Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 41

Toguro's Wish

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jul 24, 2004 on Fuji TV
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Toguro's Wish
Team Urameshi prepares to depart Hanging Neck Island the victor of the sinister Dark Tournament to return to the world of the living leaving their fallen mentor and friend behind. But somewhere far away a chance encounter between two former allies seems to hint at what is to come as the most unlikely of people reveals a most shocking secret.moreless

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  • Liar!

    "I killed Genkai, but one remained."

    THIS was the episode we all should have been waiting for. We get the final confrontation between Toguro and Genkai - in the Spirit World of all places. It's an intense conclusion for a 50-year-old story viewers only get the very tip of the iceberg for. The characters of Toguro and Genkai are so rich here, so compelling. It's easy to forget that the boys just made it out of a life-threatening tournament and are waiting to head home. The interactions in the Spirit World are some of the best in the entire series, pushing characters, plot and everything else right along.

    One of the best episodes in the series, hands down, and definitely one of my top 3.moreless
  • Even though they met with victory, everyone is saddened over Genkai's death. But what does Toguro have to say about that?

    Yusuke is still having trouble getting over Genkai. It took Kuwabara and Kurama till noon to get him out of his room. Kurama explained that it's impossible to communicate with the dead, now that Genkai has passed onto past the "waiting area" of Spirit World. The girls make Genkai a stone grave and say their goodbyes in the morning. Back in Koenma's office, Toguro enters and tells him that he wishes to be sent to Limbo where he will feel great pain for 10,000 years. We find out through Koenma's assistant that this day 50 years ago was when Toguro first entered the Dark Tournament with Genkai & his team. But 3 months before that, the reigning champ of the Tournament came to Toguro's dojo and massacred all of his pupils. Toguro went into training in the mountains and 3 months later when the Tournament came he slayed the demon Kyrin and made his wish to become a demon: Koenma's theory - so that what happened could never happen again and he would always be the strongest.

    Toguro runs into a waiting younger Genkai on his walk to Limbo. She tries to convince him to stop punishing himself for what happened but he insists that it made him stronger and he doesn't regret it. Toguro tells Genkai that she still has a job to do in protecting Yusuke. That he can become stronger but she must ensure that Yusuke doesn't take the wrong path as he did. He hopes that Yusuke will listen to Genkai unlike him. Genkai tells Toguro, as he is walking away, to never feel regret for what happened between them. Toguro stopped, turned around and for the first time smiled and said, "No Genkai, but it would have been a beautiful life".

    It is also revealed that before the finals Toguro gave Genkai's body to Koenma and told him to protect it. He new the tournament committee was dead and he knew what Yusuke would wish for if he wins the tournament. It seems that Toguro knew all along what was going to happen and had everything planned out. Toguro told Koenma that he would have to take care of Yusuke's wish. As they are preparing to leave with the ship on the horizon, Genkai's voice quiets all as she appears over the hill. Yusuke is the last one over to her, in disbelief. "Come here you beautiful hag"....Someone else to take over Sakyo's plan?moreless
  • The best episode in the Dark Tournament isn't within the tournament itself.

    Everything is well, Team Urameshi came out as the victor, and they're prepared to finally leave Hanging Neck Island to continue their normal lives. However, Yusuke is still angsty about Genkai's death. Meanwhile, Koenma and blue ogre return to Spirit World with a very special visitor; Toguro. Toguro demands that he be sent to Limbo; an execution station that torments its prisoners for ten thousand years. Koenma tries to convince him to change his mind, but Toguro is dead set on this. Then one of his servents enter with records of Toguro's past. The record states that he was the master of a dojo filled with young and bright kids who want to protect their village. However, Kiren, the Dark Tournament's previous winner, slaughtered them all. Toguro ran away to train for three months before reuniting with his team. They won, and Toguro demanded his demon form.

    Toguro and Genkai have a little confrontation. Genkai is confused why Toguro would go to such lengths to torture himself. His answers were quite blunt or too complicated to understand. Though Genkai somehow understood his true feelings. Back in Hanging Neck Island, the ship to the mainland is announced to be leaving in an hour. Yusuke is still depressed on the death of his teacher, and even says he'll miss the place. Though it seems like before everyone left back to the main land, Koenma was able to fullfill the one wish Yusuke truly desired. Everyone headed back home together.

    This is without a dobut, the best episode thus far. There's two particular ones concerning Heia that are similar and superior to this one, but that's only later on. Prior to this episode, I've always seen Toguro as a power hungry individual who's only desire in life is to fight worthy opponents. But his evil, unlike other villains in other series, is quite justified, white makes it rather entertaining and sympathetic at the same time. Toguro's personality and character is just so mysterious that trying to decipher his feelings would just open the doors for even more confusion. And this is exactly why this episode is so great.

    What impressed me even more is the confrontation between Genkai and Toguro. The background seemed to have reflected their thoughts and current psychological states as it constantly turned from snowing blizzards to deep purple. Some dose of comedy was even added to the mix as Kuwabara makes a joke of Shizuru plucking her moustache. Just a wonderful episode and without a doubt, the best so far. But I guarantee if you loved this one, just continue watching it towards the Three Kings Saga as Heia's past is revealed.moreless
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Elise Baughman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the Japanese version, Koenma finally calls the blue ogre by his name: Jorge Saotome.

    • In the English version (Both Edited and Uncut Versions) Younger Toguro requests to be sent to Limbo. But in the Japanese version he requests to be sent to the Darkest Hell. Either way it is supposed to be the most horrific of punishments and he would suffer for 10,000 years.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Koenma: (to Ayame) Toguro is a complex case. He's like an anthill - the deeper you dig, the more tunnels appear, and inside each is a creature ready to bite. Layer upon layer of bravado facades, contradicting desires and intensely-wrought obsessions. But beneath it all, I suspect you would find just a normal man with a wounded heart and a broken dream.

    • Younger Toguro: Don't mourn me, Genkai. Like you said, this is the way I wanted it to end. Don't stay here trying to figure me out. You have a job to do. Your apprentice, Urameshi, he can still get stronger but he could go the wrong way too, like me. Maybe he will actually listen to you, the way I could not.
      Genkai: You really care about Yusuke. In your own screwed up way, you've been teaching him, too. He is like a son to me; maybe you think the same way. Don't ever feel regret for the things between us.
      Younger Toguro: No, Genkai, but it would have been a beautiful life.
      Genkai: You really are a big-hearted fool.

    • Yusuke: Genkai! Come here you beautiful hag!!!

    • Genkai: Must have rubbed off on me, dimwit, I died like you. Half-assed.

    • Yusuke: You don't mind having Puu, do you, right?
      (Kayko nods.)
      Yusuke: Thanks. No one's gonna take the champ serious if he's holding a blue teddy bear with a beak.
      Puu: Puu!!!
      Kayko: (hugging Puu) Oh, we know you're cute, Puu. He's just being a jerk.

    • Kuwabara: It's just like family vacation. My dumb sister's always making us late, probably plucking her mustache.
      Shizuru: Should I tell them about your fluffy doll?
      (Kuwabara gasps in shock and jumps out of his seat. Kurama stands up and Kuwabara lands in Kurama's seat.)
      Kuwabara: Oh, hi sis. Enough family stories. I was just telling how pretty you are.
      Shizuru: You're a moron.
      (Botan, Yukina, and Kayko arrive.)
      Botan, Yukina, Kayko: Sorry we're late.
      Yusuke: Oh look, the tone-deaf sirens.

    • Kuwabara: It feels like we've been here for years.
      Botan: Losing someone can do that…
      Kuwabara: (quickly covering Botan's mouth, and speaking quietly) Ix-nay on the enkai-gay. It took us all morning to get Uremeshi out of his room.
      Botan: (muffled) Okay, okay!
      (horn blows)
      Kuwabara: (turns head and smiles) Oh, uh, lookee here, our ship has arrived. Isn't that happy? Heh.

    • (paperwork falls on Koenma)
      Koenma: I told you guys to do the stamping while I was gone! I even gave you my seal, and my favorite ink pad with the ponies on the top!
      Green Ogre: Yes sir, and everything was going fine until King Yama came around.
      Koenma: My dad?!
      Red Ogre: Yeah, and when he found out you left your paperwork, those veins in his neck popped out and he said you had to do it all when you got back.

    • Yusuke: Fine!! You heard fox boy; there's nothin' we can do for the old hag if she's already left, just gotta keep on truckin', yes sir! I'm gonna go outside, make myself a nice big shiny first place medal, sit in the sun, and have a stupendous, frickin' day, damn it!
      (Slams the door)
      Kuwabara: Well, all right Urameshi... Could you make me a medal too?
      Hiei: Hmph. He's so neck deep in repression, I even feel sorry for him.

    • Yusuke: Back to skipping detentions.
      Kuwabara: And video games!
      Kurama: My human mother.
      Hiei: Various crimes.

  • NOTES (2)