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  • Season 1
    • For Nadenka
      For Nadenka
      Episode 13
      As things get intense, Yugo makes a deal with Galakhova. If she brings him to Nadenka and writes up emigration papers for her, he will tell her the message. Things start to come together, and the message is soon revealed! All that's left is Galakhova's decision - does she love her motherland, Russia? Will Nadenka's love for it open her eyes and everyone else's, including Origa's? And, with everything said and done, Yugo still has a promise to keep...moreless
    • The Mystery of the Ring
      Major General Galakhova continues to torture Yugo and injects him with true serum hoping to get the message for the remaining pin numbers for the Swiss bank account with the 240 billion dollars in it. Finally, Yugo proclaims that he doesn't know. He says that he purposely stopped thinking about it so that they would not get the answer. What will Galakhova do next? And, more importantly, what will happen to Yugo?moreless
    • Interrogation
      Episode 11
      Yugo cannot forgive Lieutenant Victor Bekkhol for what he has done to Lyuba and thus, with the help of Origa, sets him up. Soon, both Yugo and Bekkhol are caught, together as per Yugo's plan, and they are brought to Major General Galakhova, who tortures the two in an attempt to get the remaining three pin numbers for the Swiss bank account with the 240 billion dollars in it. Will Bekkhol survive? Will Yugo talk? Or, is this all a part of Yugo's plan...?moreless
    • Extreme Cold - Maros
      After escaping, Yugo trudges the freezing cold of a Russian night during a Maros – a storm with temperatures up to -40 Celsius and winds of 30mph!! Will Yugo make it to his destination? Even if he does, getting there is only half the challenge, as he now has to carry out his plan.moreless
    • Official Document - Materials
      Yugo and Lyuba continue researching the shipping company's records. They evntually find themselves at the actually place and discover that Nadenka’s inheritance has been gaining interest in a bank in Switzerland. Even more, the interest alone is 200 billion! Just when things start to come together for Yugo, the Russian government arrives and takes him and the other two away. Now, Yugo must undergo extreme torture. Will he talk? And, will he survive?moreless
    • Deal - Business
      Deal - Business
      Episode 8
      While in Russia, Yugo meets a man whom he seeks help from. Since he’s being followed, he tells him to check if the location of Nadenka is correct. But, is the man trustworthy? Will he betray Yugo? Later, Yugo meets a woman named Lyuba with a horrible past and a hatred for Russia. Yugo may have some allies, but he has many more enemies...moreless
    • Exiled Aristocrat - Immigrants
      Yugo receives a request from a Russian man named Andrei Sergeivitch Romanovski and his assistant Origa Elenova. Romanovski wants Yugo to travel to Siberia, Russia to retrieve his brother's granddaughter, Nedezhda Ivanovna Pavletskaya, or Nadenka. Although he has doubts about his clients, Yugo still sets out to Russia for a brand new, and more deadly, negotiation!moreless
    • Promise
      Episode 6
      Yugo continues to carry out his plan. Will he be able to successfully negotiate and retrieve Mayuko’s father? And, will he himself be able to return back alive? Everything comes to a riveting conclusion as the Pakistan Arc reaches its amazing climax!
    • Trust
      Episode 5
      Now that Yusuf accepts Yugo as a true warrior, the two begin the negotiations. They decide upon a place, and Yugo comes up with a plan. However, the task will not be an easy one with the government hot on their trail. What’s worse, Lt. Col. Shekin Sardar doesn’t care about the hostage as long as he can successfully kill the Daku!moreless
    • Warrior
      Episode 4
      Yugo is put on a stone rock to bake in the hot sun. How long will he last? Soon, the villagers become suspicious, however, when Yugo starts quoting lines from the Qur'an. When he calls Yusuf a coward, what will happen to him next? And, when Yugo is asked to prove that Allah is protecting him, will he be successful?moreless
    • Contact
      Episode 3
      After solving the riddle, Yugo heads to where Yusuf Ali Mesa is. Along the way he contacts Mayuko and the radio transmission is discovered. Now, Yugo must hide from the government. But, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as he is soon discovered by Ali’s men and is put in a cell along with the woman. How long will he last?moreless
    • Decision
      Episode 2
      Yugo continues to search for answers and a way to negotiate properly. He goes to a friend for information. He leads him to Ahmad who in turn leads Yugo to Haji Rahmani. Haji Rahmani is the only Sheik who wasn't killed by Yusuf Ali Mesa and who made it to Mecca. As his journey continues, Yugo befriends Ahmad and unintentionally causes a woman to fall in love with him. What challenges await Yugo next? And, in the end, is he any closer to successfully completing the negotiations?moreless
    • Negotiator
      Episode 1
      A new client, Mayuko Iwase, asks Yugo for help. She wants him to travel to Pakistan and help negotiate her father's freedom. Before he sets out he has his friend, Reiichi Kogure, set up a radio and teach Mayuko how to use it so that they can keep in touch. With everything said and done, Yugo sets out. Now, he must travel to a foreign land, learn to talk to the right people, and try to keep the government out of it, all while trying to negotiate with a terrorist group!moreless