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  • horrible animal abusing!

    i don't get it. it's 2017 and there r still people out there abusing poor animals. i get that life style of hunting ur own food and all that, not that i agree with it cause human r already killing enough animals to the point there will b none left. but i do get their life style. but forcing these poor doggs racing through horrible weather for what? that wasn't to put food on ur table. drowning the dogs to train them? wtf is that? let say they get drown as youngters to b in bettter shape to survive alaska, would it cause an outrage? if they gonna use the animal services to put food on the table, to survive , that's all good. but it's inhumane and crude just to have use them for a race and when they get old then dispose them cause they can't no longer do what they did. dogs or cats or watever animal ur growing up with r ur best friends, as a young college kid, i spent all my saving from minimum part time jobs on medical bill trying to do watever i could saving my doggies from cancer even when the vet told me there's no hope. i didn't regret at all spending everything i got for my best friend when there were money needed for school, books, rent. this show put tears in my eyes in a negative way. horrible characters!
  • Poor dogs that Pat Moore owns!!!!!

    It sickened me when I watched a show. The poor, abused dogs are sooooo thin you can see their backbone!!! It made me so sick to see how Pat Moore and his daughter drag the dogs by the collar strangling them. They jump up with their back feet trying so hard not to strangle. To keep up, while being dragged. It is so sad this is allowed to go on. They are given frozen fish to eat, so low calorie it can't keep them warm. The other man with the son named Joey I think, they do better in keeping their dogs healthy and not skin and bones.
  • Enough with the global warming propaganda

    For the record, I am fully aware that average global temps have risen by almost 1 degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution 150 years ago. So I'm not a GW denier. I'm just a denier of the myths about GW.

    For instance, season 4 of Yukon Men spends a large chunk of the time claiming that Alaska weather is out of control, and everyone's livelihood is on the line. In fact they made it the general theme of the show. Every episode starts with that claim being repeated. So I decided to spend three minutes, and look it up on the NOAA site:

    Central Alaska had an unusually warm December, true. But it had warmer Decembers than this one, before (including in 1985, which directly contradicts a claim the show makes about this being the warmest winter in 40 years). And there were warmer decembers in 1960 and '65 as well.

    As for January, this year was actually COLDER THAN AVERAGE. So it's all a lie, central Alaska did not have an unusually warm winter. Makes me wonder if anything in this show is real. Do these people really live off hunting and trapping? Or do most of them have jobs and just take a few weeks off to film the show and pretend they're hunter gatherers?
  • The Black Wolf

    If the wolves have the right to hunt the same as the local folk do, then what right do the people have to kill off the wolf pack? I mean the show isn't even showing much about survival. Just killing off a predator that hunts better.
  • I have a question/comment

    When Charley's nephew was putting the sled dogs in the water for exercise he lifted and pulled them by their collars. This looked like it could hurt the dogs in maybe injuring their necks, cutting of their air and possibly injuring their esophagus and/or busing them. To me it looked like it was a cruel act. I would never do that to my own dog for fear of hurting her. I have seen other sled dogs being treated like this also. It really bothers me. If they truly loved their dogs I don't think they would handle them like that. Those dogs are so eager to please and that is worth a lot.
  • yukon men

    Charlie is a fat selfish hog. And is the stupidest. Pig. Has. No. Idea. How. To be a father should not reproduce. And is socially. ***ed. If he was my fathed i would probably kill myself. All the comments about how people live in the lower 48are so stupid and inaccurate
  • @ zaxtorznort You don't even understand what cruel really is!

    People in America and Eastern Europe have been brainwashed to think animals are pets when in fact they are more to the people in the northern part of the world, these dogs are their life and would do anything to keep them safe but people still have the nerve to criticize how they live when in fact they are the only people who actually treat nature with respect. For every TV you have and every time you go "shopping" you destroy nature more then these people do in their whole lives. What is cruel to animals is to keep them in your house and force them to eat processed garbage and drink your polluted water and probably give them table scraps of food that has travelled across the world where 25% of it is wasted on the way to your local Food store and another 25% is destroyed after a couple days when no one buys it. They live on this show far less cruel and much less spoiled then us because they actually do care about the animals they have not because they will only lose a companion but they lose a family member that they cannot live without because the Dogs actually do what they are born to do. By the way, the only reason they have all of the things you named is because it was forced on them years ago when the lower part of North America found out there was Natural Resources to be found so they were told they would live a little easier but now they are trapped using these things since the footprint left is making it harder and harder to live off of the land without them since there are far less animals to hunt and less fish to catch. Just think about the waste you accrue in a week, I'll bet it would feed one of their families for 2 weeks. Talk about cruel, you my friend are part of an ignorant world that has been created by the mighty Dollar.
  • Watch your mouth!!!

    Yukon men is a great show! Sure, they may not do things we may do, but unless you put yourself in their shoes, position, and way of life, then you have no right to judge. And also, IT'S UNSCRIPTED YOU IDIOT!!! (Aimed at previous reviewer!!!)
  • Yukon men is nothing but a snuff film.

    Yukon men is by far one of the cruelest show ever.

    Is fake and they're too cheap to treat dogs rights.

    They feed them bleach to treat parvo.

    If these people can afford to get city products such as cameras, gasoline, trucks, ATV, snowmobiles, guns, military style guns, synthetic clothings etc why aren't they buying medicines for sick dogs nor hire a vet?

    Also they are cruel to wild animals, beat an animal with a stick and then shooting it.

    This show is made by the white men and is racist toward the natives and slanders toward them.

    Just as Africa Addio is racist toward the African tribes and slanders toward them.

    Yukon men is nothing but a snuff film.

    Yukon men is a way to promote this cruel blood sport called trapping.

    The cast of this show has decent job and many aren't from Alaska.

    Source why is cruel.

    (google) "the cruelest show on tv discoverys"

    Show is not legit. some commenter says they killed a hibernating bear.

    (google) "MLAs protest Alaska-set show's Yukon namesake"

    Do not use bleach to treat your dogs.

    (google) "Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach to Treat Parvo"

    And again Yukon men is racist and pro-colonialism.

    Is all about $$$$$