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Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 13

Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 18, 2002 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks
Kuwabara's body lays broken. Shorin is nowhere to be found. And with Yusuke's energy dwindling every minute, the evil Rando reveals his true and monstrous form. Now, can the injured Yusuke battle the human-hunting demon and close the case? How can he, when Rando has ninety-nine deadly techniques in his arsenal.moreless

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  • Elbow Drop

    That's a win for gravity!

    Yusuke's won, again, by sheer luck. His dip in the swamp earlier filled his ears with algae, which doesn't start to affect his hearing until it's convenient, but hey. I'll let him have his victory. He didn't get to go to the battle match.

    I do enjoy that they show how human he still is by completely wiping him out after three fights. It ensures there's an element of truth to the story and keeps it believable for the viewers. The character development was typical for how the series goes, in favor of finishing off the bad guy and moving to training.moreless
  • Yusuke is always lucky.

    This is pretty much the battle between Yusuke and Rando. In the begining of the episode, its very clear that Yusuke is no match for Rando. Rando uses one of his 99 attacks for fun. He even learned the Spirit Gun! He then plans to feed Yusuke to some crazy fish, but Kuwabara, of all people inspires Yusuke to fight on. Yusuke eventually frees himself and uses his Spirit Gun, forcing Rando to use the same chant he used to shrink Kuwabara, but since Yusuke had algae in his ears, it backfired on Rando! When Rando shrinks, Yusuke goes in for the kill and wins. Now Yusuke is the winner of the tournament and will learn from Genkai herself.moreless
  • The final round of the Genkai tournament begins as yusuke battles Rando.

    With Kuwabara injured by rando, the final match of the genkai tournament begins. Yusuke battles Rando, the demon who has 99 attacks, which he stole from previous masters. Yusuke has been weakened from his previous battles, so rando has the upper hand. As rando throws yusuke into the swamp, kuwabara gives yusuke a message to stop being weak, and kuwabara gives yusuke some of his spirit energy. Yusuke jumps out of the pond, and shoots his spirit gun at rando. However, rando survives, and now he is weakened. Then rando uses a spell to shrink yusuke, but yusuke's ears are plugged, so now rando shrinks. Rando has lost, making yusuke the winner.moreless
  • Genkai's tournament is drawing to its end. Shorin has revealed himself to be Rando. Yusuke plans to take him down.

    Genkais tournament has to lived to be a interesting journey. But every journey must come to an end. Shorin beileved to be rando finally showed his true demon form. yusuke is stunned by how much attacks rando has at his disposile. Will yusuke be able to take down rando even though rando can use 99 incrediable attacks. You will have to see the next episode to find out.
  • Geez Yusuke is lucky..........

    This episode is pretty much a battle between Yusuke and Rando.

    From the begining of the episode, it's clear that Yusuke is no match for Rando. Rando demonstrates a few techniques in this episode. He planned to kill Yusuke by feeding him to some crazy fish, but Kuwabara, of all people inspires Yusuke. Rando even learns the Spirit gun, and it's stronger than Yusuke's! Rando soon begins the enchantment he used on Kuwabara, but it back fires, since Yusuke got algae stuck in his ear. Rando then shrinks and Yusuke wins!

    I was sort of hoping that Rando would use more of his 99 attacks, but he doesnt use many. Still, it was a good fight, and it had it's funny moments. Overall, a good episode and conclusion to the Genkai Tournament.moreless
Cynthia Cranz

Cynthia Cranz


Connie Booth

Connie Booth

Additional Voices

Justin Cook

Justin Cook


Nozomu Sasaki

Nozomu Sasaki

Yuusuke Urameshi (Japanese Version)

Shigeru Chiba

Shigeru Chiba

Kazuma Kuwabara (Japanese Version)

Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat


Eric Vale

Eric Vale


Guest Star

You Inoue

You Inoue

Rando(Japanese Version)

Guest Star

Kent Williams

Kent Williams

Narrator and George

Recurring Role

Tomomichi Nishimura

Tomomichi Nishimura

Narrator and George (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • (Randou's attack in this episode)
      Japanese: 妖気の糸
      Romaji: Youki no Ito
      Translated: Demon Thread
      English: Life Force Thread

      With this attack, the life force thread appears from the mouth in a form of materialized spiritual energy. The threads then encircle the opponent, quickly solidify, and begin roping around the opponent until they can't move. The thread is connected to the user's spiritual energy, meaning it is almost impossible to break if the user has an ample supply of energy. Once caught, the attacker can use the thread to swing and slam the opponent around, without the opponent being able to fight back or defend.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Yusuke: (lying prone on the ground) Even though it looks like I can't move right now, I'm very dangerous.

    • Genkai: Whoever wins this fight is the one I teach and it would be wrong to interfere with the selection. I'm getting old now and my powers have to be carried forward, even if they must stay awhile in the hands of the wicked.

    • Yusuke: (to Rando) Please be dead, I don't have anything left.

    • Kuwabara: So, you've given up already? Man, you're such a disgrace! I can't believe I spent so much time trying to defeat such a coward. Now get up there and fight!
      Yusuke: I can't even move!
      Kuwabara: Lame excuse! You're only stuck because you can't see your own energy. You're an idiot!

    • Rando: You have caused me pain. I do not like that.

    • Koenma: Yusuke not only proved he is strong, but he proved I made an excellent choice in making him Spirit Detective.
      Ogre: Sir, do you remember when you said not to disturb you with paperwork during the fight?
      Koenma: Yes.
      Ogre: Well, that caused a delay.
      (Huge stacks of paper are in Koenma's office)
      Koenma: Have mercy. (faints)

    • Rando: How are you doing?
      Yusuke: Will ya quit asking me that?! I'm hanging upside-down from a tree! I feel great!

    • Rando: This has always been the hardest part, choosing which technique to destroy my opponent.

    • Yusuke: (thinking) Yusuke Urameshi, age 14. Survived by his mom and everybody. After going through this big ordeal to get his life back, Yusuke had a brief second chance until he was eaten by a fish! That's right! No heroic death! No fighting evil villians! Fish food!

  • NOTES (4)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: Kuwabara didn't talk in his sleep.
      2: Yusuke was standing, not sitting, when Rando approached him.
      3: Yusuke only aimed his punches at Rando's chest.
      4: Koenma isn't shown.
      5: Rando's Life thread didn't form a ball around Yusuke, but first wrapped around his body up to his chest.
      6: Genkai doesn't mention anything about Rando's technique.
      7: After he's caught, Rando only slams Yusuke into the ground. He doesn't swing him.
      8: Yusuke didn't jump up behind Rando, but appeared behind him.
      9: Yusuke didn't shoot Rando into the swamp, instead he knocked him in.
      10: After Rando climbed out of the water, he only punched Yusuke down. His attacks didn't last as long.
      11: When he was on his back, Yusuke didn't try to bluff.
      12: Yusuke doesn't question where Kuwabara should be taken to.

    • This episode is based on the events in chapters 31 and 32 in volume 4 of the manga.

    • This episode first aired in Japan on January 9th, 1993.

    • Japanese title: 幽助VS乱童 乱れとぶ妖術!!
      Romaji title: Yūsuke vs. Randō Midariretobu yōjitsu!!
      Translated title: Yusuke vs. Rando Sorcery Thrown into Chaos!!