Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 19

Yusuke's Final Test

Aired Unknown May 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Yusuke's Final Test
Genkai tells Yusuke his final test is to kill her. Yusuke has second thoughts. He meets Genkai in a cave and says he can't do it. She tells him that was the first part of the test. She would not give her power to someone who would kill her. She reveals her source of power is her Spirit Wave Orb. She takes out a bright ball of energy. Yusuke's test is to absorb it. He agrees to the terms, though the test could kill him. She puts it in him. He feels nothing at first, but then he collapses and pain. In a new ring, the semifinals begin. Team Urameshi enters, missing two of their members (Genkai and Yusuke). They are facing Team Uraotogi. Hiei and Shishiwakamaru agree to choose the fight by dice. The first fight is Hiei vs Makintaro. Hiei wips out his katana. Makintaro asks him to make a move. Hiei holds up Makintaro severed arm. Makintaro reveals his attack, the Axe-blade fist. Hiei is too quick for him and stabs his head. Meanwhile, Genkai watches Yusuke suffer through her test..moreless

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  • Semifinals

    More like semi-awake.

    The episode is very drawn-out and incredibly slow. Yusuke's test continues, the guys take a breather before showing up to their semifinal match against Team Uraotogi.

    Very little movement, despite the nice clean victory by Hiei.
  • The last step of Yusuke's training begins as his team must battle on without him.

    The others (minus Heie) play cards while Genkai tells Yusuke to meet him in a cave. She tells him that to obtain her power he must kill her. Yusuke refuses to kill the person who taught him all he knows and passes the test. Genkai would not pass her power to someone so recklessly eager to obtain power. She transfers her spirit/body energy combo into him, telling him that the pain could take hours and even days. Toguro senses this. The semi-final match between Team Yurameshi and Yureatogi begins. Shishi proposes two 6-sided dice to decide the battles and first is Heie vs. Macantaro. Heie displays unbelievable speed unlike he has ever shown before and amputates and then stabs his opponent through the skull.moreless
  • Hiei is faster than the speed of light.

    The episode begins with Genkai and Yusuke. Genkai says she will give Yusuke the secret to her powers but must past a test first. She lies to Yusuke about killing her in order to get the powers, but then brings him to a cave and gives Yusuke the power, but it's a lot of pressure and Yusuke is in some serious pain. Genkai and Yusuke are unavailable for the semi finals.

    Hiei, Karama, and Kuwabara are ready to fight in the semi finals. They decide to choose the fighters by roll of dice. The first match has Hiei vs Makintaro. It doesn't last very long, because Hiei cuts Makintaro's arms in a flash, and then pierces his skull, the battle finishes in under 1 minute.

    Hiei once again shows his very impressive speed. He attacked so fast that it was impossible for most people to see. Meanwhile, Genkai and Yusuke are still in the cave. It was an average episode, except for the part with Hiei is just pure ownage.moreless
  • And so it begins...

    Genkai says that Yusuke's final test is for him to kill her. Yusuke refuses saying that he could never do that, no matter the reward. Genkai then says that that was the first test and that she never intended for that to happen. His true test is to absorb her Spirit Wave Orb.

    Her orb is what gives her immense powers and access to all of his techniques. Yusuke must absorb the orb and its power if he is to have any chance to defeat Toguro. Genkai warns him that it is going to be a brutal task and it may kill him. Yusuke bravely continues and begins the arduous task of intergrading the orb into his body.

    This is an integral episode and plays a key role in the final battle...moreless
  • The test begins...............

    This episode is about Yusuke's final test, and Hiei's short but sweet fight with makintaro......

    The episode starts off with Yusuke starting the test. He doesnt take well to it, and is in extreme pain. Meanwhile, the fight against team Uraotogi is about to begin, as they role the dice, Hiei gets to fight makintaro. Meanwhile Genkai becomes quite worried about Yusuke, and decides to take it the orb out. Yusuke takes it back though. Hiei kills Makintaro very quick. his next opponent is Kuro Momotaro....

    This was a great episode that really showed how greatly Hiei improved. Yusuke's struggle was also interesting to watch.....moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Juri, the girl demon with the bat ears, makes her debut as the announcer of the semi-finals. Koto is relegated to the announcer's booth.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Genkai: The agony of this absorption is beyond words. It could go on for hours or days. If your body cannot handle it, you will be eaten away from the inside out. And the only thing you will pray for is a quicker death.
      Yusuke: Well, hell, if it's gonna be that exciting, I might as well order two of 'em.

    • Yusuke: Listen, I know you're counting on me, and that's great, but if it means I've got to take out the only person who taught me anything useful, I'd rather take my chances of us fighting as a team. I mean I'm sure I can break his shades or something. Points for the cave idea; great atmosphere, but all in all, I think you're a head case. See ya! (leaving)
      Genkai: You answered correctly!
      Yusuke: Huh?
      Genkai: Don't look so startled moron. You qualified for the test so let's go.

    • (Genkai fires off her reigun and blows out a large mountain and a trail through some trees)
      Yusuke: Okay, you're a great lawnmower. Does this have a point or are you just bragging?

    • (Kuwabara, Kurama, and the girls are playing cards)
      Kuwabara: Ha! I'm getting the hang of this five card draw. Who wants to Go Fish?
      Kurama: Come, join us, Hiei. We're practically a family here.
      Hiei: Kurama! Don't make me pull out your precious voice box.

    • Botan: (referring to Yusuke) Whatever he's doing, I'm sure he can handle it, Keiko. Let's just have some fun, okay?
      Kuwabara: Okay!
      Shizuru: That's right baby brother. It might be your last night in the living. Enjoy yourself. I won't tell mom if you drink your first beer.
      Kuwabara: Gosh darnit, Shizuru. You always got to embarrass me in front of my friends!

    • Makintaro: (after seeing blood) What's wrong? Did we have a little accident in our trousers?
      Hiei: Your whole nervous system leaves much to be desired.
      Makintaro: What are you talking about?! My nervous system? Come on just give me your best shot!
      Hiei: Fool, I already have.

    • Yusuke: Stupid fossil I can't believe I said all that touchy, feely, crap for nothing.
      Genkai: Not for nothing! You will remember everything that went through your head!

    • Genkai: (to Yusuke) I for one never had the urge to invent a purpose for my abilities, no heroics crest. There was just the sense that my power should always exist. As long as I pass it on I don't have any ridiculous regrets.

    • Hiei: (to Makintaro) Your eyes are rather slow.

    • Shishi Wakamaru: Fate makes a choice.

    • Shishi Wakamaru: (To Hiei) I assume you'll be fighting first.
      Hiei: That's right. First, last, and only. I've been under too much stress lately. Killing you all should be a good remedy.

    • George: (referring to Hiei) What about that one? Did you see him dodge sir?
      Koenma: Well of course! ... No, heck, who am I kidding?
      (George and Koenma sigh together)
      Koenma: He's fast!
      George: I need some eye drops!

  • NOTES (3)