Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1 Episode 21

Yusuke's Sacrifice

Aired Unknown Jul 06, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Yusuke's Sacrifice
Yusuke and Suzaku finish their battle.

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  • Life Energy

    Finally, the battle's over!

    In all reality, the past two episodes could have been combined into one with this one left alone for the conclusion. The end of the Yusuke/Suzaku battle was brilliant, aside from Yusuke getting lucky again by breaking Suzaku's tentacle. There was great dialogue and a wonderful wrap-up, including the feint by Kuwabara implying that Keiko and Botan didn't make it. The episode is a good end to Yusuke's second case.moreless
  • Risking it all

    This is one of my top ten favorate episodes of this show because it really shows how much Yuskie's feelings for Keiko go which are beyond friendship but true love whether he knows it or not.

    It's also one of the most emotional episodes because I actually found myself caring about what was happening, I really wanted Yuskie to win as he is being tested both psychologically and physically. The Suzaku villian along with his bird I really began to hate because both really push things way way too far, their form of amuzement I find bad comidy.

    There were a lot of moments that were great, one moment I remember in the fight was when Yuskie takes down Suzaku momentarily and sees the wand is on the ground which sort of reminded me of that moment in the movie "Mad Max" when Max was trying to reach for his sawed off shotgun just meters out of reach on the road, Yuskie is momentarily drained to stand so he has to crawl to get the wand which is just meters away but then that damn female bird knocks it out of his reach and spouts an insult. I love that moment when Yuskie points his Rei gun at the bird, I knew Yuskie wasn't fraking around he really ment it that he would kill the bird. I really didn't feel sympathy for that bird, she wasn't innocent and is concious of what she's doing.

    And of course that moement when things looked really bad the fact that Susaku can heal all his wounds and regain his power which was almost not fair but worst of all seeing Yuskie in a weakened state where he can barely fight anymore, I was thinking cmon Yuskie you can't be out of gas yet. Because if Yuskie lost and died so would Keiko. And there was that cutting moement where it looked like Keiko was about to die and then we see Yuskie activate his final move within him which is his own life force energy, by doing that it would mean posibbly losing his own life in the process. But Yuskie didn't care, Yuskie is doing what any good significant other should do which was to protect the one he/she loves even if it does mean one's own downfall. Just seeing Yuskie blow Susaku, the bird, and the wand away was just great I couldn't help but cheer because they got what they deserved.

    Susaku was wrong, Keiko wasn't a weakness she was Yuskie's strength.moreless
  • Sacrifice for the lovers... it's a evidence why Yusuke love and take care Keiko much....not as Old friend.. but as girlfriend...

    This is my special episode to watch. Especially for lovebirds. Evidencally, love can't been destroyed wirhout anything. Look at Yusuke, he willing sacrifice his life to his friend or Lover, Keiko. That's explain to us that Yusuke is really love and care about Keiko's condition as his feelings to her. This episode is always reminds me while I reading novels about love. Hahaha... Joking... Well, maybe this episode it's beginning of the love story between Urameshi Yusuke and Ukimura Keiko. In this episode we can know Yusuke's fatal weakness. Yeah, as think we know as well, Yusuke 1st point fatal weakness if he try to said about his apologize, chase, and etc... in front of Keiko.moreless
  • The power of life energy................

    This episode is the final showsdown between Yusuke and Suzaku........

    It seems that Yusuke is out of spirit energy, and luck strikes when he has an opportunity to get the makai whistle and stop all of this! But he fails in his atempt. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew finaly get's through all of the harvested humans! They try to get to Yusuke in time to help him. Yusuke, out of options, decides to use his life energy to save Keiko, but this will have a bad result, as it will kill Yusuke if he uses it. Yusuke goes on and uses life energy to defeat Suzuka! Kuwabara also saves Yusuke's like by giving him some of his life energy. The day is saved!

    Overall, a great conclusion to the whole saint beast fiasco....... Had lots of emotion action and exitment built up. Certainly a classic episode.moreless
  • Yusuke has to fight Suzaku without any spirit energy, but Keiko's life is at stake and he has to do something. He's ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. I guess I love any of the episodes where Yusuke dies!

    It was just so emotional, and I love the relationship between Yusuke and Keiko. This is also one of the few episodes where I like Kuwabara. He really is a great character. In both this episode and the one where he fights seaman. I don't understand why so many people dislike him.

    This is another one of the amazing fights, like Toguro and Sensui. It also shows off Yusuke's strength, which has grown a lot since he trained with Genkai. It's just a great episode overall.moreless
Nobou Tonda

Nobou Tonda


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Kara Edwards


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Suzaku: I was wrong about you once again, Yusuke. It wasn't because you weren't human that I lost. I lost because you were. Feelings are your power. Touché, human. At last I understand.

    • Suzaku: I've been treating you like a normal human when obviously you're not.

    • Kayko: (to Yusuke) You've made me feel like a fool the way everyone else around you is in on your little secret life except for me, it's like I don't count.
      Yusuke: ...I didn't tell my mom.
      Kayko: Yusuke, you don't tell your mom anything.

    • Hiei: (about Yusuke saving Kayko) Here's what I don't understand, why would he bother saving her if he died in the process?
      Kurama: Trust me Hiei, there are reasons.
      Hiei: (scoffs) Maybe for a person who's lived there, but I'd never do it. The challenge is enough without taking someone else's slack.

    • Suzaku: (to Yusuke) The lives of you and your miserable friends are all coming to a close at the same time, I love good endings.

    • Suzaku: Let me ask you a philosophical question. If you take the lives of yourselves in order to save yourself, is it murder?

  • NOTES (4)

    • (Differences in the manga)
      1: We don't actually see Botan getting struck in the head.
      2: Yusuke didn't bluff to Murugu.
      3: Nothing is shown in Spirit World.
      4: The battle against the plant people isn't shown. When we do see them again, they're standing outside the tower.
      5: Suzaku didn't notice that he had been damaged until after Yusuke's final attack.
      6: Instead of being silent, Kuwabara told Yusuke about what had happened to the teachers.
      7: Yusuke got even with Kuwabara for his prank.

    • This episode is based on the events from the second half of chapter 43 and chapter 44 from volume 5 of the manga.

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on March 6th, 1993.

    • Japanese title: 幽助・命を賭けた反撃
      Romaji title: Yūsuke ・Inochi o kaketa hangeki
      Translated title: Yusuke's Life or Death Counterattack


    • When Yusuke awakens in Kuwabara's room after the Maze Castle battle, it appears that he has an Oingo Boingo poster on his wall in the background.