Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 8

Torn Between Identities

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 21, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • Words....

    cannot describe how awesome this episode was! A group of famillar faces from Yusuke's past return to haunt him. Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor, if he doesn't, Kuamma's most important perso that he cares and loves about will be killed and taken away from him! Yomi and Kurama hate each other and they'd never work together. But, Kurama has too if he cares about the most important person to him: His mom!
  • The episode where Kurama owns the merman.

    When Kurama asks Yomi permission to go to Human world in order to recruit six powerful fighters he's been preparing for him, as well as to tend to his family, Shachi, the second in command, makes plans so that he'll never return. When he gets there, he sees that the six fighters, Chuu, Shishiwakamaru, Jin, Rinku, Touya, and Suzuka, all of whom were participants that battled against Team Urameshi in the Dark Tournament, are training really hard under Master Genkai's hand. When he's talking with his brother, Shachi's henchmen, a parasite, takes over his step brother's body, and threatens to kill him. But Yoko instills fear within the parasite, and becomes loyal to Kurama now. When Kurama presented the six fighters Yomi, he immediately makes him second in command, stating that these six fighters alone are stronger than Shuchi's entire army. This angers the merman, and tries cornering Kurama. But he was too weak.

    This was an interesting episode, as I've always wondered why Chuu, Jin, and the other fighters were featured in the opening sequence. But that's covered. This really isn't an emotional or flashback episode; more like Kurama showing off how smart and good he is. In fact, it's kind of political, since Kurama is playing a major part in Yomi's pursue to a stronger army, rather than what Heia and Yusuke are doing; getting stronger themselves. Though it leaves me the question; why the hell isn't Kurama training? Oh well, he always has Yoko. It was pretty entertaining at the end when Kurama effortlessly slays Shuchi. Well, not in the sense that it was awesome. That guy did get annoying, not trusting Kurama.