Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 18

To the Future

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 01, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • I hate it when an anime I love so much ends.

    In the final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, we see Kuwabara who is currently applying to his college applacations. Kurama, taking care of his human mother (who just recently got married), Keiko (who has moved on with life and studying for her college exams), and Hiei (who is seen in the last episode of the series taking care of the demon world). In this episode, Mukuro and Hiei talk for one last time. This is a teary-eyed episode, with a heart warming ending that will bring tears to any person's heart after seeing such an amazing anime/manga end. But where is Yusuke? Find out in this last episode of Yu Yu Hakusho!
  • This episode was the perfect way to end the series. Though I thought this arch was ok, but this episode was truely my favorite episode from it.

    This episode was very touching for me. In fact that this was as far as I can think the only anime that has made me "teary." The part that keiko was yelling and yusuke appeared was my favorite part, which i feel was a lot of peopole's favorite episode. I also thought that it was intresting to see changes in some characters. I thought that Kuwabara became very mature for the most part and intresting to see how everyone looked after 2 (or was it 3) years. Though one thing that I thought that should have been mentioned in thsi episode was the epilogue of what happens to each character after the story. That would have made this episode even better.
  • Great [spoiler] the manga has more [/spoiler]

    It was a great ending for Yu Yu Hakusho.
    I wish it would go on longer though.
    Y u Y u H a k u s h o i s t h e f i r s t a n i m e i e v e r w a t c h e d
    D i d n ' t d i s s a p o i n t me ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • What a funny finale.

    It happens that Hiei Kuwabara and Kurama are waiting for Yusuke to return so they wait through the day and then at the end there at the beach and Yusuke is back. This was so funny once again Kurama is mistaken for a girl and at the end Yusuke shot his spirit gun at the screen and then it said forever. It was a shame that Yoshihiro Togashi decided to end it after this cause he got sick and left even though it was a funny finale not the best finale not the worst though but I give it a 9.4.
  • Very sad, goodbye Yusuke and Co.

    yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it!
  • A perfect ending, this episode completes the series. You won't regret watching it over and over again.

    Three years have passed since Yusuke left to the Demon World. Meanwhile, in the Human World, everyone he knew was invited by Gankai to her temple, to wait for Yusuke's return. Except for Hiei, everyone is present. What happened to Hiei? Well, he stayed in the Demon World, to help Mukuro.

    Genkai tells everybody that when she will die, they will all inherit her temple and the territory around it, including a beach. Kuwabara again makes a fool of himself by thinking Genkai is only kidding and starts laughing out loud until the others stop him.

    Walking down the stairs from Genkai's temple, Kuwabara stops and remembers that that's the place where everything started. Where he meet Yusuke, started training under Genkai and everything else. They all decide to walk towards the beach to admire the sea.

    Everybody is happy, except for Keiko. Three years have passed and Yusuke hasn't returned, like he promised, to ask her to marry him. She starts yelling that Yusuke is an idiot and starts crying. She then hears a voice from behind her and when she turns around she sees Yusuke! The episode ends with all of them "playing" in the water, while the sun sets. Also, the complete version of "Smile Bomb" can be heard during this wonderful scenes. Yu Yu Hakusho: For ever!
  • Tears it's over

    This is one of my all time favorite series honestly. Despite the fact that I now have all the dvds even the movies I still miss it being on tv and being badly censored. It was a confort truely it was. I doubt i will ever forget the funny and serious things that went on throughout this series. This episode it's self was sad a bad place to leave off I am still waiting for the ovas to come to the us so I can see more of the show. the book series ended badly as well although i've only read the last book in french which I barely understand to begin with but oh well. Also, if you own the last dvd like I do the commentary on this episode is amazingly funny i love the voice actors that work for funimation they alwasy put a smile on my face.
  • This show was awesome and this finale was great, prolly best anime finale for me. didnt feel like they left u mising anything, Just kinda wishing it wouldnt end. my favcorite anime forever. Wish hieh was on beach 2 but he looked at peace on that tree tho.

    This show was awesome and this finale was indeed great, prolly best anime finale for me. didnt feel like they left u mising anything, just kinda wishing it wouldnt end. my favcorite anime forever. wish hieh was on beach too. he prolly will never tell his sis he is her brother. looked at peace on that tree though. Yu Yu Hakusho Forever -_-
  • The series finale to one of the best shows ever to be on television!

    This is a very bittersweet episode. It is kind of sad because it's the end of the series and you know there won't be any more episodes. Besides that it really is a great way to end the series. It ties up most lose ends and it is a satisfying way to end the show. Kurama ends up happy living with his mother in the Human World. Kuwabara makes a sincere effort to turn his life around and studies hard. Hiei stays in Demon World with Mukuro, but you can tell he will miss his friends and his sister. Yusuke and Kayko finally stay together. After all they have been through it's nice to see them together at the end.

    Overall a really great episode!
    Yu Yu Hakusho Forever!
  • Excellent, incredible finale. Just like the rest of the series, Yu Yu Hakusho ends great, and doesn't leave you feeling like the story is incomplete.

    Despite the fact that the series is an action series, to me it felt like many things that needed to be addressed were fully addressed, and well. The ending is enchanting, romantic, maybe even a little suspenseful and definitely kept me captivated. I have loved the series Yu Yu Hakusho for many countless reasons, some of those being that it is one of few animes that can portrait the point of view of a young teenager dealing with things literally out of this world. The series overall is very highly reccommended by me and the ending is captivating, entertaining, and has an excellent sense of closure. I honestly would say it was the best finale I have ever seen. 10/10 on the Yu Yu Hakusho series finale.
  • The last and final episode of a wonderful anime - Yu Yu Hakusho.

    I have to admit, this last episode of Yu Yu Hakusho isn't one of the very BEST one there is. But still, it isn't one of the worst either. To tell you the truth, it ended up pretty much a whole lot better than I had expected. Sure, there are alot of unanswered questions, e.g. What happens to Hiei? Is Yukina ever going to find out that Hiei is her twin brother? Are Yusuke and Keiko going to get married anytime soon? Did Kuwabara pass his university entrance examination? etc. But even with all those mysteries left unsolved, at least we are now left with our own imaginations and common sense to figure it all out.

    Though the story line of this last episode is set after two years since Yusuke, Kurama and Hiei went to Demon World, it is mainly about the reunion of all of our favourite main characters. The story line of The Reunion was also very well written. By the beach, the more playful Botan, Yukina, Keiko and Kuwabara went to play in the ocean whereas the more quiet, calm and more mature Kurama watches them from a distance together with Kuwabara's sister. Of course, the reunion of Yusuke and Keiko was also done rather dramatically, but rather excellently, if I do say so myself. And a short segment of Yusuke pretending to fire his Spirit Gun towards the audience at the very end, a perfect ending to a perfect anime.

    Yu Yu Hakusho
  • The finale of Yu Yu Hakusho was awesome. The only sad part was that hiei wasnt on the beach with them. Oh well, In my mind he was.

    This was a great finale. I loved how it showed *most* of the characters on the beach. I also really liked Keiko\'s longer hair style. I was kinda sad at the fact Hiei wasnt there, but I guess if he was there he wouldn\'t have done the water fight ^^. It was kinda funny to see them have tha water fight (but it was only keiko, botan, i think Kuwabara, and Yusuke). I loved how mature Kurama was just sitting there watching them have their fight. It was hilarious. So, to wrap this review up, it was brillent ending to a brillent show!
  • This episode was the best series finale i have ever seen!

    Aww, but it totally made me want to cry. I followed this show for so long, and i have seen every single episode. Watched the development of the characters, know practically everything about them, and now its over...*cries* Anyways, I think the ending was really good. It was cool how they were sort of coming in one by one, and yuusuke was last. Hhaha it was rather amusing how Keiko just got done screaming at the non exhistant yuusuke ... and like magic, there he was! Aww im tearing up just thinking about how there will never ever be a new episode to look forward to. Shoot, its a good thing that the series had an absolutley perfect ending, or it would have ruined everything!
  • A perfect ending to a perfect show.

    This was a perfect ending for a perfect show.

    It turns out that we, audience were actually watching old films from the spirit world, and Yusuke and his friends have matured over the years. This episode lets us forshadow, the things that will happen next without the show even continuing. I absolutely loved this episode, especially for a series finally. A show couldn't end in a better way.

    This is what I forshadowed:
    -Kurama will end up staying with his human mother and father, and become a normal human being.
    -Hiei is going to end up staying in demon world, and is going to help Mukuro.
    -Yusuke and keiko is going to end up getting married, as Yusuke promised her.
    -Botan and Koenma will go back to spirit world, and do their old duty.
    -Yukina, is going to stay with Genkai for a while until she finds out who her real brother eventually is.
    -Kuwabara is going to end up graduating college, and become a doctor, or something like that, just as he promised Yusuke he would do.
  • The worst series finale ever

    Yuyu Hakusho was one of my favorite shows of all time . The show had great characters a great story and some nice comedy elements to it. HOWEVER Yuyu Hausho had the worst series finale of all time! What happened between Hiei and Makuro and also did Hiei ever tell Yukina that he was her brother. Did kuwabara ever graduate. Did Yusuke and Kayko ever get married did they ever have another tournament did Bui ever challenge Hiei to another fight. To sum it all up the show did not have a complete resolution .It left me with too many questions and not enough answers.
  • The Ending Of A Perfect Anime.

    Keiko Wonder's Where Yusuke Is And Is Worried About What's Going On In His Life. It's Been Two Whole Years Since They've Been Apart From Each Other. This Anime Was Perfect But It's Too Short. I Want Bonus Episodes! Wahh! Well, Bye. ByePerfect Anime I Loved You So Muuch! Damn You Yoshihiro Togashi! Make More! *cries In The Background*
  • *What a perfect way to end a perfect series!*

    This episode ment a lot to me and probably all the hard core fans out there. It was plotted out very well and what they mean to the furture is what they plan to do and how they leave the series for you to imagine how they will spend the rest of their life.
  • I really hate it when an anime that I love so much ends.

    After two years since the case with Sensui, Kurama and Kuwabara are found chatting with each other near a train station. They meet up with Keiko and Shizuru, heading for Genkai's place. While riding, they find an article about Heia. It seems like he's working on patrol in demon world. He plays the role of sending humans who have wandered too far back to human world since the ridding of the kikie barrier. In Genkai's temple, they meet Yukina, who's been living with Genkai all this time. It seems like she also called Botan and Koenma. She tells everyone that after her passing, she's going to loan all of her land to everyone for their doing. After discussing the main issue, everyone decides to enjoy themselves at the beach. They watch the sunset, and after Keiko unleashes her frustations about Yusuke to the sun, he comes out to join everyone.

    Only reason why I knocked off 0.2 points off of the main score is because well, there should have been more reason why Yusuke came back. He like just, came back without telling us anything. But other than that, it was a really great episode, and ended things well. Sometimes I wish they just made a side story about everyone living together in Genkai's temple together in the wilderness, just living. The small moments of slice of life that were showed before were played out greatly, including this one. I just can see so much potential in a series like that seeing as how good this one is. Heia in his epilogue gives us the impression that he'll be spending the rest of his life with Makuro. Overall just a really sad ending to a really great anime.
  • So Yusuke's done with all the fighting, and on to unfinished business, meanwhile in the human world, the whole gang meet up with Genkai, saying she had important news for all of them, and the show gets some much needed closure on everybody.

    This is like one of the most emotional finales ever, I'm not going to ruin it for you, cause most people already have, but I have never cried like that for a cartoon, but I've been watching it since the beginning, trust me it's good. It had the closure you need, but I would have like to seen a wedding.
  • The final installment of one of the best scince fiction/detective mystery animes in the world.

    This is the final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. Now for fans who have seen every episode uncut in the series, we've known that there was an inevitable ending to the series that would blow us away, and when i saw it on DVD (ON SALE NOW w/commentaries) I was also blown away. There is no fighting in this episode as all the Yu Yu (except for Hiei)crew gets together for one final reunion. Watching this episode will make you feel like the end is here and the ending will make the series memorable to fans in the States, and makes you think back at how Yusuke is sucessful being a Spirit detective even though he gets fired by Koenma. So don't wait till it shows up on Cartoon Network if you're a big fan, go out and buy the DVDs leading up to this epic conclusion if you haven't got any yet because you'll love the ending, I guarantee it.
  • This is why I watch this series and why I own every dvd it contains including both movies...

    This dvd or rather episode is 2 yrs after the tornament,when everyone is getting back into there lives while missing our favorite hero,While genkai tells the group her last wish b4 her death.they have no idea what is going on.while the kekai has been taken down and enki has ruled fairly,they have no clue as to whom will be showing up,just as keiko is yelling into the sea to yusuke, our FAVORITE punk shows up.The ending made me cry and i really wish that they would come up with an exstension to the story.I have followed some of the works of the voice actors and have to say this was the best series i have ever known, because in ways most kids like me can relate, wether it be by attitude,fighting,family, or even just living....what i found funny about the dvd it self was when hiei went and gave kurama his stone he had gotten from his mother and kurama played the pendant as a an engagment offering because all of you out there who read the fanfics know what i am talking about...I love this series and even though it has ended i will continue to write and read about it.O yeah Hiei Kurama watch out im a fangirl.lol

    "peace in the middle east because we know we all need it,later"
    sincerely,fox of destiny
  • In this series finale it's been 2 years since Yu Yu Hakusho. However all the faces gather for this one time reunion. As their lives begin to all begin to change as the series finally ends. Great episode, thought no fighting (no real fighting) anyway.

    In the Final Yu Yu Hakusho episode, Kurama and Kuwabara are in a subway station where Kurama tells Kuwabara that Yusuke lost in the demon world tournament. Kuwabara asks about Yusuke but Kurama tells him that he always some errands to take care of (because Kurama regulary travels there). When suddenly a bunch of girls come and mistake Kurama for Kuwabara's girlfriend. They make fun of him and Kurama after he tells him that Kurama's a man and they leave. We learn 2 years have passed and Kuwabara is in high school. Meanwhile Kayko is at an all girls school, we see that her hair is much longer. A couple of her friends come to talk about boys, and she just ignores them. So Kurama, and Kuwabara stop off at a restaraunt where Shizuru comes with her cigarette. During his conversation Kuwabara asks how Kurama got into human world from demon world and Kurama explains the barrier has been lifted but Enki has signed a treaty so no demon can enter human world. While we see Kayko outside the window. They all are in a train station where Shizuru reads an article and she sees a picture of Hiei. Even Kayko and Kuwabara are shocked. Kurama tells them all that Hiei's a member of the Demon Patrol squad bringing humans who mistakingly came into demon world back to human world. We see a human unconscious and Hiei tells them if he's to weak to survive let him die. However this man survives and Hiei performs an operation and says that the man will have no recolletion of what happened while in a lab. Hiei snaps his fingers and the man is unconscious. Meanwhile Hiei walks back with the other demon patrolers (people who lost the demon world tournament). They talk about Mukuro losing the edge and hatred that made her strong. Hiei goes to Mukuro's room and she tells him he can go if he wishes. He replies by telling her wants to stay. So, Kurama, Shizuru, Kayko and Kuwabara arrive at Genkai's temple where Yukina is. We also see Botan and Koenma arrive. Genkai tells them that as soon as she dies she will give them her estate. They are all shocked. As they all leave her estate. Shizuru asks if they want to go to the beach and they all agree. While on the stairs Kuwabara talks about how he first met Genkai on the top of the stairs, and then Rando, Maze castle, Tarukune his pinky bracelet, how he met the love of his life, Toguro, Dark tournament, Sensui and now this. Kuwabara says with the treaty, everything will change. Kurama tells him that although things will change he should remember the past as they head to the beach. Where Kayko and Yukina wet their feet in the water to the sunset. While Kuwabara grabs a starfish and Botan seashells. Kayko sees the sun and see's Yusuke. She yells that Yusuke never cared about her and that he is a jerk. Suddenly Yusuke appears with his bag and she chases him down to the ground and kisses him. Everybody laughs. They Yusuke splahses water on Kayko, Kayko on him. Then Yusuke splashes water on Kuwabara. Then Botan and Yukina join the water splashing fight. While Shizuru and Kurama watch them laughing. We see clips of each of the character, including Hiei in demon world on top of a tree. Genkai drinking tea with Puu. Koenma filing the stamps with Ogre. Plus a shot of Yusuke as the title music rolls. Finally the last message that appears is "Forever Fornever" as one of the great anime's wraps up. Closing it's door.
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