Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 3 Episode 28


Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Nov 26, 2005 on Fuji TV
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Yusuke and team return topside to the waiting arms of their friends. But all is not well. King Yama's soldiers arrive saying that they must destroy Yusuke once and for all. Could this be the end? How much energy does the Spirit Detective have after his exhausting battle with Sensui?moreless

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  • Season Finale.

    Kuwabara, Koenma, Kurama, Heia, and Yusuke come out of the cave. The Special Forces team wants to capture Koenma, but Yusuke wont allow it. Everything goes back to normal. The Gamemaster makes friends through video gaming.The Doctor changes his face to avoid authorities.Sniper is never seen again. Mitarai gets accepted to a good highschool. Kido, Mitsunari, and Kaito leave vowing to never use their powers again. Etsuki and Sensui's dead body live in a different dimension. Yusuke is bored he doesn't in ethier world.This episode shows different characters in different places.It has no action in it so it is a change of pace and is the season finale of the third season.

  • A satisfying conclusion to the Chapter Black Saga......

    This episode features all of the characters of the chapter black saga.......

    The episode begins with Yusuke and friends leaving the cave. The SDF tries to stop Yusuke, but Yusuke threatens them and they run off. Shortly after, everyone's profile is told, including the bad guys. Most of them go on to lead good lives according to the episode. Including the three frineds Yusuke and crew made. But it also leaves us with a new saga to begin......

    This was an aftermath episode, and YYH always seems to do those perfectly. A great episode that officially ends the Chapter Black Saga.moreless
  • Suprising.

    A Very, Very , Very Suprising Episode Of Yu Yu Hakusho! Well, I Bet Yer Wondering What happened To Itsuki And Sensui, Game Master, And Kito, And Them. Well, Here's What Happened: Itsuki Is Somewhere In Limbo With Sensui. Kito's Living A Normal Life. And Game Master's Also Living Av Normal Life And Playing Games. So, yeah, The Conlusion To The Sensui arc.

  • No anime does better aftermath episodes than Yu Yu Hakusho.

    Kuwabara, Koenma, Kurama, Heia, and Yusuke finally come out of the cave with their souls still a part of their body. The Special Forces team from Spirit World recite the punishment for Koenma, but then Yusuke gets pissed off and threatens to kill them. Everyone goes back to having a normal life, and the show goes through a series of characters whom were former pyschics. Amaneuma, the Gamemaster, is playing video games at an arcade. Guys from the soccer team surround him as they're amazed at his gaming skills. Through video gaming, Amanuema makes friends through his video game life, and applies to a private junior high to lead a normal life. Minoru, the Doctor, surgically changes the face of his shape to avoid authorities, and opens up an institution called House of Miracle Hands, using his psychic abilities to heal sick people.

    Kaname Hagiri, sniper, is seen with another psyhic that hasn't been shown before whom can read the minds of anyone she touches. They find the corpse of a dead cat that has been hunted down by Hagiri's classmates through crossbows. To avenge the cat, he returns the favour to the three, hunting them down, and after high school, was never seen before. Mitarai submits an application to the best high school in the city, and gets accepted. Kido, Mitsunari, and Kaito say farewell to their master Genkai, and vow to never use their powers again unless it's a life and death matter. Etsuki and Shinobu live peacefully together in an unknown dimension with no barriers; just the two of them, living in a space of nothing. Though while everyone, even the enemies excluding Elder Toguro, are happy, Yusuke is still disatisfied with his situation, being a person who doesn't in neither the human or demon world. He remains a confused teen who's looking for his place.

    This is like having several character episodes put into one package. And what a rewarding and great package it was! You honestly couldn't have asked for anything more than what was given. The length of each of the character's epilogues were just at a perfect amount. They weren't too long or too short; just great, and the content packed into each of the perorations were just satisfying. While they were the evil ones that you wished would have just died, they get their satisfaction that they've always wanted, and you're satisfied for them. Morally, Yu Yu Hakusho does a good job of mixing the traits of its character to produce just some of the most complexed and mis-understood characters ever. The five human psychis that assisted Shinobu in the project to destory the world were manipulted because they were a product of society's discriminated list. The Etsuki and Shinobu peroration makes their situation extremely thought provoking, bringing up questions about how they will live from that point on.

    Though it's kind of ironic in a way; the bad guys didn't get what they wanted, which was for humanity to die out, yet they're satisfied, but on the flip side of things, Yusuke saved the world, which is what he wanted, but is feeling even more angsty than ever. He's seen skipping class, and it's not for the purpose of looking cool or being badass too. A half breed that is looking for his place in the world; there's no other show that displays the main character better with human and demon blood better than how Yu Yu Hakusho does it. And don't say Inuyasha! At first, Yusuke is a confused boy who's lazy and just lets things flow, but is now a confused boy that doesn't know where he belongs. How he executes his role in the little footage he's shown in just pans out so perfectly. A rowdy mouth that usually smack talks to Kuwabara, now doesn't even reply to him.moreless
  • After defeating Sensui, Yusuke and the rest head back into human world. Happily greeted by everybody. This is basically the final episode for alot of characters in the show. Seaman, and the gamemaster, the three students of genkai. also some bad guys likemoreless

    This is kind of bittersweet because alot of the characters i liked are gone from the series. they all actually have fairly good endings and futures. even the doctor, who was once the bad guy goes on to start a medical center to heal people. Very sad. i'm gonna miss them *single tear*

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    • Yusuke: (to Genkai) Too bad. Dying's good for me. I get tougher every time I come back.

      Kuwabawa: (reacting to Yusuke's comment) What?! You arrogant snot-wad!! Don't act like you knew what was gonna happen. You died to make us stronger!
      Yusuke: (in a headlock by Kuwabawa) Or I just like makin' you cry!

    • Hiei(jumps into the air and cuts Chapter Black to shreds): Dammit, my sword must have slipped.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on August 13th, 1994.

    • When Yusuke leaves Irima cave, he still has long brown hair, and the blue tattos are still all over his body. Prior to returning to school, Kurama cuts Yusuke's hair back to its normal length, and the tattoos disappeared the morning after they all had emerged from Irima cave.

    • The Spirit World Defensive Forces finish their job of sealing the tunnel and return to the Spirit World

    • This episode reveals what happens in the end to all of Sensui's old allies that appeared in the Chapter Black Storyline.

    • It is revealed that Kamiya(Doctor) while running from the police found Hagiri(Sniper) and operated on him saving his life and remarked on how his vital organs were missed from his stab wound which was caused by Hiei

    • Original Title: Epilogue! Towards Tomorrow!


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