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Welcome to the Z-Mind guide at TV Tome. It's the 1970's, and Ayame, Renge, Sumire, and Satsuki are doing their best to grow up amidst roller skating, disco dancing, and like is Asakusa, Japan. But as if that weren't hard enough, the Earth comes under attack by an alien force. In the grand tradition of Giant Robot anime, the mysterious giant robot Z-Mind (and its component robots Z-1, Z-2, and Z-3) is all that stand between Earth and total devastation. And the pilots? Of course, they're the three older sisters. Untrained and uncertain, the three sisters will have to make it up as they go along, but they soons find themselves making battle plans and shouting attack slogans like the most seasoned anime pilots. But will it be enough? Z-Formation! Opening Theme (English) The fighting maidens' prayer is To save this blue planet With a sigh escaping their lips They melt the approaching enemies Summon the storm, Z-Mind Combine with the burning energy Tomorrow will come, Z-Mind Warriors of love risking their lives to fight (Japanese) Tataku otome no inori ga Aor no hoshi o sukuuno Kuchibiru kara koboreru toiki de Semarikuru yatsura, o tokashite ageru Arashi o yobu Z-Mind Moeagaru enajii gattai yo Ashita wa kuru Z-Mind Tatakau no inochi kaketa ai no senshi End Theme (English) Rouge that's a little too sexy. When you laughed it was too red, I hated you But I wanted you to see only me. I wantes to betray you (I'm not a child!) While you held me, my heart fluttered As we walked that long street, the moon lit up my red rouge. (Japanese) Sukoshi snobishite tsuketa ruuju Akasugiru to waratta anata ga nikurashikatta datte dokidoki sasetakatta no (Uragiritai no Kodomo ja nai wa) Dakishimerareru tabi mune ga kowareteku Toomawari no michi tsuki ga terasu akai ruuju Editor's Note: If anyone notices any mistakes in the Japanese area of the lyrics, please contact me at themadwriter5000@yahoo.com. Thank you!moreless

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