Season 1 Episode 2

Operation: 2

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 2003 on AT-X

Episode Recap

James and an injured Rei watch as the rebuilt Yukikaze takes off for a test run. James informs the general about the successful test flight of the new Yukikaze, but at the same time the entire control tower team seems to be disappointed in Rei's previous actions. Elsewhere a dog fight with the Jam is taking place. The auto-piloted Yukikaze destroys the Jam fighter. Unknowingly, Rei is controlling Yukikaze with his mind. He sub-consciously makes Yukikaze attack the landing field back at the base. Later that night, James and the general discuss how Rei doesn't remember a thing and thought it was just a bad dream. They also discuss how Yukikaze could possibly be linked with him like this. Later Rei meets with a doctor who is against him ever piloting Yukikaze again.. Enraged Rei walks out on her. The next day James goes over the improvements made on Yukikaze with Rei. He informs Rei on his mission for the next day. A team goes out the next morning with Rei piloting the Yukikaze, his co-pilot this time is strangely enough the doctor from yesterday. While their out patrolling the area, they are attacked by the Jam. During the battle Yukikaze suffers an engine error and they begin to descend while being chased by a Jam. Rei begins commands to override the error. After a near brush with death, he's successful and destroys the chasing Jam. That night Rei tells James how Yukikaze seems to be calling out to him. Meanwhile, in her office, the general seems to be going over an investigation on the phone...