Season 1 Episode 1

Operation: 1

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 2002 on AT-X

Episode Recap

The story begins with footage of the 30 year war, and all the hardships mankind has had with the alien presence known as "the Jam". We are now shown a group of jets engaging the Jam in an aerial battle. Enter Rei Fukai, a young pilot who gets the honor of flying Yukikaze. On their way back to base, Rei and his co-pilot encounter another jet fighter, it appears to be one of their own, but Yukikaze gives the order that it's an enemy. Rei shoots it down. Upon his arrival, he is scolded by his superior, and friend, James. He is brought before the commanding officers and he explains to them how Yukikaze revealed it to be a Jam. On their way home, James tries to comfort Rei. The next day James takes Rei out for a little relaxation. He tells him stories about how far along Rei has come. Rei seems to be a little cheered up now. The next morning James discusses Yukikaze with his general, Lynn. Later that day Rei and his co-pilot are sent off on a mission. They are attacked by the Jam, but are successful in defeating them. Later that night James explains to Rei how Yukikaze has a mind of its own. The following day Rei and his co-pilot are sent off once again. The control towers discover they have disappeared off the map somehow. James does his best to find Rei, but the general appears and tells him they'll do things her way. Rei awakes in a mysterious base. A nurse brings him food but he collapses. A commander enters the room and informs Rei that his co-pilot has died. Apparently they were attacked. He asks Rei to come with him to help him repair Yukikaze. As the reach the jet Rei realizes something is terribly wrong when the commander asks for the deactivation code. When he refuses he gets attacked by the commander, but Rei grabs his gun and shoots him. All the sudden everything around Rei begins to fade away.. He was in a Jam illusion the whole time. He jumps in Yukikaze and gets away just in time, but all the sudden a blast out of nowhere occurs and forces Rei to crash. He ejects Yukikaze just before a Jam passes by and destroys what's left of it...
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