Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 18

To the Future

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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To the Future
High school student Kazuma Kuwabara is having a typical day. He is studying hard for his college entrance exams and fending off the flirtatious glances from his female admirers. But nothing could prepare him for what happens when he arrives at a mysterious meeting with Genkai. Surprise follows surprise as one by one each member of the old gang shows up! But where is Yusuke?moreless

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  • I hate it when an anime I love so much ends.

    In the final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, we see Kuwabara who is currently applying to his college applacations. Kurama, taking care of his human mother (who just recently got married), Keiko (who has moved on with life and studying for her college exams), and Hiei (who is seen in the last episode of the series taking care of the demon world). In this episode, Mukuro and Hiei talk for one last time. This is a teary-eyed episode, with a heart warming ending that will bring tears to any person's heart after seeing such an amazing anime/manga end. But where is Yusuke? Find out in this last episode of Yu Yu Hakusho!moreless
  • This episode was the perfect way to end the series. Though I thought this arch was ok, but this episode was truely my favorite episode from it.

    This episode was very touching for me. In fact that this was as far as I can think the only anime that has made me "teary." The part that keiko was yelling and yusuke appeared was my favorite part, which i feel was a lot of peopole's favorite episode. I also thought that it was intresting to see changes in some characters. I thought that Kuwabara became very mature for the most part and intresting to see how everyone looked after 2 (or was it 3) years. Though one thing that I thought that should have been mentioned in thsi episode was the epilogue of what happens to each character after the story. That would have made this episode even better.moreless
  • Great [spoiler] the manga has more [/spoiler]

    It was a great ending for Yu Yu Hakusho.

    I wish it would go on longer though.

    Y u Y u H a k u s h o i s t h e f i r s t a n i m e i e v e r w a t c h e d

    D i d n ' t d i s s a p o i n t me ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !moreless
  • What a funny finale.

    It happens that Hiei Kuwabara and Kurama are waiting for Yusuke to return so they wait through the day and then at the end there at the beach and Yusuke is back. This was so funny once again Kurama is mistaken for a girl and at the end Yusuke shot his spirit gun at the screen and then it said forever. It was a shame that Yoshihiro Togashi decided to end it after this cause he got sick and left even though it was a funny finale not the best finale not the worst though but I give it a 9.4.moreless
  • Very sad, goodbye Yusuke and Co.

    yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Kuwabara is now more sensible. He doesn't shout as much and he's more calm about things. A big difference from the last time we saw him. Also, his awareness has made him popular.

    • Hiei is the only one that wasn't at the reunion. His sister also never found out who he really was.

    • After the past three years, while Yusuke and company have been to Demon World, Keiko's short hair has now grown long.

    • Edit: Kurama is mistaken for Kuwabara's girlfriend by a few of Kuwabara's female friends. When Kuwabara tells them Kurama is male, they think that Kurama is Kuwabara's boyfriend instead. The implication of homosexuality was completely removed in the edited version.

    • As Keiko is walking with her friends, a large trunk passes them with the word 'Narlboro' written on it. This is most likely a reference to the cigarette company, "Marlboro".

    • In the scene at Mukuro's fortress where all the men on the patrol duty are walking, one of the men pronounces Mukuro's name wrong.

    • If you own the DVD and turn on the English subtitles, you can see at the very end of the episode when Smile Bomb is playing that the word 'strength' is spelled wrong.

    • When they show Kuwabara's reflection in the window of the train, if you pause at the right moment, you can see a sign outside of the train that says in very scribbly yellow letters 'Yu Yu Hakusho end'.

    • At the end of this episode, instead of playing Daydream Generation, the full version of Smile Bomb is played.

    • At the very end, they show a white backround and in black letters: "FOREVER FORNEVER". This could be a typo meaning either, forever forever or forever for never.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kuwabara: (mockingly) What's up, Mister Mazaku? I thought you were goin' to Demon World to become the king?
      Yusuke: I will, someday, but who's gonna be here to kick your ass?
      Kuwabara: Well, if you're goin' back, I better give you the beat-down now I was always too nice to do!

    • Keiko: Yusuke... this is the end! I'm tired of waiting for you, Yusuke! Half my life, I've waited for you to come around! Even when you were here, you weren't, really; you weren't here for me! Go on fighting, but it's time I get what I want!
      Botan: I could cry...
      Yusuke: I don't want you to wait, either.

    • Kuwabara: I met Genkai for the first time ever after going up these stairs, and I ended up fighting against Rando. Though I didn't know it at the time, it was the first case Urameshi and I worked on together. After that, it was Maze Castle-- I met you and called Hiei a rut-boy for the first time. And then, Tarukane and my pinky string and meeting the love of my life. And then it was the whole Dark Tournament with Toguro, and then Sensui, and now this. This journey sounds great, but it means that's all over; you gotta move on... it's just hard to believe.
      Kurama: True, but when we need to, as you just have, we can remember.

    • Genkai: Once you've given me a teary-eyed funeral, I'll be leaving this whole estate to your group. That includes this temple and all surrounding land. A shore on one side and a stone wall on the other will tell you where it ends. Leave nature as it is. It takes several hours by car to reach the closest town-- not a convenient place for humans to live, but perfect for apparitions. The Kekkai barrier is down, but it will take a long time for humans and demons to live in peace. I spent my life trying to understand a demon and failed. Make this a safe house to bridge the gap as I never could.

    • Genkai: There's only one reason I've asked you all to come. These recent years have caused me to think about my legacy and so I want to tell you what to do after I die.

    • Kuwabara: Koenma?! Where'd you come from?
      Koenma: Well, that's a lengthy story-- you'll just have to ask my dad.
      Kuwabara: You cheeseball!

    • Hiei: Don't worry, old fool, you're not dead. We'll get you back home quickly enough. But first I have to do a little procedure to make sure you don't remember any of these fun things when you wake up. Pleasant dreams. (Snaps his fingers to put the human to sleep)

    • Mukuro: You can go back to the human world. I'd make sure no one came looking for you.

      Hiei: (Props his feet up on the table) Hm. That's not why I stay.

  • NOTES (2)