Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 1

Yusuke's Destiny

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on Fuji TV

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    What's Yusuke's purpose in life? He's confused, Worried , and well, Um... how do i Say this, Um... Wondering. Wondering what he's Going to do with his life. He finds out, By going back to Demon World. b b b b b b b b b b b b b.
  • Crying for the moon.

    Yusuke gets this dream where he battles against an entire bike gang, and winning wit ease. He's been getting it quite frequently. Then during school, he's always skipping, like he did daily before. During those times, he talks with Koenma, who's currently a fugitive of Spirit World; avoiding eventual punishment from his father. Plus, Yama has a bounty on Yusuke. But what's bothering Yusuke more is whether or not he should go to Demon World. When Koenma had no answers, he suggested to go see Genkai. However, she was unable to give advice because she believes that both of them are just so different. So she recommends seeing the very first spirit detective before Sensui; Koroko. When he arrived, he was greeted with fits by her two children. Yusuke and Koroko, along with her husband, chat for a while to help Yusuke out. But then three unexpected visitors pop in stealthy. They claim to come from Demon World.

    While there was some story progression at the end of the episode, it focused more about Yusuke and his issue of belonging. What I loved the most about the episode was Yusuke's quote that he said when talking with Koenma...Crying for the moon. Another thought provoking line. It's really an astonishing phrase carrying thousands of words. Also, Yusuke going around and talking with people about this matter really shows how much Yusuke has changed. Normally, he wouldn't care and let things flow, unless it involved his friends and those close to him. But he's actually going out of his way to help resolve the problem.
  • Yusuke keeps having this reaccuring dream of being attacked. He feels like he wants something more something dangerous. Meanwhile King Yama wants Yusuke to be erased. Genkai sends him to a former spirit detective. Someone follows him there. Three man from

    This is a really confusing episode for yusuke because he doesn't know where his future will take him. meanwhile Kayko is very worried about him. trust me she always is, everything started to calm down. now begins even something more big then before. not a very adventurous episode but i like t.
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