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  • One of the best Gundam: UC(Universal Century) sagas ever made! Latest plot from UC in America: AEUG VS. TITANS!

    An Aeug member Kamille Bidan pilots the Zeta Gundam to save lives on Space Colonies from The Titans. Plus there's this other mobile suit the Gundam Mk. II(Gundam Mark II) and other Aeug mobile suits who sides with Kamille to help stop them. Plus, there are familiar characters like Bright Noa, Amuro Ray, and of course Char Aznable(retired zeon pilot for now; also the son of Zeon Zum Daikun) who tells others he's Lt. Quattro Bajeena and wears his sunglasses so nobody knows it's him. This is a great show for all Gundam UC fans. This is the countinuation after Gundam 0083. The bad news is that TOONAMI(CN) probably lost the rights to air the Gundam sagas which caused the Zeta Gundam series not to air at that network. The good news is that you can watch it on DVD(DVD Vol. 1-5 available in stores now!)!
  • Wow. What more can I say. This is probably the best anime I've seen, and ever will see. Every anime fan should see this.

    First off, the characters in Zeta Gundam are well done, and are much better than the ones in, say, Gundam Wing. In Zeta Gundam there is a much wider range of personalities, whereas in Wing to many characters were similar. The main character, Kamille Bidan, is probably one of the best lead characters I've seen in an anime.

    I think that the animation in Zeta Gundam is pretty good for when it was made. If you're planning to watch this, don't let the quality of animation put you off, it is actually pretty reasonable.

    The mecha designs hold up well too. Some of the mecha featured could easily be in some later Gundam series, in this respect it is ahead of it's time,

    Most importantly, the plot is excellent. It is a bit complicated for me to explain now, but it's pretty much similar to other Gundam shows, but done much much better.

    The only little thing about it is that it definitely helps if you've watched another Gundam series before this, I find it really helps. Also, I recommend doing a little research on the Universal Century which is the time line where the series takes place. I recommend this to every anime fan, it is a must see.
  • Quite possibly the best anime of all time.

    I've watched anime for years now and, of all the series that I've seen, I have yet to see one that is better then Mobile Suit Zeta (Z) Gundam, and only one that is comparable to it (the original Mobile Suit Gundam).
    The story is original and well written, the pacing is excelent and the characters are great, and the character development is incredible!
    This series is perfect in every way and there is absolutely nothing that I would change about it.

    This series is everything that TV shows, in general, should aspire to, and it is a fine example of what a Gundam should be.
  • very depressing show, excellent character-developement, great mecha-action - it set standarts that havent been reached again by any mecha show

    set in UC 0087, zeta gundam tells the story of young boy camille bidan - struggling with his female name and thus always trying to prove himself.
    the show is the most dark of all the gundam shows, a lot of the appeal comes from the special sensation that only newtypes can feel.
    theres a lot of main characters, protagonists just as antagonists with unique characteristics and none of those seemed to be as plain as most chars in the newer shows.

    it is a very sad storyline with men and women trying to find out their identity and their place in that war.

    the macha action is as great as usual, but what really defines zeta gundam is the relation between the characters and the mental aspects of war where women and youngsters have to fight for survival.
  • Classic mecha anime.

    The best and second most influencial mecha program, behind the orginal Mobile Suit Gundam. Zeta Gundam Takes the ideals found in the original, and adds more depth and weight. Future Gundam programs would only set out to copy the first two classics, or become comedic in nature. Zeta Gundam is the pinacle of classic Mecha shows in my opinion.
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