Yusuke waking up and finding his mother at his bedside.I was happy to see that Atsuko at least started showing some motherly feelings towards Yusuke after he came back.Later,at school,he is accused of stealing by Iwamoto,a teacher who hates him.After settling things with him,Yusuke is dispatched to upper town where the villains are supposedly hiding.By following a soul that is sucked out of a kid using "the orb of Basque",Yusuke finds the three conspirators who seem to have a disagreement.Kurama,one of them,leaves and Hiei,another one, follows him. Yusuke is then seen taking on Goki,the third conspirator,who turns into a monster and starts kicking is @$$.moreless
  • Introducing: The Spirit Gun

    This episode is a walkthrough of the spirit detective job and Yusuke\'s first job.........

    The episode begins at school where Yusuke get\'s famed by a teacher who hates him for stealing things. Before he can settle his score, time freezes, and koenma shows up to brief Yusuke on how to use the spirit gun and his first mission. Yusuke is sent to track down 3 demon criminals who stole 3 ancient artifacts. Yusuke eventually finds them while they are in the middle of an arguement, and he is left to face Gouki, a big demon. Yusuke tries his hardest, but cant manage to defeat him. He is saved by botan who uses silly antics to scare Gouki off.

    Overall, this is a good episode that introduces alot of interesting characters, moves, and items.moreless
  • I Chose OOC Because I Don't Know How Classify This Episode. In Other Words- Out Of Character.

    I Chose Ooc because i do not know how to classify this episode, in other words out of character. Anyways, One Of Yusuke Urameshi's Main Signature Moves- Spirit Gun Is Introduced. A Small beam fired from the finger can hurt a demon or human. this technique will become handy later.
  • One of the signature attacks is introduced in this episode.

    As Yusuke returns to school from his temporary suspension of being alive, he quickly runs into trouble as people accuse of him stealing their stuff. But it was actually their teacher, who so depserately wants him to be expelled. Koenma pointed revealed it was his teacher who stole the stuff because he also desperately needed Yusuke to be out of school, for a different reason. Three artifacts were stolen that have an ass load of power that could conquor the Earth. He met up with the three demons during a meeting, but got his ass handed to him by some super buff demon. He tried using the spirit gun, but remebered he used it on his teacher as payback. Is he really going to die so soon after coming back alive?

    I really liked this episode because of the fact that we get to see the spirit gun for the first time. After watching Dragonball Z so many times, it was pretty unique for me to see a character shoot his energy attack in the form of a gun instead of using both hands. Other than that, we also get to meet two of the anime's most awesome characters; Heia and Kurama. For Yusuke, this is just the beginning of his first case, but for a case that would decide humanity's fate, it seems pretty big for him to handle.moreless
Connie Booth

Connie Booth

Additional Cast

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Tomomichi Nishimura

Tomomichi Nishimura

Takenaka (Japanese)

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Norio Wakamoto

Norio Wakamoto

Gouki (Japanese)

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Kent Williams

Kent Williams


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Tomomichi Nishimura

Tomomichi Nishimura

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Here are some important differences between the English dub and original Japanese version. Demons in the dub version are referred as Yokai in the original version. Yusuke's Spirit Gun technique in the dub is known as the Rei Gun in the original version. Finally, what we know as Spirit Energy in the dub is classified in two categories in the original: Reiki (Human Energy) and Yoki (Demonic Energy), though the later episodes in the English dub would properly use the Demon Energy term as the energy used by Demons.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gouki: People don't realize how hard it is to eat human souls. You gotta cook the humans so they taste good but not enough to kill them.

    • (Yusuke's mother, Atsuko, is attempting to wake up Yusuke)
      Atsuko: Yusuke. Yusuke, wake up! Please, Yusuke, don't leave me!
      Yusuke: (awakens) What's the deal?
      Atsuko: You're back. Thank goodness. (begins to cry)
      Yusuke: Yes Mother, I'm alive, just like yesterday. (picks up his clock and looks at it) Don't normal people sleep at six?
      Atsuko: (still crying) But I... but I had a dream you asked to go away again, because of me.
      Yusuke: (thinks to himself) She's done this every morning since I came back to life. Oh well, guess it beats being passed out on the floor.

    • Yusuke: (looks around) Uptown became downtown real quick.

    • Yusuke: (to Goki) What's your problem, get back on the ground. I hit you too hard for you to be on your feet!

    • Kuwabara: (to Yusuke) I hear you, life's a drag, but don't worry, you'll be in ghostland soon, after I put you there myself!

    • Botan: It's called a Psychic Spy Glass. Look through it and you can see through walls, clothes, well, anything really.
      Yusuke: (looks at her chest)
      Botan: (hits him with her oar giving him a goose egg) You must use it wisely.

    • Kurama: (to Yusuke) Sorry, but I don't have time to be arrested.

  • NOTES (6)

    • (Differences in the Manga)
      1: When Yusuke is woken up by his mom, it's 7 A.M. not 6 A.M..
      2: We learn that Yusuke's mom threatened the principal with cars of people in the underworld.
      3: Not until things go missing do we see the owner of the Gold Dragon Fountain pen.
      4: Yusuke never tried to look at Botan's chest after receiving the spyglass.
      5: Yusuke didn't sleep during P.E. class.
      6: Iwamoto was going to burn the things he stole.
      7: When Koenma stops time, Iwamoto is somewhat aware of Koenma.
      8: After being caught red handed with the pen, Iwamoto tells different lies, saying it was his, then saying that the student entrusted it to him.
      9: When Yusuke first sees the three demons, they are out in the open, not in the woods.
      10: Yusuke didn't follow after a little boy's soul.
      11: Yusuke didn't get into a street fight.
      12: Hiei wasn't using his sword to create demons, he was discussing plans.
      13: It wasn't raining.
      14: Hiei left, because he figured Yusuke was either weak or possibly had a large amount of spiritual power.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapters 19 and 20 in volume 3 of the manga.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on November 14th, 1992.

    • The references to Mt. Fuji erupting and the Great Kanto Earthquake were removed from the dub, but the pictures of the events were still shown.

    • For the dub, Funimation changed Goki to Gouki.

    • Japanese title: 三匹の妖怪! 飛影・蔵馬・剛鬼
      Romaji title: Sanbiki no Yōkai! Hiei ・Kurama ・Gōki
      Translated title: The Three Yokai! Hiei, Kurama, and Goki


    • Ogre: "They've taken all three of them!" The ogre is referring to the items stolen by the "Three Monsters," dubbed the "Artifacts of Darkness" in the series, which are based on Japan's imperial regalia. These are the sword, Kusanagi (valor); the mirror, Yata no Kagami (wisdom); and the jewel, Yasakani no Magatama (benevolence). In the series, the Shadow Sword, the Forlorn Hope and the Orb of Baast, respectively.

    • Graffitied on one of the walls shown in this episode, are the words "Mad Piero." This is a reference to Studio Pierrot (which is pronounced Piero), the producers of the anime series for Yu Yu Hakusho.