Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 33

Wielder of the Dragon

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 29, 2004 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Wielder of the Dragon
Hiei unleashes his most powerful attack, the Dragon of the Darkness Flame! But Bui is able to turn the Dragon against his master. Will Hiei be swallowed and destroyed by his own power?

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  • This Episode had so much potential!!

    One of the best build-ups for a fight (especially for Hiei fans), but ended up being the far-and-away worst episode of the series. Apparently this episode was made on bring your daughter to work day (who woulda thunk they'd have that in Japan?) and the director decided to let a bunch of 4-year-olds animate the whole damn episode. The writing is awkward in this one too...the characters keep saying and doing things that are completely breaking away from the norm.moreless
  • Om nom nom

    So much dragon goodness.

    This episode has both my favorite and least favorite art of the series for Hiei, as well as a great bit of his personal plot. Bui's out of the picture and Hiei gets a major power boost before heading into (adorable!) hibernation to make up for it.

    We get some of Bui's backstory, which makes you feel a bit for the guy, but not nearly enough to make his character really stand out. If he showed up again in the series, maybe, but this will be the last we see of the ax-wielding, armor-wearing teal-haired giant.

    Awesome mark on the scoreboard for Team Urameshi.moreless
  • Against the might of Pui's battle aura Heie must master the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, even if it costs him his life!

    Heie finishes his releash of the massive energy stored in his arm. It is evident to Kurama that in his training since the first round, he has greater control over the DotDF. He unleashes the Dragon at Pui but Pui manages to stall it. Then Heie "completes" his attack and the force drives Pui around the ring but his aura remains intact. He is driven into the mountain outside the ring and manages to deflect the Dragon back at Heie. It appears that Heie is consumed, but just as Jury is about to call the match Heie appears in a blaze of energy and settles onto the ring. He reveals that he has absorbed the DotDF into his being, doing what no one has ever done before. This new power makes him totally invulnerable to any of Pui's desperate attacks. Heie finishes him with a pop up and a punch into the stadium seating. Pui reveals his longing to get stronger in order to beat Toguro, but realizes now that it might have just been so that Toguro could use him for his strength. Heie walks over to his friends and tells them that the power he had is now gone and that it consumed most of his own energy. He has to go into hibernation to recover and tells Kuwabara and Yusuke to take out the Toguro's and win it for their team.moreless
  • Dragon of the Darkness Flame V2.0

    The battle between Bui and Hiei continues. Bui took off his armor and his battle aura is hard to control and very strong. Hiei decides to use his special technique, the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. He unleashes it at Bui but Bui remembers how he was humiliated by Toguro before and refused to give in. He summons enough energy to redirect the dragon back at Hiei.

    It looks like the battle is over but it's not, Hiei has actually managed to use the darkness flame for himself! He ate the dragon and now the dragon is part of him. The rest is easy and he beats Bui without breaking a sweat.

    That was one of the better fights of the Dark Tournament, Hiei showed his awesomeness once again by consuming the dragon and owning Bui easily. It was impressive. Bui's flashbacks with him and Toguro also add to the effect.moreless
  • Hiei prepares to unleash the dragon of the darkness flame in order to defeat bui.

    Hiei realizes now that he can no longer fight bui since the armor of bui has been released, unleashing bui's full power. Desperate, Hiei gathers energy to create the biggest dragon of the darkness flame ever. As bui remembers when he tried to defeat toguro and he failed, Bui gives it his all to turn the dragon towards hiei, and he succeeds. However, Hiei regains his strength, and absorbs the dragon. Now hiei is unstoppable, as he defeats bui at long last. Bui asks hiei to take his life, but hiei refuses. He leaves the crumbled arena, and goes to sleep.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Bui is beating up the dragon-powered Hiei, the proportions are all wrong. Hiei is thin and tall, and much too tall compared to Bui than he should be. If you remember from last episode, Hiei only reached Bui's waist, even with Bui crouched like he normally is. It looks like the animation quality greatly went downhill. When Hiei rushes forward to release his attack and even when he contains the Dragon within him, it just looks poorly drawn/animated.

      Response: The distortion thing, I think that was more to reflect the immense power being released from the attack. As for proportions, when Kokuryuha, (Black Dragon Wave) is absorbed, Hiei gets the biggest power up ever. His body proportions change to compensate the massive increase in power. But also, pay attention and you will see that Hiei's proportions change a lot throughout the series.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Hiei: (to Yusuke and Kuwabara) Listen to me as closely as you can, you two. I'm trusting you against my better instincts, only because I have no choice. Take care of the Toguro brothers. If I wake up and we've lost, I swear I'll  kill you all... (faints)
      Yusuke: (laughs) That's Hiei for you. He faints but still makes time for threats.

    • Hiei: Countless centuries, countless masters trying to harness the power of the Darkness Flame. Only I have had the courage, the strength, and the abandon to realize it's glorious potential. I have the power of the Black Dragon, because now I am the Dragon.

    • Kuwabara: Wait! This is a no dragon man area, ok?
      Yusuke: Really awesome Hiei!
      Kuwabara: Yeah, awesome. Uh, why don't you go about twenty yards that way and fight the rest of them?

    • Bui: Come on, hurry up and kill me.
      Hiei: No. If you want to die, kill yourself. (jumps into the ring) I don't take orders, especially from those I beat.

    • Hiei: Come now, can't you even test me?

    • Koto: Juri, it's up to you to make the call. Juri? (looks down and sees Juri sleeping) Juri! We can't have this gore fest without you!
      Juri: (still half alseep) Tell work I'm sick today, Mom.
      Koto: Juri, all the rich and cutie boys are watching you.
      Juri: (sits up) Where?
      Koto: Well, we see where your motivation lies.

  • NOTES (2)