Yukon Men

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Yukon Men

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Follow the residents of Tanana, Alaska as they face one of the most brutal winters ever.

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AIRED ON 11/10/2015

Season 4 : Episode 9

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  • Poor dogs that Pat Moore owns!!!!!

    It sickened me when I watched a show. The poor, abused dogs are sooooo thin you can see their backbone!!! It made me so sick to see how Pat Moore and his daughter drag the dogs by the collar strangling them. They jump up with their back feet trying so hard not to strangle. To keep up, while being dragged. It is so sad this is allowed to go on. They are given frozen fish to eat, so low calorie it can't keep them warm. The other man with the son named Joey I think, they do better in keeping their dogs healthy and not skin and bones.moreless
  • Enough with the global warming propaganda

    For the record, I am fully aware that average global temps have risen by almost 1 degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution 150 years ago. So I'm not a GW denier. I'm just a denier of the myths about GW.

    For instance, season 4 of Yukon Men spends a large chunk of the time claiming that Alaska weather is out of control, and everyone's livelihood is on the line. In fact they made it the general theme of the show. Every episode starts with that claim being repeated. So I decided to spend three minutes, and look it up on the NOAA site:

    Central Alaska had an unusually warm December, true. But it had warmer Decembers than this one, before (including in 1985, which directly contradicts a claim the show makes about this being the warmest winter in 40 years). And there were warmer decembers in 1960 and '65 as well.

    As for January, this year was actually COLDER THAN AVERAGE. So it's all a lie, central Alaska did not have an unusually warm winter. Makes me wonder if anything in this show is real. Do these people really live off hunting and trapping? Or do most of them have jobs and just take a few weeks off to film the show and pretend they're hunter gatherers?moreless
  • The Black Wolf

    If the wolves have the right to hunt the same as the local folk do, then what right do the people have to kill off the wolf pack? I mean the show isn't even showing much about survival. Just killing off a predator that hunts better.
  • I have a question/comment

    When Charley's nephew was putting the sled dogs in the water for exercise he lifted and pulled them by their collars. This looked like it could hurt the dogs in maybe injuring their necks, cutting of their air and possibly injuring their esophagus and/or busing them. To me it looked like it was a cruel act. I would never do that to my own dog for fear of hurting her. I have seen other sled dogs being treated like this also. It really bothers me. If they truly loved their dogs I don't think they would handle them like that. Those dogs are so eager to please and that is worth a lot.moreless
  • yukon men

    Charlie is a fat selfish hog. And is the stupidest. Pig. Has. No. Idea. How. To be a father should not reproduce. And is socially. ***ed. If he was my fathed i would probably kill myself. All the comments about how people live in the lower 48are so stupid and inaccurate

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