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  • Chilly Night
    Chilly Night
    Episode 12
    It's the grand opening for Marie's Garden, and Miya is pulling out all the stops advertising her Beautiful Night Castle, even going so far as to buy television advertising! Faced with such overwhelming PR power, Ichigo's shop is immediately off to a terrible disadvantage! Everyone seems to love the new sweets they sell, but with so few people actually even going there in the first place. what's the point? Team Ichigo brainstorms ways to increase the customer flow into their shop, like holding tastings, but the true draw has got to be the "Sweets Princes" themselves!moreless
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Episode 11
  • My Sweet Home
    My Sweet Home
    Episode 10
  • Step Up
    Step Up
    Episode 9
  • Lonely Heart
    Lonely Heart
    Episode 8
  • The Treasure Found on the Journey
  • Lost in the Baum Forest
    It's the second day on the tour of the Sweets Kingdom, and Kasshi plans to swing by all 5 remaining places in one go! First up, the Powder Desert, followed by the Milky Lake and the Oily Jungle... But after heading to the Baum Forest, Kasshi and the other Jerks are mistaken for someone that's been trashing up the place and put in jail by the master of the forest! And this master happens to be a stubborn old cotter who won't listen no matter what! How are Ichigo and the rest going to convince him that the Jerks are innocent, so he'll let them go to take the exam in time?moreless
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Episode 5
  • Chance Loss and Disposal Loss
  • New Team Ichigo?
    New Team Ichigo?
    Episode 3
    The first street of Marie's Garden, the World Sweets Avenue, is now open for business! Andoh's branch of Yumezuki is flooded with customers, and Kana and the rest can barely keep up with demand. Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others each take a day trying out their shop concepts, but selling sweets turns out to be a lot harder than they all thought it would be. Trying to figure out what they're doing wrong, they head over to Andoh's shop for advice, but find that the once bustling shop is now almost empty! What could have gone wrong?!moreless
  • Johnny and Maize
    Johnny and Maize
    Episode 2
    Ichigo, Kashino, Lemon, and new partner Johnny meet together to go over ideas for sweets shops, but before they can get started Johnny gets lectured to by his Sweets Spirit, Maize. Maize is very particular about etiquette, and if you make her mad she'll fry you like one of her specialty sweets! Meanwhile, Henri-sensei announced that the first street of shops will be opened in only a week, and it features none other than a branch Yumezuki run by Andoh. However, at the same time, Henri announces that all the shops will be ranked, and the one in last place each month will be closed down! Running a shop in Marie's Garden just got a whole lot more competitive!moreless
  • Team Ichigo Breaks Up
    Ichigo's two years studying abroad in Paris is over and she returns to Japan to reunite with the rest of Team Ichigo, who had come back one week earlier. But when she gets to school, no one seems to be around. It turns out that Lemon has skipped a grade, and is now in Ichigo's class, while Hanabusa and Andoh are taking leaves of absence from school to pursue their own dreams! But where is Kashino? And who is this Johnny person that's in A Group? And why is Henri-sensei calling everyone in the A Group to a meeting somewhere? Will this be the end for Team Ichigo, or the start of something new?moreless