Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 31

Yoko's Magic

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 15, 2004 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Yoko's Magic
Karasu is able to overcome and counter all of Yoko Kurama's attacks. He's set to take the win unless Kurama can find some way to take him down. Will Kurama have to sacrifice his own life to kill Karasu?

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  • Hyper-Glow Blonde

    So many flip-flops in the episode - the kind of fight reserved for the finals. We've got Yoko and Karasu on the run. We've got hyper-glow blonde Karasu and Kurama on the run. And of course, the finale.

    There isn't much to this episode beyond Karasu's creepiness and Kurama's omnipresent desire to sacrifice everything to win (and still not dying), but that's what makes this episode great. The stakes can't get any higher, the tension is tangible (like Karasu's bombs) and it's personal. Great fight, great hook for the future, great watch. On with the finals.moreless
  • An amazing battle between Kurama and Karasu. Will Kurama be pushed to the breaking point and forced to sacrifice himself for his team?...

    Karasu blows up a couple of the plant heads but more sprout and they just keep coming after him until they catch him. The pressure of one forces his mask off and soon all of the heads surround him. The match is presumed over but at the end of the count the mass of plants explodes and Karasu is un-harmed. He sucks in some air/energy, goes SSJ and turns himself into a bomb by internalizing his explosive energy. He dive bombs at Kurama and hits. When the smoke clears Yoko has reverted back to Kurama and Kurama reveals that each time he uses the potion it's effect becomes shorter. Kurama rushes Karasu, now over his fear, and begins an all out assault. He soon finds an opening he unleashes some energy and a death plant seed. Karasu picks off the seed thinking that the danger is over, but he is now bleeding. After hitting Kurama with some more explosive invisible monsters, Kurama collapses, extremely bloody and with holes everywhere. At count 4 Kurama realizes he must sacrifice his own life and unleashes the remaining of his life energy by summoning a plant that seeks out the blood wound near Karasu's heart. It immediately begins sucking the life out of him and he soon dies. Kurama awakens a few moments later, amazed to be alive. He realizes now, that the duration of the effect of the potion shortened each time because each time he became Yoko Kurama he gained some of his energy. And this is what allowed Kurama to survive, plus his willingness to sacrifice himself for his team.moreless
  • Yoko Kurama is my absolute favorite character!

    Yoko is so sweet. He is powerful, strategic, and funny (in his own way). You gotta love his arrogance. In this episode Yoko is fighting with the powerful Karasu of Team Toguro. Yoko is completely controlling the fight and dominating for most of the battle. He even uses the uber powerful Ojigi plant, a flesh-eating plant, when grown under demon energy, attacks all things that move! So cool! However, Karasu throws a bomb and Yoko reverts back to his human form. The newly reemerged Kurama uses his mind and finds a way to beat Karasu at his own game. Never count Kurama out, NEVER! Poor Karasu, poor poor Karasu...moreless
  • Yoko Kurama goes up against Karasu in a fight to the death. He\'s running out of tricks as he turns back to Suichi before anticipated. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he has one last trick up his sleeve but will it cost him his life?moreless

    This is my favorite episode! I have literally watched it over 20 times. I own the uncut dvd and if you are a fan of this show you definitely need to get them! This episode is full of suspense and sadness as it looks like Kurama may not make it out! All the blood doesn\'t look hopeful and the the sadistic Karasu just won\'t let up.

    The climax comes when Kurama uses his own life energy to defeat Karasu. Just when you think he\'s down and out Kurama proves us wrong (leaving the suspicion *hint hint* that his Yoko form may show up again someday). This episode offers some great character development and the only downside is it\'s such a heartwrencher that you may just start yelling at your television set!moreless
  • I thought it'd be better.

    So, Yoko Kurama appears. Everyone expects the battle to be one sided now, and it's turning out that way. The only thing Karasu can do is run away and destroy whatever comes close to him. Though once his mask fell off, an ability was unlocked that allows him to take full advantage of his bomb making techniques. When attacking Yoko, he turned back into Suichi. Kurama, devising a plan, used martial arts for the first time in the tournament. Though Karasu took a step ahead and removed the plant inserted within his chest that Kurama implanted. He then takes the pleasure of torturing him with his bombs. But that seed had something else to it then what appeared to be. Kurama was able to summon a plant that finally finished his opponent off.

    Like the previous episode, this episode lacks fluidity. I do admit Kurama doing martial arts was much fluid than before, but it just wasn't very convincing. Still great, and I always love Kurama's battles for how tactical they are. In fact, he's probably the smartest character in a shounen during battles next to Kurapica from Hunter X Hunter and Shikamaru of Naruto. Though I just wished his fights were as fluid as Heia's and Yusuke's, especially the one that's about to come up.moreless
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Kyle Hebert


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Karasu uses several different specialized bombs in this fight, including The Deleterious Bomb, The Trace-Eye Bombs, and The Mad Bomb.

    • There were a total of fourteen Ojigi plants attacking Karasu, including three that came from under the ring.

    • When Kurama fell to the floor all bloodied because of Karasu's bombs and he got up again, the ring floor wasn't stained not even a bit. And he was still leaking blood all over!

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Blue Ogre: Oh, Koenma! Koenma sir! Your face is leaking!

    • Karasu: (to Kurama) Forgive me for disturbing your train of thought, but shouldn't you take this time to pray? After all, you are about to meet your creator! (laughs) You can ask him why he flawed with you!

    • Sakyo: (referring to Karasu) Is he done yet?
      Toguro: Probably not, he deeply enjoys the suffering of others.
      Sakyo: Hmm, well I suppose the two of us have more in common than I thought.

    • Shizuru: (about the fight between Kurama and Karasu) Karasu is such a bastard, he's clearly playing with him now, I wish he would just get this over with.
      Botan: I don't ever wanna hear you talk like that again, Kurama will beat him! Kurama can't die, he just can't! I've lost one person I love to Toguro's team, I won't lose another!

    • Karasu: (to Kurama) You should have stayed down, but I guess that's not your style!

    • Karasu: It's called tact, Kurama, you should consider using some.

    • Kurama: I will not be afraid of something I cannot see!

    • Koto: I never would've thought botany could be so deliciously gruesome!

    • Yoko Kurama: I thought it was going to last much longer than that. I would've liked to have toyed with him a little before he died.

    • Yoko Kurama: The Ojigi also responds to aggression, so it will be all the more vicious once you attack. You're going to have to come up with a smart way to kill it, or else, bang.

    • Yoko Kurama: (to Karasu) It must be hard for you to lose control.

    • Yoko Kurama: The Ojigi is a truly gifted species of plant. It can sense the smallest amount of movement, even something as insignificant as a muscle spasm. So you see, it's useless to run, it would only make you easier to catch.

    • Koto: Brace yourself people, Karasu is back and he's not too happy. His hair has also changed from jet black to hyper glow blonde. To follow the stereotype, that means he's popular and more aggressive.

  • NOTES (2)